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See the controversial videos below.
English reviews & opinions about winner actresses, and top actress reviews.

Note: Images, pictures and quotes.
A loss has given the world a significant news in the seventh art, the death of the deceased born in Atlanta Georgia USA, Actress Brittany Murphy dead, died at the age of 32 years. )the December 20 2009 to be exactly with the date when she passed away. Now is 2017 / and by 2018
Yes all is about info, no more than that, curiosity on knowing about pretty talented guys and girls with delightful attention.

sandra bullock

What if in a case for a name mentioned and approved is a dead actor? Musicians or actresses persons.

Real celebrity all times in history, music singer loved, wearing his black mask for identity cover.
( A real celebrity all times in history, music singer loved, with a black mask for identity protection against paparazzi photographers )

Top photo Michael Jackson wearing a black mask, good as longer their well done job is in place on popularity it counts as they were still alive.
It will be the opportunity for those alive to pass them on points and place themselves in a better position.
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A great singer musician also she delivered a lot of joy for those who like her acting and songs compositions.
A woman as known for playing offbeat characters Hollywood's jobs.
She died in Los Angeles Some of her best appearances for example were in 8 Mile, got her start in the sleeper hit & Clueless " and rose to stardom with Eminem, and Girl Interrupted with Angelina Jolie.

Our thoughts condolences are with her family and hopping never forget her contribution to art and good films


Ver el video de la Colombiana Shakira mas abajo. Revista de opiniones para actores y actriz y sus " movie agency cruisers".

Finally something that millions wanted to ear from someone that really knows what to talk about.
The man with the dark face, I mean a black mask and dark.

Michael Jackson Celebrity

An American website best top celebrity ranking .com with all about those they love and care, admire for their work done on the screen and in the field of the seventh art of making interesting entertaining for them every year, every day and for a long time more.

Although each year there is an appearance of a new movie star on the big screen of televisions of shows or Celebrity Hollywood gossip in the Americas or even in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We all like to know the private and public life of our stars on movies or tv celebrity shoes, some times in our spare time we sit in front of our tv set or computer desktop or laptop and star to enjoy news and reviews, see pictures and learn about scandals, love affairs and lifestyles for the one that have reached the very fame for the women and the men with the movie agency, the Hollywood top celebrity or another important movie agency.

Well less start with us choosing only fifty, beginning from the most attractive and hot, the cute and talented, where money is not a factor, an award Grammy neither even if it is mentioned sometimes. Chosen because they really desert it and got it for their well done job.

What is it that people are searching for? People is wanting to find information for free and with an accurate answer right at the finger tips. They don't like to wait to much.
The list is right now with in our webpage, get it now.
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Michael jackson

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Jessica Simpson schools hair cuts haircuts, photos of actress Jennifer Aniston in college university, top black celebrity fashion women and so on many more ( The photo to the left is: a singer pop music, the king Michael Jackson, dress red shirt and black sun glasses )

The following List descries the most famous and cute, the pretty and talented, The ones that have Been approved by something changing our ideas and believes For better & good, the sensational and humble, some people who climbed to the top by their own methods without to hurt anyone else along their artistic career with honor and effort.
The Key of success Alive in person with history.
From who new generations will Inspire And Try to get close Our Imitate Their Pass And Example. Lucky Winners Are:
Michael Jackson:
A kind musician that captivated millions of fans around the entire world with his songs and acting filmography for decades and after his death, he still let us his greatest music hits, artistic and greatest talent, a man with a great feeling and sympathy, to whom our words are almost nothing to explain his videos and albums.
With so many hits in frontline of popularly in radio stations and television. Excellent great filmography and awards for Michael, you are number one, we miss you and always will remember your personally between us, thank you for your legacy.

2 - Johnny Depp, I recognize that girls love him because of thinking he is cutest amazingly American male lover symbol, but I like his acting by keeping all attention focus of next scene.

Born June 9, 1963 with the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp named as " jack " by his colleges pirates and pirate chips commanders, Charlie and the chocolate factory, Alice in Wonderland, film Public Enemies, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

3 - Leonardo Dicaprio. the actor and film producer was born on November 11 ( Scorpion Center), 1974, Jack Dawson in Titanic ( travel love blue diamond story with two long hours of excitement and suspense) Great Acting Movie, this young actor became stream famous.

With biographical information will be to say his public career is a success all the way since childhood, " Button Man" super hero, Handsome man DiCaprio is constantly surprising his fans with news on love affairs and adventures.
Leonardo's Di Caprio TV series Greensburg keeps coming right back with the second season already

On the role as Howard Hughes in movie "The Aviator" an Academy Award nomination for second time, when the first was with performance as the mentally handicapped younger brother of Gilbert ( body Johnny Depp) Nominations for the Golden Globe Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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In these names are the next top 47 best, feel free to help and choose yours, e-mail us on why and what that particular contestant must be the following star.
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Natalie Portman

Al Pacino

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Frank Sinatra ( Julio Iglesias friend ) | Fred Astaire.
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Very young Hot singer Shakira with black and blonde hair, the Colombian Colombiana birth Controversial, those wonder times when for this sweet girl all was about gating to be at the top of fame.
Natalie Portman origins from Israel Jerusalem & born on June 9th, 1981 Leonardo DiCaprio as Juliet and Romeo.

Hips Don't Lie (featuring Wyclef Jean, She Wolf, Did It Again, Don't Bother, Give It Up To Me, Shakira performing Whenever, Wherever, Hips don't lie, Funny parody of the song objection, lyrics:
It's not her fault that she's so irresistible But all the damage she', ojos asi, performing Gypsy.
And more.
In a Bikini Videoclips.
A photo Album of a young Shakira in the year 1993. She has been famous in Latin America since younger years. Colombian born Gorgeous.


Una chica con cabellos negros y despues rubios para cantar desde Colombia a todo el mundo. Bella mujer canatante espectacular videoclip.

Drew Barry more.

Drew Barry more

Drew Barrymore & Sandra Bullock's best pics.
Only for purposes of photos Natalie Portman pics