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Ahead Of The Game, Brazil Expert Play

The next tournament of champions ready for 2014 / tournament of champions 2015 inside Brazilian territory, these images can provide some ideas of who at that particular game were just young players and today it is almost 2014 (past and gone) Now it is all about Russia tournament of champions 2018 world cup tournament and competition Worldcup

Ellis Park Stadium South Africa 2010 World Cup

Excitement, lots of happiness is waiting to be discovery in this gorgeous country.
The biggest shows on soccer football are given by the southern Amazonas country, the people from brazil know how to challenge the best players in the world and achieve the dream over and over for more than five times already.
Note: At these groups we can see that Brasil will match vs Costa Rica on the group E in 2018 World Cup along with all the other groups too.

The matches, scores and standings can be reached at the official Fifa's site

world cup 2018 team matches

The group A: Egypt vs Russia. Then Saudi Arabia vs Uruguy
The group B: Iran vs Marocco. Then Portugal vs Spain.
The group C: Australia vs Denmark. Then France vs Peru
The group D: Argentina vs Croatia. Then Iceland vs Nigeria
For group E: Brazil vs Costa Rica. Then Suitzerland vs Serbia
For group F: Germany vs Corea. Then Mexico vs Sweden
For group G: Belgium vs England. Then match Panama vs Tunicia
Group H: Colombia vs Japan. Play Poland vs Senegal.
Those are the countries line up for the next soccer celebration at Russia's stadiums on 2018
Sports Pictures.
Best Photos Pictures Brazil Vs Korea In South Africa Soccer Ellis Park Stadium Encounter.

Yes we seen this special first time game in between Democratic Republic of North Korea and The Soccer Masters Players The Pictures Brazil Professional Team, With

Seleccionador Dunga

the Coach Mr. Dunga. at Time: 20:30h.

Selecciones Del Brazil y La Koreana En South Africa 2010 Con Goles y Jugadas

The first 45 minutes it was just like the Brazilian selection couldn't find their way as easy to the home frame of Korea, apparently the defense was to hard to break, and close tight., making almost impossible for South American Brazil's soccer players to make their first positive shot and eventually a goal.
There were many good tries from north Koreans to make their way into Brazilian home, but also no goal achieve.

The Team Brasil: Kaka, Robinho, Luis Fabiano dani, Dani Alves, Maicon.
Line Up: De Brazil: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Juan, Lucio, Michel Bastos; Gilberto Silva or just Mr. Michel Bastos, Felipe Melo, Elano; Kaka; Robinho and Luis Fabiano Dani.
Trainer, Coach:


: Dunga
Line Up R. D. K. : Ri Myong Guk; Cha Jong Hyok, Ri Jun Il, Pak Nam Chol, Ri Wang Chon; Ji Yun Nam, Hong Yong Jo, Mun In Guk, Choe Kum Chol; Pak Chol Jin Kim Yong Jun.


: Kim Jong Hun.

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a fanatic with a green hat on, brazil - fanatico con un sombreo verde

kiss the gold cup - copa de oro

Un-fortune, the second round time for RDK, the game did not go like they expected, The Brazilian team gave them noted two goals, one at the minute 10 by Maycon, who received a nice right side pass from Elano and put the score board 1 0 in a " curve" curvature shot that the goalkeeper Korean couldn't stop.

This frozen the fanatic audience in the stadium for a wile. Act followed at minute 27 bang, the second goal from Elano who for a while wanted to score good into the Korean field, act immediately he went out in a change for Dani Albes, 'front player ".
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It happen that at minute 44,  Ji Jun Man scored the proud goal for the Korean national soccer team and the whole group began celebration including the fans.
A mistake from Brazilian team made that easy for Ji Jun, An incredible arrival from left

gol - ji ju man goa

the flag ofdemocratic  korea

small baby fanatic - un bebe dormido, fanatico

Number 18- brazil, Ramirez received a yellow card.
The Referee |

Los Officiales

: Carbor Eros ( Tibor Vamos )
Suekhcoom Moho Salleh ( Mas ), Victor Kassai


| Middle.

the officials for the game - los arbitros

coach brazil 2010 world cup - tecnico Dunga

Kim Jong Hun tecnio futbol seleccion de korea - coach

Los Arbitros laterales y el Central, El tecnico Dunga

| To the right the coach for Korean team Mr. Kim Jong Hun, who said he is proud for the nice made scored goal.

Lamentablemente no se pudo tener mas goles en el primer tiempo debido al estilo de juego de los Nor Koreanos, algo asi como que era mas importante defenderse que salir libremente de la cancha y empezar un juego. Por parte de los brazilenos todo fue mas duro en el primer tiempo, varias llegadas pero perdian el balon en la linea defensiva koreana una y otra vez, quedando 0 por 0 los primeros 45 minutos.

fall down player - caida

arrival korean - llegada de koreanos

celebrate goal soccer - celebracion

Ji Yun Nam

Anoto el unico gol.
Para el segundo tiempo la cosa cambio y vino el primer gol de Maycon desde un pase a la derecha por Elano. ( Nota la bola se fue al estilo curva y engano al portero de koreano.
Lo que le hizo la fiesta tristeza a la aficcion.

A los 27 minutos de este segundo tiempo, vino el segundo de los brazilenos con un gran golazo de Elano y como algo muy estrano el fue al cambio inmediatamente por el selecionador o entrenador.

El cambio por Dani Albes Lo que se dice es que Dani Albes y Maicon Elano son los delanteros de esta seleccion mas buenos, excellentes punteros.

El jugar continuo y con una llegada a la porteria brazilena el Koreano John casi anota, pero fallo.
Ver Fotos,

Posteriormente El jugador de Brazil, Numero 18- Ramires recibio una tarjeta Amarilla ( Amarella ) for una falta.

national team brazil, in world cup south africa 2010

soccer football r.d.k. world cup 2010 korea national team vs brazil

Y Finalmente ocurrió la anotación del Ji Jun Man ( y la celebración entre compañeros del grupo seleccionado Asiático) Primer gol contra el portero mas famoso de la copa mundial.
Minuto 44 segundo tiempo. Bien puesto por la izquierda de la portería.

Mundial de fútbol de Sudáfrica, La selección brasileña del entrenador Dunga.
Esta selección es la favoritas para hacerse con este mundial gracias al combinado de sus jugadores siendo el de los jugadores brasileños.

Ellos esperan ganar y van por el sexto titulo en una copa de fútbol mundial.

Brasil vs Corea del Norte, fotos deportivas, Mundial sudafricano, Brasil, Kaka, Robinho, Luis Fabiano, Dani Alves, Maicon.

Alineación De Brazil: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Juan, Licio, Michel Bastos; Gilberto Silva, Felipe Melo, Elano; Kaka; Robinho y Luis Fabiano. Seleccionador Dunga
Alineación equipo selecto de Koreanos :

La selección North koreana o republica democrática de Korea: COREA DEL NORTE: Ri Myong Guk; Cha Jong Hyok, Ri Jun Il, Pak Nam Chol, Ri Wang Chon; Ji Yun Nam, Hong Yong Jo, Mun In Guk, Choe Kum Chol; Pak Chol Jin Kim y. Yong Jun. Seleccionador: KimJong Hun.
Carbor Eros (Hungaro Hungria )
Tibor Vamos ( Hungaro Hungria )
Suekhcoom Moho Salleh (Mas )
Victor Kassai ( Hungria ) arbitro central