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Mexico Gets Defeated By Argentina National Team

Soccer Football 3x1

Diego Signs finger - maradina

The strategy was not enough for the Mexicans to remain in the championship competition in South Africa's world's Cup, Southern American Argentinians were superior and maintain the pressure on the very beginning, scoring two goals just before the first half finished. The first two were scored by 26', Gonzalo Higuain 33' minute, Carlos Tevez 52' minutes, and the third also Carlos Tevez in the second half.

To close the game with Mexico trying to make a tie fairly made a goal by Javier Hernandez ( Chicarrito ) minute71', after that one, the Mexican superior pressure over the Argentinean goalkeeper. But when the third one came, the coach Diego kind of gave the order of just playing only and no more goals.

" 1 Goal Of Gonzalo Higuain And 1 Mex Javier Hernandez |

Mexico Pierde 3 a 1 y Se Fue A Casa

( Diego Signing with right hand finger |

(El Pive) Diego Maradona señala con el dedo de la mano derecha. Argentina en línea con Messi )

Online sports Lionel Messi.

"Soccer playing games is my whole purpose of this life, I did all it was available to my younger years and I became famous because I earned, I did work hard to become the best on football.

There were great moments in Italy leagues when I played best encounters of soccer sports and I made a fortune.
Money wasn't a problem, holding on my career was the real challenge, which I couldn't after FIFA kick me out of the accepted and selected players."

Basically Mr. Maradona is Football, he lives for that.
I gave gifts to all my friends and family, homes and cars so on. they all love me a lot.

"They call me the Che in Argentina".
A trainer knowledge and behind the star. Someone people can't compare jet with any other of his kind so far, full of surprises

(Best football soccer team Argentinian victory.
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La victoria del mejor equipo Argentino)
Spanish descripción: Cualquiera podía casi adivinar este resultado, los argentinos estaban muy seguros de su triunfo inclusive antes del partido. El hecho es que el Equipo Mexicano hizo todo lo posible a su alcance al final del partido con una presión increíble, lo que si hubiese sido aplicada al principio todo pudo ser diferente.

soccer team - equipo argentino

sports Lionel Messi

Tres goles, dos al principio de los 45 cuarenta y cinco minutos por Carlos Tevez y el otro al minuto treinta y tres 33" del segundo tiempo por Gonzalo Higuain, pero el ultimo gol fue hecho por Javie Hernández para la honra Mexicana y no irse a casa en blanco.
En Latino América nosotros pensamos que Diego Armando Maradona dio la orden a su equipo de no hacer mas goles y así solo jugar para terminar con los tres, evitando una goleada peor.

Angel DI Maria

Carlos Salcido

( Angel DI Maria number seven enters | <

La entrada de A D M

| Carlos Salcido outs |

Saque de MX

referee officials - arbitraje

( 3 Three referee officials controlling game |Spanish descriptions:

Arbitraje para este juego de fútbol
Después de todo este entrenador y famoso jugador mundial ama a Mexico tanto como ama a su país Argentina. También los jugadores Mexicanos se puede agregar que están a la altura de cualquier equipo mundialista, sin embargo en este partido necesitaron un poco de estrategia y empuje al principio para anotar gol y después cerrarse un tanto para evitarlos.

Argentina vs 3:1 México
Arg. Carlos Tevez (26', 52'), Gonzalo Higuain (33')
Mex. Javier Hernandez scored in min.71'
Partido 52 - Octavos de final - 27 Junio - Game Played On 27 June 2010


Roberto Rosetti Italia - Official Central Italy
Johannesburg | Soccer City Stadium

Angel DI Mari - jugando futbol

player Carlos Telvez - jugador argentino

This is the way ladies encourage their team to make more goals or score points to win the game. They wear clothes with their national flag colours, in this case stripes light blue and white on their t-shirt (jerseys) and short pants, just like the eleventh players on the field.

an argentinian girl - una chica

( 7 Angel DI Maria playing soccer games |

La marca mexicana de fútbol

| The player Carlos Telvez |

El jugador argentino

| Pretty Argentinean girls Sun Blue Women |

Futbolista Chicas argentinas

English Span:

Las alineaciones

| The line up: Argentina
22 Sergio Romero ( The goalkeeper |

Portero, 2 Martin Demichelis

( defender, plays in Germany Bayern Munich" juega para Bayern Munich"),
4 Nicolas Burdisso, 6 Gabriel Heinze, 7 Angel Di Maria (* Out Changed |


minu 79, 10 Lionel

Messi ( Plays for Spain in Barcelona as Forward -

juega en el Barcelona Espana como delantero

| 11 Carlos Tevez Two goals |

Dos goles

( Out Changed | Salio
Minuto 69), 14 Javier Mascherano, 15 Nicolas Otamendi, 20 Maxi Rodriguez ( Out Changed |

minu 87 cambio

claiming for outside - reclamo mexico

Adidas soccer  ball - bola de futbol adidas

People love to assist these events because they enjoy screaming to their players and that way those athletes feel they have fans also up there on the stadium seats. The ball is on display for the referee to pick it up and drop it down on the field's grass

goal Gonzalo HIiguain

(The claiming for outside ball, upset |

Reclamo del fuera de juego

| Latest adidas balls and shoes for running professional soccer ball

La bola de futbol profesional adidas

| Photos: goal made by Gonzalo HIiguain |

Fotos hace goles

line up:

Alineaciones - Mexico:

Oscar Perez 1, (Goalkeeper -


span>) Francisco Rodriguez 2 , 9 Gonzalo Higuain ( primer gol ) Carlos
Salcido 3, (C) Rafael Marquez 4 (

Tarjeta amarilla

- Yellow card ), Ricardo Osorio 5, Gerardo Torrado 6,
Javier Hernandez 14 ( gol ), Efrain JUAREZ 16, Giovani Dos Santos 17, Andres
Guardado 18 ( Out Change |

cambio minuto 61), Adolfo Bautista 21 ( Changed -

Cambio minuto 46

Arbitro: Roberto Rosetti (It) Italiano

Assistant -


asistente Suplente1: Paolo Calcagno Italia -


Assistant -

Asistente 2

: Stefano Ayroldi Italian -

Un Italiano

Assistant -

Cuarto Arbitros: Jerome Damon Rusia | Un Ruso

Carlos Salcido mexican

efrain juarez - tiro

Praying Gonzalo Higuain - Orando

(Carlos Salcido Mexican games |

Juegos de Mexico | Afrain Juarez kicks tira a marco

| Final the Victory time to pray |

Orar para ganar Gonzalo Higuain) En el banquillo

| Sitting: arg.
1 Diego Pozo (goalkeeper Porter |


21 Mariano Andujar (Golkeeper |


3 Clemente Rodriguez
5 Mario Bolatti
8 Juan Veron ( entro minu 67)
12 Ariel Garce
13 Walter Samuel
16 Sergio Aguero
17 Jonas GUTIERREZ ( entro cambio minu 79)
18 Martin Palermo
19 Diego Milito
23 Javier Pastore ( entra m. 87)
International Soccer Football Lionel Messi. FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team as a forward ( winger )

martin dimichelis

Javier Hernandez miss goal | el chicharito

Leonel Messi

( Martin dimichelis training | player Javier

el delantero Chicharito Hernadez
|Entrenando, El Chicharito perdió el tiro y no anoto 14

| Argentinean Messi face picture, Argentinean |

Argentino Leonel Messi (juega con el equipo de Barcelona como delantero titular)
En el banquillo

| Sitting: Mexicans
(GK) Guillermo Ochoa 13
(GK) Luis Michel 23
Pablo Barrera 7 ( entra mi. 46)

Israel Castro 8
Guillermo Franco 9 (entrando 61')
Cuauhtemoc Blanco 10
Carlos Vela 11
Paul Aguilar 12
Hector Moreno 15
Jonny Magallon 19
Jorge Torrez 20
Alberto Medina 22

mexican coach Javier Aguiree

sergio romero - porterazo

sports flags - las banderas

( The coach 2010 from Mexico, Javier Aguirre |

El entrenador

| The goalkeeper playing.
The flags Mexico and Argentina |

Portero jungando, Las banderas


| Coaches Coach
Diego Maradona Argentinean (coach Diego)
Mexican Javier Aguirre


- Officials Referee

argentina goalkeeper - portero sergio romero

mexican hat - sombrero - sombrero mexicano

(The goalkeeper Argentinean Sergio Romero Big Catcher |

En porteria, el portero

| Hat from Mexico |

Sombrero Mexicano

trainer coacvh argentina | entrenador argentino

(Pive Maradona coach player |

Entrenador y jugador famoso Maradona