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Conchita & Conchal beaches
Beach near Brasilito located in Guanacaste is the top number one.
% 000! best place to get close of nature on live by millions of white, blue and green and red colors shells

Turkey bird pet

all inclusive package from a nature's well done job.

Define as something almost indescribable beauty to human eyes, the white sand beaches and landscapes specific made from only sea shells.

It breaks our senses, he does actually warms up our souls!.

Top Show By Country Side

Turkey bird, home pets ) " House Guard "
One of the most likely to protect your home when you are doing something else, no need for a dog, this bird does it all and for free individuals companies that in some way or another are directly or indirectly related with the market in tourism services, this is the page to place services & products
We are an open Website or web pages that better describe the local tourism market.
We have taken the time to supply you with some valuable information to make it easy on getting to know our purpose for local and international tourism market better.

Tropical crest flower picture.

Red parrots picture.
This country feeds its economy mainly from tourism.
This is not no longer a project
But instead it has become a need that feeds more than a quarter of Costa Rica's economy.
Money per capital income and international national.

Major hotels and rental services can be found everywhere from this country.
Web cams and Youtube videos, just a few things to see more

Also, great announcements about investments from all over the world are in place for building tourism attractions.

colorful macaw bird

Your participation is crucial right now, so go ahead and be part of this business revolution.

We believe for the end of the year of 2016, this nation will increase the amount of visitors interested on learning how to conserve nature

The nation will report more than two million tourists that have visited the country.

This will put C R in a very high place with the privileges and perspectives 2014 and 2015 there will be approximately three million visitors or more.

Local Government held several meetings to solve issues with citizens and tourists security
An insurance poliza to the bearer with a total agreement.

The importance is not only those two million visitors, attracted by our hospitality and naturals beauties of this great small nation in general, but also their main citizens, that with their open arms receive their visitors and serve them, as they deserve.

The best possible security for all of the people will keep our country growing with harmony and peace.

Note: We don't make reservations or suggest any services other than the ones announced in our pages from our advertiser's reunion. On fact we are not a travel agency or a company that makes it's living from our tourism.

We are an information and advertisement company and the information displayed in our web pages is solely for to inform users of United States South Florida Miami North Carolina new York Huston Texas Dallas California Hollywood and Las Vegas Nevada.
In general all services and products to sell as possible by the stores we are recommending.
To confirm this statement you will have to contact them and follow their directions and suggestions. Obtain a Costa Rica's map as soon as possible, the maps of the world, or called with the name of worldwide Costa Rica's map guide with tips and the map for driving vehicle or a car.
( Years 2019 2020

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purple fruits

Pictures and images of the most wanted, a tropical sweet flavor fruit born in Costa Rica is "the Caimito".
Unfortunately is always so high on the Caimito tree (7 meters or higher ) and it takes a lot of job to get a couple of this purple - white sweet treats.

Apart of the nice and sweet appearance, it is even more sensual symbolic than many other tropical sweet fruits, this one has the form of a female reproductive organ, once it is open in halves
Canopy Tours.
Sport visitors do traverse with the cables and zipped lines at the the Cloud, rainy and dry Forests, as longer there is an installation of this equipment for Canopy.
It is a very easy to find on several places, where they admit visitors every day.

Their prices are very variable and it differs from site to site.
Depending of the quality and statement of Canopy owners.
The canopy tour consists of 5 and up to 20 and some times more cables, usually there are several platforms.

The time of the events is also different from different places available.
It can be from 1 hour to 5 hours, in agree with your arrangements.
Home Insurance

Affordable Coverage, car personal insurance for all the family.
Making some description about how this sport is, details each person is zipped through each of the cables while attached to a top safety harness and using the best climbing gear available

Great destinations, an adventurer tour that elevates adrenaline to the maximum while keeping the safety level as the main goal.

This Park canopy tour is one of the safest adventures in Costa Rica. our canopy tour guides will start by dressing you with the appropriate equipment, then they will take you through each of the 15 cables and 18 platforms and optionally through the swing.
In the Park is the longest Canopy Tour Abroad.
Also it is the only one located inside the actual virgin cloud forest of Monteverde.

Amusement, fun time discovery.
If you are looking for extreme adventures and amazing rides.

The Parks with canopy tour is your best choice.
The Tour usually takes between 2.5 and 3 hours and may be completed by people ranging between ages 4 and 99.
Safe for all people although some restrictions may apply.
People are deep looking with attention

deep looking

The cloud forest in the city of Monteverde.
With Treetop Walkways.
A very nice safety way to observe the cloud forest and canopy, this has several advantages for you, because you can complete be seen the variety of forest levels.

You can do this trips by yourself or hire a guide to help you.
The tour consist in more than a mile, but less than two of trail that cruises through the forest.

Also the tourist or user will get to go across several bridges in the system.
The lengths and heights of these bridges are from 150 feet to about 550 feet lengths

The heights are lower than 300 feet or height trees and walkways are less than a mile ( approximately 2,5 to 3.5 kilometers ) trails crossing through at the cloud forest.

The visitors will walk through several other bridges at various lengths ranging between 100 feet ( 50 to 60 meters ) up to 500 feet ( 170 to 180 meters ) with the altitudes 30 feet ( 10 meters to 12 meters ) and 170 feet ( 70 meters ).

Each of the bridges feature a five foot width, the widest ones in the country, final capacity is more than 70 and no more than 85 people per bridge, unique and strongest south America bridge system.

This treetops walkways can be suitable for people of all ages, but preferred with better physical condition, check with your doctor.
Usually it takes to get these trips done about 2 or more hours.
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