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The division of two sources information sometimes must be in two different page, this one will be number two from the pacific coast of this country Costa Rica.

Big Country Biography

Guanacaste offers the opportunity to go on fascinating trips by the Gulf of Nicoya.|

You can take tours, practice scuba diving (buseo ), go fishing, view the tremendous volcanoes of the area, go on bike trips to all the the different cities, go surfing, horseback riding, watch the exotic and beautiful birds in the area, water sports such as windsurfing in the Lagoon Arenal, visit the many rivers such as the Tempisque River

Or maybe you want to simply go to visit some older Catholic churches, or watch some National television.

Costa Rica Real Estate Gulf Views.
Along the trip from Guanacaste downtown San Jose, there are many low cost and delicious roadside restaurants everywhere.

As you get closer (within about 2 or 3 miles) then the prices are higher for the tourist.

When you visit the area of the Central Valley of this beautiful country, you should visit different volcanoes in the States as Heredia (the Barba Volcano)

Alajuela (the Poas Volcano), and in the area of Cartago ( the Irazu Volcano).
Of course in taking a tour, you can get all information from your tourist guide as you are going through every city.

For example, if you go by Sarchi, and it happens that you get to see Zarcero and take pictures at the beautiful designs at the central park, the tourist guide will tell all about that area.

When traveling, parts of Palmares and the city of Heredia ( Called The Flowers City ), or Alajuela. ( Las Juntas Abangares city north of the capital, American sunsets)

sun Fire

Butterfly Feed flower.
Nature Green colors.

Picture with city downtown sunset from Las juntas Abangares.

It is very important make yourself sure that weather and fog conditions are available before traveling to the Irazu Volcano.
You can visit the Atlantic Zone. It is very attractive and you can find some differences from the Pacific Zone.

Here in the Atlantic it is Limon Cahuita, and other cities, You can watch the sea turtles at the Tortuguero National Park (Rio Tortuguero)

The Limon beaches can be a little tedious, because there are many mosquitoes, so please remember insect repellent.

Taking photos of the turtles at night is dangerous for them because of the effects of the camera flash light and they could possibly go blind and or die.
Fishing, diving and surfing is possible at this area as well because the beaches are safe and ecologic beaches positive environmental safe.

And restaurants are available, and so is public and private transportation.
You will find exotic birds and white-faced monkeys in the Limon area.

It is important to let other people know to where you are going to be, in case of an emergency, ALWAYS.
Renting a cell phone wouldn't be a bad idea either
The area Puntarenas State definitively offers many attractive sites for Costa Ricans and the international visitors.

Monteverde has one of the most unique climates in South America and the entire world and is also is in the North-Pacific.
As you travel through it and towards the Arenal Volcano, the streets and mountains are pretty fun and exciting to go through.
A town named Cachi has it's lagoon or (Laguna del Arenal)
Gulf of Nicoya can be seen from there and some sunsets.
There are several species of birds and nice vegetation, because weather is changed from the cloud forest in that area.

It is very pretty and different from the lower lands.
In the city of Abangares it is possible to visit some gold mines (minas de oro) from colonial times.

Also, the city of Abangares has rivers running through the city and is something unique. Very important data for Guanacaste and north and south Puntarenas are the beautiful ecologic beaches and national reserves.

wooden art

Paquera view from the pacific ocean, The picture of our soul.
The image with Ticos flavor, cedars wood, soft and aromatic and the beautiful typical house, from a very secret sculptor. Not for sale ever.

You will find that there are many small towns, too.
In San Jose downtown, some taxi drivers, if you ask them, will take you to places and help you for a price.
Or, just ask them a quick question and some will give you answers for free.

For security reasons do not ever ask to people in the poor zones around San Jose.
Ask hotel personnel, a policeman, taxi drivers, tour operators, or consult the telephone guide.

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