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How to Practice Best Sports?

Time passes by like the speed of light goes on the space universe!

Butterfly Kisses

What is happening is that in the last century there were just a few boring sports, now in these years with electronics devices like Smartphone, cell phone, a tablet, or even a digital hand watch, we all can become heroes challenging others on Instagram and Facebook

Can we image us running against the river current on an inflated plastic boat with head covers and special uniforms to minimize the impacts and be protected from accidents on the wild water, Rafting sport!
The moment is now, driving a monster truck, a fast motorcycle, spinning around with a windsurf boat, climbing rocks and mountains on the height, or getting new styles of soccer, baseball, basketball, American Football and so on, lots of fun!

( Photos: Honorable song Lyrics to the song Butterfly Kisses in my hand ) Song performed by Bob Carlisle, Lyrics to the song Butterfly Kisses
A real hand holds a cute butterfly on video.

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At the north pacific.
Now this is really fun, run so you don't miss the bus, but please Don't forget about your daughter, the child!.
Funny and cute American.
Fireworks Celebration in Esparza, Most amazing bloopers

The first film of Esparza, after 400 years in darkness, the football soccer field
( La Plaza de Deportes )
It gets the light, above time! Fireworks.
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The funny one that everyone wants to see, the baby timer with a rooter's song, singing with nature!
We make ease the viewing from the source, travel with the imagination.
"Youtube .com/ user/ atcostarica"
All Video Shorts Channel Mixed | Mesclado CR
( Music:
DJ Snake, Lil Jon - Turn Down for What

Taylor Swift - Blank Space:
Watch Taylor's new video for "Blank Space"

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Enjoy the Britney Spears Video With Mel Gibson at the location and time of vacation in Guanacaste.
See Cities Webpage for more about Britney visit to this paradise.

Britney Spears took a short but enjoyable and best vacation ever.
The end will be finally coming in 2012 without surprises, with explosions and galactic alignment predictions becoming true.
We strongly hope it is just a film. (Nothing happed, this is 2015 already) Better they come out with something more important in 2017 2018 2019 2020.
And jet the thriller for the movie " the end of the earth, 2012".
This movie has a lot to desire because in the scenes something really dramatically shows up and the actors mainly the family provide themselves psychological support " No matter what we stay together".

The question is where, whiteout any planet anymore?.

Maybe for the Hollywood movie profile is has some magical sense, but for the viewers not really when they see on screen the whole world finishing at that particular year.

A movie base on predictions from Mexican Mayas calendar, Albert Einstein numbers and some other famous writers in history.
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El que todos quieren ver, un bebe que llora al ritmo del canto de un gallo!.
Salto o saltar.
Usted puede ver y calificar todos estos valiosos trabajos en pantalla.
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Mirar ir de compras, Las compras de ropa para mujeres, ropa para hombres deportistas, para los deportes.
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Solo visite los trabajos filmados o de film hechos por nosotros y nuestras cámaras de edición Caballos.
El Primero hecho en la ciudad Esparza, donde después de 400 anos, el campo de Fútbol de esta ciudad consigue el alumbrado eléctrico y ahora si se juega de noche, ya es hora.
Celebración de juegos de pólvora

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Corre Para no Perder tu bus, pero no te olvides de tu hija, la niña!
film divertidos de las Américas.
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Jumping High Bungee Jumps
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