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( photo left:

Chicken male | Gallo)

Clothing dressing, clothing from store online.
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Below are the colorful pictures, one of those is the one that belongs to Dora the explorer and the original book pack, like any other kids she also likes to play her own games

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Celebrate the luck of the chicken male, " Rooster", he can have up to a thousand female wives chickens " Hens" and those females do get jealous sometimes.

Bilingual illustrated solid America with eyes in the nature or the natural water sports and information source authority.
When at the water sports concerns, this country leads some of the best worldwide sports.
Check the Youtube video and make your own opinions about having fun on wild rivers of Costa Rica and the music under the Spanish eyes.

Wet authority on sports, plus the most clearly illustrated video for what i can do inside of wild nature.
Bellow find this nice video to watch and enjoy it!

Worldwide news close-ups information in Spanish and English languages Es.
Both directions for international or national business related with tourism and Redirection travel, hotels sports in the Caribbean and America.

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Spanish: Mas abajo se encuentran las fotos a colores, una de ellas es la verdadera Dora la exploradora con su maleta original.

Because we knew how important it is for all ages kids, boys and girls. All over the planet to learn about exploring
We placed these online stores available for everyone to purchase their bookracks, books, Dora backpack, coloring books and printable in all colors dora backpack for sale.
Just like in the tv, have fun coloring Dora.

Once again thank you for visiting us.

student dora backpack

ESPANOL:Porque sabemos lo importante que es para todos los infantes, adolescentes y niñas o niños en general en todo el planeta tierra o sea el mundo

Hemos puesto estas tiendas online con lo mejor de la mas famosa exploradora y sus grandes aventuras
La aventurera con colores y maletas, hojas para colorear y imprimibles también, sus libros, dvds, cds y otros.
Esta es tu Casa, descubrir este lugar hoy mismo.

Los costarricenses o mejor dicho digamos así " descubra a los costarricenses " este es su día de suerte en nuestra casa.
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Turrialba Videos, Naranjo River
Channels Note:
YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIDEOS Outstanding Sports From:
Colorado River Rafting in the Cataract Canyon Whitew, Zambezi White Water Rafting, Whitewater Rafting Tully River, Peru Whitewater Rafting

Arenal Volcano Zip Line, Man vs Wild Crocodiles, Snakes, Wild hunters

The Rafting Rio Pacuare,
Watch the best video clips.

Where you can find the perfect match school for you
They will provide you with the list of items for you to bring to school such as what is recommended for you to wear and so forth.
For example Heredian | Heredia

It has a comfortable climate of 24 degrees in the scale of Celcius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) KNOW IT all year round; and the nighttime temperatures are around 17-18 to 20-21 degrees Celcius (63-65 to 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit). During our winter or rainy season, ( May - December ), the mornings are typically sunny or very sunny and in the afternoons it is rainy.

Therefore, in Heredia, bring a light jacket or sweater for the evenings, comfortable sneakers shoes, some cotton pants, some shorts, collared shirts or t-shirts.
Casual wear is typical.

You may want to bring one or two nice outfits for going out at night, as you cannot enter some discos or clubs (places for dancing) wearing sneakers and t-shirts.

The umbrellas are very inexpensive here, you may want to bring an extra one too, if you come during the rainy season.
And, if you study in a warmer zone, you will need lighter (cotton) clothing and possibly hair accessories to keep you hair up and off your neck if your a girl.

So, please remember to learn about where your going to study here and then dress appropriately, according to the many climates of our spectacular country.
Note that some schools might have air conditioning and some might not.
We know that in many fields our pages might not contain the information you are looking for, then you can direct your search to other sections, as well in the bottom more too, visit them in case that your criteria is not met by us.

The internet is a wonderful world of information and it is all in your hands to find it.
The cities and the Volcanoes
( Volcanes, in Spanish )

In the past an English guy ask me if we worry about so many volcanoes in our land and how we do to sleep in peace
It was a though he said.

And wile he looked to me strait to my eyes and waited for my answer.
I told him that it is something we don't think about.

The volcanoes can be a natural gift from nature, we expect eruptions.
So we can take wonderful pictures and share them with the world

Also our volcanoes are part of the natural forest environment and a tremendous amount of tourist come every year just to be at the top of Irazu volcano.
For example ( biggest and widest crater of the world) and take great pictures of it.
Getting To Search our commercial guide
We have personalized our information in order to locate all the merchandisers, according to their products and services for better to their consumers.
The following searches begin indications with the product or service's first letter ( Spanish names ) typed by you on our directories of commerce.

Example: Software or Relojeria " Software or Jewelry " Search with S for Software and J for jewelry on the alphabet's superior frame.
Just go to the letters S for software or J for jewelry " La Joyeria ".

Spanish: Como buscar, Hemos personalizado nuestra información a fin de ubicar todos los comerciantes de acuerdo a sus  productos y servicios para sus consumidores.

Por lo siguiente, en la forma de búsqueda de nuestros anunciantes lo cual se inicia por el producto o servicio que usted como visitante necesita encontrar en nuestro sitio de Web.
Dora the explorer book bag for school, games bookrack student) Students images of Dora flora, child girl student Our princes Dora Flora is a child student playing a game in her own mind.

She was posing for us unexpectedly in a city park, she never knew that her story will be part of Costa Rica's history.

We believe that many beautiful thoughts were crossing through her mind and that nature with colors had the priority.
This will deliver a very strong message to the world where we live.

Our children love nature and it is the main concern that should be in our minds.
To keep it pure, clean and natural, so our children can grow secure and healthy.
The city Monteverde
In City Warm Puntarenas

It has an average temperature of 17-18 to 20-21 degrees Celcius ( about 63-65 to 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit).

Sometimes the climate is cool and wet, especially during the rainy season (winter season from May-December).

You will need some kind of rain gear such as water-resistant boots ( Botas de Hule in Spanish) Capa in Spanish).


January through March can be much warmer and sunny, generally.

Sometimes the climate changes daily, so dressing in layers is the best.
Bring t-shirts that can be worn under long sleeved button downs, blue jeans of cotton or other pants of that material
Three or four pairs of shorts, at least one jacket, and very warm socks.

In addition, bring a flashlight, the best sunscreen for your skin's protection on the beaches and rivers
And any personal items you may need (like a good video and photo camera, binoculars, hiking boots, camping gear, medications you have been prescribed with proof from your doctor, in case you need it at the airports

yiguirro bird

El Yiguirro Paraiso del Inverno, ave Nacional Costa Rica. La Foto ( Photo )

The National Bird Of Costa Rica, Picture.
( This name Sounds like yiguirro, English ) his sounds are sometimes annoying to our ears

But their singing songs are about their new babies for who they fight even with cats and iguanas or Zanates ( The very black birds ).
normally we know that rainy season is coming and in many cases we don't pay attention to this brown color bird.

My surprise is how he was posing for my camera, just like a super model bird.
(A national bird)

These parrots from Herradura are sleeping in a group and sharing the small space of a tall green branchy tree.

What is more interesting is that it seems they are having sweet dreams while talking loudly in their Slumber.
( left ph: red parrots)
They are very colorful but the citizens of this city seemed To Not Be paying much attention to their natural treasures surrounding this well visited the beach.
We could have waken them, because it was already 6 Six am, but then the decision was better not to, and to use this photo to represent them for part of the Caribbean red parrots.
Then the trade's list of advertisers will appear in our commercial pages for a selected product or service.
For your convenience our WebPages are light on any internet browser.
To begin with just press the Button enter and find the alphabet&'s letter in the searching.
Animals or pets, the loved pets.
Pets and wild animals, funny and fun pets
Learn how we take care about our domestic and wild animals in our country

If you really want to get to know about our businesses, people, places, and true stories from the ones that really know about.
The next is a picture of a mom dog.
Wile she feeds her baby doggies and puppies gallery.
She was very kind and let us hold them with out a complain, and because of that we decided that this sweet mama dog should be in the FrontPage.

pets baby

Baby and her Babies mama " Baby" and many brown small puppies.
(Photos: a mom dog and baby pets puppies)

ESPANOL: Un bebes foto, para los amantes de animales y sus bebes crías, en este lugar ellos tienen un ejemplar digno de admirar por su bondad de compartir sus bebes con todos nosotros y el mundo.
Un animal alimentado con comida Costarricense y entendimiento del amor de madre.
Las tiendas de alimentos para animales son encontradas fácilmente en todas las ciudades del territorio Costarricense.

Porque tenemos que pasar por tantas preguntas y verificaciones antes de conocernos, nosotros nunca le preguntaremos por ninguna data privada, a no ser que usted, su compañía desee anunciarse con sus negocios y aun así, su confirmación es preferible por escrito y por e-mail o vía telefónica.

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Buscando en las Américas.
Ejemplo: software o joyería usted busca con la letra S para software y J para joyerías en la parte superior del cuadro que contiene las letras del abecedario y con esa letra S y J, así aparece la lista de todos nuestros anunciantes que ofrecen determinado servicio o ese producto.
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(a big lizard called ("Garrobo in this language")

(ph: a wild animal eats mango fruits)

The iguana Tica, "Garrobo Hembra", named in Espanol ) The big big lizard, while eats mangoes, wild iguanas, eating mangoes.

The second chicken in the rain forest, because years ago many of this amphibian animal were eaten in the pacific coast in the cantinas with a beer, snacks chicken and tortillas, nobody could tell the difference in between chicken meat ( Gallo con tortilla ) and ( Gallo, Iguana con tortilla ).
But then it became no allowed and now it is not anymore on sale in the market, instead this animal is protect by the law.

For some of guest Until now, we also might respond your queries requests by typing this:
Travel and the tourism in the rich coasts and fishing sports.

In this case you are trying just to make a short cut.

It makes a lot of sense, many sources of information
Compare them and grab the best of all inclusive nature alive.

Surf and travel, social study or studying in local colleges or schools.

The possibilities are that anywhere our name will come up and then, an important encyclopedia language dictionary, decide how to place you ticket for the amazing territories in the Caribbean Americas.
About the Flowers

It is not normal to find an local with a bouquet of flowers on his hands, when this happen people look very close and wonder id that person is in love and with who, maybe he can be the delivery guy or the seller directly.

The beauty is definitively everywhere, this marvelous country has it and is proud of it.

In the meantime The Ticos have it at front of their homes, so everyone that passes can look at it and enjoy those things in our lives that can't be explained with word maps.

They can not be purchased, instead with love from our souls for nature with curiosity and kindness look at it and claimed it.
Continuing Searching

Many of the Artists use these birds in their special Pictures Because of the Bird's feathers having the colors of Democracy by sharing colors with the flags Costa Rica, the United States, and France.
And the yellow and Green represent nature.

Take a commercial location with us
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Only doing this will we keep this country's peoples and their histories alive in knowledge.
Welcome onboard to Rica's lands Maybe because of the affection of South Florida in the USA, We keep the thought that a paradise might have sunsets at their beaches, a clear and bluer ocean casts and many people that like to share the wonders.

It that strong reason why this central American country has a lot to offer, in addition the green of the dry, semidry, cloud and rain forests, as a gift from nature.