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A House Real Estate Cheap Costa Rica

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A home

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Esparza's square meter goes for prices $20 up each, the hectare has 10,000 meters, equal 5 hectare for a total to a $1,000000.

But this deal you can get it now for Only $300,000 American, Euro or best offer will be taken. USD Dollar exchange equivalent in Local Coin, if it is necessary.

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Costa Rica property given away for pennies, need to sale immediately.
Super deal in a quiet community, easy for building, farming or just vacationing.

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This marvelous farm is naturally Loaded with a spectacular mountain view and a resting site at it's own river, so you can enjoy time with your friends and loved ones.
What wonderful barbecues and fun that would be.

If that isn't enough, Are several species of monkeys and exotic birds. Several  woods species including Pochote, cocobolo, Madero negro, Mango, avocado, and so much more cover this 5-hectare property.
The main road passes in front of the property and ends at the 'padres' river also are impressive river trees.

Oh!, did we mention the sugar cane plantation and a new home! The 100 m2 house is only six months old with a spacious kitchen and living room, and 4 comfortable bedrooms. Cable tv, telephone, water and other services are available; close to the S.J. Grande school.

The new Costanera highway is already in the process of being built from San Jose to caldera with 1st class hotels, etc. Other offers:
We also have a house for sale.

The location is at 45 minutes from coyote beach.
Guanacaste, house Coyote-Beach House coyote Purchase this beachfront land today | downtown of Esparza is just at 10 minutes.

Investment for and or a cheap properties, best buy cheap property in Costa Rica, best buy property in south America.

Statistics are saying that the town.

The cheap properties like this one proven to be protected by the height location over the river's level. Where the property is located, is guaranteed the it will never, ever have a floating trouble and the rivers always are safe. Making Esparza number one place for targeting real estate investments in all inclusive Costa Rica and America.
No wonder Spaniards chosen overhear for their making operation business in the fee teen hundreds.

In construction...You know what that means, right? This property's value will be a skyrocket. What are you waiting for? Price:
350 Millions Colones C.R.

green land

deep forest

Spacious kitchen, comfortable living room Costa Rican, enough resting and sleeping bedrooms, just for a medium family in the country.

The Sugar cane is a small back side of the farm, and it is used to feed the cows sometimes, but other agriculture is possible to be done.

If you want, other wise, just grab the offer for best buy property to development or keeping it for your private use.

Forest, equal a sweet landscapes, just from the higher hills And located at just 30 minutes away of caldera, Mata Limon, Tivives, Barranca, finally at two & half hours from Capital San Jose
By the way, swimming and surfing is just very close to this nice Ezparza Building Property.



river rocks

Green, green and more green in the Pacific of Puntarenas.
It is not possible to located that easy a close to downtown and with that possibility comes, they don't last that much.

The project is in your hands, it is the way it goes, buy this farm today and collect your profit tomorrow.
A land were I can find water and spend valuable time with friends and family cooking out, swimming with a float etc.
It is a healthy Esparza territorial.

In this natural resource with the river, just in the back of this farm and the nice vegetation with it, we can see many times monkeys, and exotic birds in the area.

The river just behind our Property, For swimming and resting wile have some BQ. A great family Pic Nick and River Fishing well Done.
Place a some hammocks, cook some meat at the fire and with a couple of good drinks you can just have the camping of your lifetime in Costa Rica, at this farm it is possible, incredible but true..

This is very important, because many visitors will have to spend a tone of money in traveling, tours inside of this country, just to see a toucan, the property is located a just 20 minutes from downtown, and really outstanding and colorfully animals can be spotted easily.

These means the 5-Hectare property is a Costa Rican farm candidate to be one of the best in The pacific for camping, hotels building, horses and other sports, Tilapia fish reserve and business, agriculture, development all and much more.

bee house


forest farms

You probable already made the plan for yor new project, it is like a dream to start developping it. Think, what a greta deal, everything you need to survive is located near by a few minutes away.

Even sweet honey from pollination wild bees are choosing to make their own lovely house, a lot of natural paradise reasons, a Central American resource.
Bananas, mangoes, papayas, aquacade, and many other fruits can be planted.

The trees found are very tall and they provide wonderful opportunity for wild life grow and deposit their eggs for babies to be born, it is an real spectacle

Vender una casa facilmente al ofrecerla con lujo y detalles.

También tenemos cerca de la playa coyote en guanacaste, a la venta, por favor verla. Finca a la venta es la mejor inversión en propiedades.

La finca esta prácticamente regalada, el costo de esta propiedad campestre bien bajo, venta por necesidad.
Esta finca natural esta llena de todo, una excelente vista a las montanas, lugar para recrearse privadamente con su familia y amigos, hacer B.Q. En el río padres que colinda en la parte de atrás.
En esparza Puntarenas 5 ha.

El camino esta justo al frente de la casa y por ende de la finca, Varias especies en animales como son monos, mapaches, aves exóticas, insectos y especies de árboles maderables y porque no también exóticos, incluyendo los árboles cerca del rio que son impresionantes.

La finca esta a solo 7 minutos del centro de esparza, y 35 minutos a una hora, aproximadamente de playa tivives, caldera, y Puntarenas.
Tiene casa con 4 cuartos, sala, cocina y un baño, bastante espaciosos, para su comodidad. Cable, agua, electricidad y teléfono están disponibles, como también otros servicios.

La escuela esta muy cercana.
En un futuro cercano, ya aprobado, se construirán dos hoteles de primera clase en el territorio de espartano, cerca de puerto caldera. Así que el precio incrementara dramáticamente.
El precio es de $ 300, 000 Dollar Americano or Equivalente en Euro, Moneda Europea.
C.R Hacer el cambio si es necesario aproximadamente o equivalente al tipo de cambio en el momento de la venta para el dólar Americano.

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