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Owning a piece of landscape in the most pure and hard to find property in the Americas.
Your choice. We can locate the right amount with features you are looking for to invest and buy upright, land for sale with eazy closing deal, whether cash or finance.
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For Better Investments. Farm land for country retreat.
San Carlos Costa Rica in Pavon Of Los Chiles 720 Hectares.
A Price of $4.000.000, about $5555 per Hectare on the land for sale

It features today the Seeing scenes Of the Greatest Images About farms On sale By Costa Ricans, take opportunity investment in Costa Rica (Photo of the greenest trees and green grass long and big land).

Buyers from South and North Florida, NYC New York, New Jersey, Huston Texas Dallas Laredo, Nevada Las Vegas NV, Chicago Illinois, California Hollywood, La Los Angeles, Washington Denver Colorado and anywhere in the world are welcome to buy.

It is noticeable how the green is present at our farm with 720 hectare for sale in this locality of the beautiful San Carlos.
The Land has all for taking care many species as the caws found inside the property right now, and therefore also included with the amount of dollar, the farm owner is charging for it.
Got Sold!! | Una Finca Vendida !
It includes 400 animal caws for milking production.
Take a look about these pictures from the corral, the green lands and animals, the landscapes horizons.
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As a Full Description
it is a wonderful and complete place for a dairy, this is a pleasant 1800 acre farm of rolling pasture land with some forest, the land borders with 2 rivers.
Opportunity ones for investment.
(Live Photos: San Carlos Costa Rica green land farm property sale, white cows)

The Property features, a variety of fruit trees, public rural water services is available, survey, titled, water reservoir.
In summary, the farm is not in use for now
But it has the dairy facilities too, perfect for agriculture or a tremendous forestry project
it has a well done milking facilities, rolling pasture land bordering primary forest, commercially this area is growing rapidly, which makes this farm an excellent opportunity to develop any kind of project on it.
It could be to continue the same as it is now or a hotel complex for the international tourism, interested in visiting the Arenal, the volcano or lagoon with thermal waters attractions and Monteverde cloud forest, which is close from there.

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Como una Descripcion completa de una finca. Estas tierras de labranto para el retratamiento, la agricultura, o la lecheria del pais, esta son una granja agradable de 1800 acres de la tierra de pasto del balanceo con alguilon bosque, las fronteras de la tierra con 2 anos.

la finca se caracteriza por tener muchos arboles frutales, agua rural, examen, titulado, reserva de agua.

Como un& resumen general, ella no esta en uso y producion, solo es una granja con las instalaciones de la lecheria
Buenas para la agricultura o el proyecto de la silvicultura
La granja tiene instalaciones de ordeno, rodando la tierra de pasto que confina ( Limites ) con el bosque primario, esta area esta creciendo en comercio con rapidez

Todas estas ventajas colocan en un lugar de privilegio a esta granja, como una tremenda oportunidad y porsupuesto, la de desarrollar cualquier clase de proyecto en ella.

Su cercania a los complejos turisticos de monteverde y santa elena, incluyendo los volcanes the arenal, rincon de la vieja y miravalles, tambien la colocan en el puesto numero uno de la lista en bienes y raices para vender. Ver las fotografias de el corral y los horizontes verdes del pasto.

(Photos: Stalls for milking cows, the el corral) La Finca esta en Pavon de los Chiles ciudad San Carlos

El Tamano es de : 720 Hectareas, y el Precio: $4 millones ($5555 por hectarea.
Incluye 200 cabezas de ganado, pastizales sin pendiente, 2 rios en sus limites, fincas a la venta con estanques para agua, fincas a la venta con muchos arboles frutales, instalaciones para lecheria, limita con bosques primarios. ademas esta muy cerca de la carretera principal.