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Legal User Agreement Terms

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Legal Agreement Terms:

Exportadora Jeveteca S.A, The represented as the company, is an advertisement local company.
The visitor, as the user of our information, legally an internet user with a computer equipment and an Ip address anywhere in the world.
The represented firm reserves the right to change, destroy, delete or adjust at anytime this document content without prior advice.

The represented firm is not or not to be hold responsible for any damage or inconvenient cause by internet third party users or visitors to the computer equipment from our visitors.

The user is responsible to translate it easily with one of the applications available at no cost online, read, and understand this agreement terms in full, prior to preside surfing or visiting our WebPages.

Each time they use our information.
The represented company is not to be hold responsible and not suitable to changes may cause to users from our information, as it is changing constantly and it may be inaccurate in some cases.

The user, as the visitor to our pages in solidamerica.com, agrees to the terms in English or Spanish, totally and complete. If the user is in failure to these agreement terms
They may leave at anytime without concern.
You, as our information user, agree automatically to our legal terms, and if for any reason you are not in agreement, then leave at anytime.

Interest-based advertising:
The user or visitor does accept in full and automatically that he or she will receive in their computer, tracking cookies from our website and from our assisting affiliates based advertisement companies.
An advertisement cookie will control the behavior while the website user remains using it.

For more information about this please keep reading this agreement page till the very bottom.

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