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Cheapest House For Sale in Costa Rica

Never an excuse for telling your family you haven't had an opportunity to own a piece of land in this gorgeous nation!

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This house is located in a small city name Esparza, state province of Puntarenas, (Pacific section or zone) for investing your money.

The property has many fruit trees like Mango, Aguacate (aguacatoes), Water Apple, Coco Palm, Lemon trees, Papaya, and a large yard for having a security dog or so.
The house is made of concrete pre-made walls and it has a strong foundation.
Excellent roof with no more than 4 years. ( Metal blades).
The schools and supermarket are at a distance time of 5 minutes from the property (downtown city). Best opportunity for investing your money

Neighbors are located at the 3 corners and in the fourth, the small creek (river)
Monkeys can be heard and observed by the house.
The house covers two comfortable bedrooms, a living room and a division for kitchen, a bathroom and toilet, to the back side, a large backyard with fruits trees. The selling property is considered centric or better say " location downtown"

San Jose capital distance from this city of Esparza is about 2 hours road to san Ramon and Alajuela, and the Orotina Jaco beach road to the capital about 1 one hour.

The hours and lot buyer must pay cash, never an exchange or switching properties.
Price is $27,000 USD American Dollars.

For English speaking buyers of this real estate call: Gino Venegas for more information WhatsApp 506-8504-7384 Private number

coco tree in property

Tips for investing: Always invest for sure on what if you ever try to sell, it goes sold easy and while maintaining profits. Real estate is the position of the land, the houses, or buildings where people have an easy access for stores, school, hospital, medical clinic and doctor (buy health insurance coverage), their job place, transportation and security.

Homes always are raising their price in this city of CR, the reason is clear, it is located at 200 meters height from the ocean Pacific levels and there aren't water floods ever. Make your best offer for acceptance!

One of the great city's benefits are these: There are other options for adding an extra bedroom and storage construction.

Important is to recall that the house walls were done by the builder who bought it from a pre-made construction company from Canada
This means that the walls are only one piece added to metal frame and the roof is well made from non-rust material.
Anti-shake breakage, anti-seismic or earthquake proof, built with all the codes fro electrical wiring and safety

Water is delicious and fresh, high pressure for bathrooms and kitchen cooking, also, health liquid is of of the best in the country.
Cable and satellite services available, wi-fi connection and internet service.
The cost of living average for a retiree American (retired person US) is about $1200 Dollars a month.

How ever prior to consider owning properties and moving abroad this country, please talk with your trusted lawyer and comment your thoughts, expect recommendations and tips on how to do, things to do and ways to behave ones applying for residency or citizenship and visiting, residing living in city of Esparza.

The retiree American appreciate a secure place to stay while joining the local communities from their own country or inclusive locals.

Food, electrical and health care insurance area some of the bills everybody pay and aliens aren't the exception as they also must have these benefits.

Food or foods might cost $200.00 a month, electrical $40.00 to $125.00 if the house owner uses air condition and water heater, iron etc.

The telephone services for communication is usually a cell mobile phone or a permanent phone installed inside the residency. $30.00 to 405.00 cell phones or a home phone