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Notice: This unique property could be sold at any time, however, our telephones are open to questions as normally we receive offers at all times from sellers, who are ready to put their country land and homes on the market.
Call those numbers in English or Spanish only, and ask for the latest deals going on.

Prices might change related to dollar and colon coins exchange at the daily bases actions by the bank )

Private areas for any future building projects, lots of water, installed electrical net, a satellite TV, the internet access, communications services are available.

Schools for education, the Caldera beach is 30 minutes away, Jaco Herradura Beaches close of one hr distances.

Presenting very valuable information, enough to consider buying this outstanding land with plenty of level ground waiting to easily accommodate your home, horses, barn, large two car garage, a workshop, outbuildings, or maybe a stadium!
Located in Baron of Esparza (near Jaco Beach).

Much more information on how to arrive and to schedule an appointment to show you this offered land can be made through the Phone, (No in use for now! cell phone number). Business office: 506-8-4174376 Gino Venegas " Fully English Speaking Professional".
Free tours and Transactions in English.
Only buying property.

Cell Phone Home #)
Showing this as a physical description with the measurements in Square Meter, Hectares, and Photos Below:
We have a special package of two side by side properties with a total of 20, 861 Square Meters, or 2 1/2 Hectares + 361 Extra Sq. Mts at only $ 44,000 USD American, Or ¢22,000.00 CR. Offer per square meter or buy one or more selling right now just a lot of land.

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$ 60,000 Dollars | ¢ 30,000.00 ( Per Square Meter.
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IMPORTANT Checking reports from the BCCR, the Bank for information about money exchange rates | El Banco Central De Costa Rica.

1. One plot of land/property contains a small excellent construction of 3 three concrete and wooden cabins (several pics below), a small recreation ranch with barbecue and bar, chairs, tables, and is 10,000 Sq Meters (1 Hectare) for $ 60,000 US| or ¢30,000.00 Per Square Meter = ¢300.000.00 million CR co or equivalent Euro USD Dollar American Costa Rica Exchange.

Buy it now before it grows in popularity, earn with low investment

2. The other property measures 10,861 Sq Meters at ¢18,000.00 CR colones Per Square Meter = 1 1/2 Hectare + Extra 361 Mts, or equivalent to European Euro, USD American dollar Local Cr Exchange at time of the closing deal and the respective legal documentation transfer.

As far as for financing, the potential buyer must investigate and acquire his own bank credit financing loans. Or, save ¢8,000 for each Sq Meter by buying both of them, you choose!
As of today, the exchange rates could be lower or higher than the amount of 552.40 colones per USD Dollar $ in Costa Rica, or official daily exchange Colones per United States Dollars. For these purposes, you could check the official website of Banco Central Of Costa Rica.

(Photos: Terreno para vender en Puntarenas | Nice lot of land for sale in Central America, investments and realtors office)

I definitely recognize when a property goes for less than it's value USD USA asked by the owner seller, and this is one extremely amazing deal!

It becomes difficult in the majority of cases sceneries pending from which country territory as far of location factor, community, people style of life and political balance that concerns the potential buyer investors from European countries, American visionaries, and even from Latin America other country investment companies and buyers.

venta de lotes

property for sale

( Photography: lote de terreno para construir casa a la venta | small property ready to sell, realtors offers)

Special for an American investor Interested on better homes constructed country side for recreation and amusement.

se vende esta tierra

( Pedazo de tierra a la venta, se vende, En esparza a la venta, oportunidad de inversión)
( ESPAÑOL) Ver la información existente en estas paginas de web, observar las fotos en lenguaje Español. Llamar para el español, al teléfono numero.
El tipo cambio de la compra y de la venta del cambio anunciado por cada día, todos los indicadores económicos y las oportunidades de empleo, los nuevos billetes y monedas, toda las publicaciones del famoso BCCR, información general publicaciones.

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The Six Above Photos Is The One That Has No Built Structures, Yet.

Pictures Of The Other Property and It's Structures Are Posted Below

Remember, you can buy both in one package deal of ¢22,000.00 CR Colones Per Square Meter OR buy one of either property at¢ 30,000.00 Per Square Meter

So purchasing both is a HUGE savings of ¢8,000 for each Sq Meter! You decide which is best for needs and desires.

bienes y raices

(Bien y raiz para vender barato en la provincia Puntarenas | A cool and cute forest cabin on sale cheap, affordable investments today deals)


Attention USA Buyers, The Deal Will Never last for Ever, Buy Now. ask For Discounts, make Your Irresistible Offers

cabins, la cabina

(Nice country cabins, builders jobs, special real estate offers online | Se vende cabinas baratas, comprar lote de campo)

(the ceilings inside the property | Built special designs by Spanish homes designers

las cabinas

Buy this nice properties and keep the rank on it.)

Luxurious Spots Green In The Winter ( Raining season ), And Dry in the summer from November to April.
More Nice Images, More Pictures | Mas Fotos
Shopping For Better Deals? Take It Today.

cabin ceilings

(plastic water reservoir tanks, a fountain reservoir for the precious liquid water, water storage reservoir )
This is pictured a water reserve, which is a reservoir for the our earth's precious and pure liquid of life.
This second lot for sale is fully loaded with many details and much comfort.

A house or another construction added must be built solid with the environmental materials, if a permanent residency is required.

costa rica

Wow! We are basically talking about excellent land on sale with many possibilities.
It is so nice that as soon I laid my eyes over it

I knew that this won't last very long before someone calls to buy it right away.
(Ask questions and details) What is the property size.
It is the size of a stadium, it is a flat land?.
Asking questions to the owner!

Offered land is located in perhaps the best Pacific areas called Baron of Esparza (short distance from Jaco) in the beautifully established democracy nation.
Own a piece of property Costa Rica real estate with cable access will build something nice.

Like I said before, the size of a stadium will accommodates as much of a medium hotel with green areas and swimming pools, or a golf course club perhaps, the options are unlimited!

Baron becomes a regular site for money retired people to buy
It is so cool and country, that neighbors have already planted tall green trees and built many small, medium and large villas surrounded by really colorful areas and sweet river waters.

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Alquileres En Linea Villas Hoteles

Condominios Apartamentos Para Alquilar. Completamente en el idioma español:

Las propiedades conforman un paquete, lo que indica que el dueño vendedor vende directamente y prefiere venderlo todo de una sola vez.
la primera tiene suficiente tierra o terreno como para construir un estadio de fútbol. Pero si cualquier comprador con suficiente recursos desea puede usar las dos propiedades para cualquier proyecto conveniente y que es necesario a sus necesidades.

La medida total es de 18,000 Metros Cuadrados y ¢ 22,000 colones x c/ u.

La localización respecto a la capital San José, se puede viajar en automóvil desde el punto propietario cruzando San mateo de Orotina y luego a la carretera nueva principal, lo que toma solo un tiempo moderado de aproximadamente 45 minutos o una hora.
También es un punto estratégico para viajar a Jaco Beach por la misma ruta, excepto se debe tomar la desviación especificada en los rótulos de transportes en la carretera hacia la playa de Jaco, eso lleva una hora mas o menos.

Desde la propiedad también se llega a la ciudad cerca Esparza en aproximadamente 5 minutos, allá están la mayoría de comercios y establecimientos comerciales, Iglesias, parque publico oficinas de ICE, cable TV, Correo y parada de buses a Puntarenas centro.

Medidas especificas del paquete es:

plastic water reservoir tanks

Un total de 20.861 metro cuadrado en extensión = 21/2 hectáreas y 361 metro cuadrado extra.

Pero si por alguna razón solo desea comprar una, estas son las medidas individuales:

La primera es un terreno amplio, estructura plana total y con 10,861 mts cuadrados por un precio de ¢30,000 colones x m.

La segunda: Tiene una extensión de 10,000 mts cuadrados por un precio de 30,000 mts cuadrado.

Recuerda esta es la que tiene el rancho de recreo y las tres cabinas de campo.
El pueblo de Barón es un lugar pequeño y esta en medio de El centro Esparzano y San mateo Orotina en el Pacifico central

Recuerda Localización estratégica:
30 minutos de la playa Caldera Casas Edificios, a max de 60 minutos de San José, 2 dos horas de Aeropuerto Libera en Guanacaste.
escuela, carretera completamente asfaltada para mejor acceso en carro, moto, vehículos.

Línea telefónica accesible, antena satélite para televisión e Internet. y lo mas optimo es la privacidad y conforte de poder vivir pacíficamente con todos los lujos de detalles.
Esta especial para construir quintas o cualquier proyecto futuro
Pues hay mucha agua y corriente eléctrica en el área con un vecindario maravilloso y callado, o sea no ruido.
Phone Number ( 506) 8-417-4376 Gino Venegas "Fully English Spaking Person"