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american places and things

Endorsing the relevancy to advance in the way of technology and meantime using the natural resources to produce energy and keep the entire world in action without to harm the earth..

Some examples are solar and ocean water powering alternators and producing electricity and energy for lighting in all homes and power up electrical industrial plants rather then atomic plants without a balance in between technology and the most basic nature's gifts it is impossible to stand any longer by the atmospheric changes in the planet and our days of life can be for sure counted to the hands finders.

Remember, not to spend money buying unnecessary items and then throwing them on the home garage, it takes lots of space and they depreciate in value

Clearly planting more trees in the earth will protect the water, so critical for humanity survival.

The man has placed the biggest destructive obstacle on the surface, for money the world family values is in danger, for money our cities and countries are getting deep with earthquakes and natural disasters provoked by business men and women from the four corners of the world

These corporations and individuals only have eyes for power number one, dollar profits, luxury diamonds and gold, they have forgotten that we are mortal and no rich will remain at the end of times.

We are a country connected to nature's green, full of nice people, workers, mothers, the fathers and their children.
Boys and girls teenagers, young in a spirit form.
Peoples with a tremendous desire of growing on knowledge and cooperation for the continent, the world.

The Only and Best Choice

Having the leadership of democracy.
We practice best practices day after day and keeping it free from obstacles.
Our countries, land and society free for ever.

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