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The American presidents always will consider beautifully Costa Rica.
They write the American history

In his speech to the university of this country, he replies that the feeling of been free in a nation was something that he and his people will never forget as an American president Kennedy and in his personal life.
On a press conference John F. Kennedy shows the humor, again this is real American history, funny.
Republic of Costa Rica

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Greatest speech, speeches & quotes to freedom in Costa Rica from an American president's view
at: youtube. com/ watch?v=ld9A6ZYtI-A  The Speech Video (Put together the complete reference and search on the top of your prefer search engine


One Day In History

The Costa Ricans loved and respected President John F. Kennedy with all of their hearts! On March 19, 1963 President JFK from USA Washington capital, Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and the Presidential entourage arrived to Costa Rica for his last visit to this nation
To meet with the Presidents of 6 other countries in Latin America for a Central American conference.

This was a historical day in Costa Rica because Mr. Kennedy received a huge turnout of Costa Ricans
More than any other Costa Rican event in our history.

During the trip, JFK met with a local Little League baseball team and signed baseballs for some of the youngsters on March 19.
I am proud to say that I personally shook the hand of this respected president during his trip in this nation!
I was only 3 years old at the time, but I do remember him at the Tivives Beach, which is close to Caldera in the City of Esparza.

John f. Kennedy

Picture, personal image.
My Dad and I traveled to that beach from Esparza by horseback (in March of 1963).

I saw a group of men fishing and John F. Kennedy was one of these guys (nobody else was at the beach that day, but these men), and I wandered away from my Dad to go see them.

After Mr. Kennedy shook my hand, I'm able to remember him saying to me in Spanish these words, "What a cute little boy, what is your name?" Then JFK said to me, "You are going to be a good American citizen, we will make America a beautiful place to live."

The following day, after their 2-day summit, President Kennedy and the other 6 Presidents signed a economic and political declaration concerning Cuba and the Soviet aggression in the Western Hemisphere.

This was the beginning of the Alliance for Progress and the State of Political Democracy in Latin America.

Mr. Kennedy went back to Washington with great confidence and said
"We will continue to live in a hemisphere of independent, firm and faithful friends."

It was a dream that appears to look so clear with perimeters of truth. It happens that I was living beside a coast in a humble house with my wife, when during a nice morning a black strong utility vehicle arrived and from it
Mr. JK came to visit us with a tall short black hair white young and beautiful woman with a great smile.

He kindly greeted me and my wife, and I asked him almost immediately why he was dressed in brown shiny shoes with brown official dress pants with a beige t-shirt, when he answered like this " My friend, I will go now and will buy real relaxing clothes, along with some shoes too that are adequate for the occasion here.

For breakfast we had orange slices and orange drinks, ate pineapples and bananas, and had coffee and a lot of milk to drink together.
During this shared meal I asked him how did he feel, and he replied, "this is one one of the best times in my life, I love to eat food available at my friends table".

He then left and after an hour he returned with a pair of sneakers very white and noticeable.
I told him , "But Mr. JK, those shoes are very difficult to clean and they will get dirty soon." His answer was, " oh man, don't worry no more about my stuff, I will take care about it, ok, ah, and please, don't call me Mr. John call anymore, just call me John for now on."

Just almost immediately he came to me and told me to facilitate him a pen and white paper, because he needed to write a supermarket store list for me to go and buy some items, and he quoted that he did not have much money and that his salary was very small.

I got a little to impatient with his speed of writing that list and when he looked to the side, I took the paper out and put it inside my pants pocket

But he turned his face to me and said " never take my papers away before I finish writing."

So, I apologize to him and return to the table two papers instead of one, they where broken away and one was smaller that the other.
I knew the biggest list was saying to buy cream of menthe and whisky bottles, alone with L&M cigarettes packs.

The smaller had a strange person's name that in my dream was difficult to define.

My dream puts a jumping break in time.
Then the setting is in the late afternoon or early evening. When I was standing away from a group of important people with him, Mr. John F. Kennedy slides out of it and comes towards me.

Within seconds he puts his right hand into a bucket with burned used car oil and lifts it up with dripping drops like trying to shake it with my right hand

But I hesitate a little, forcing him to put it on top of my white shirt, right on my left shoulder and squeezing it lightly.

With my precious new white shirt already ruined and astonished that he did this, he pulled his hand away and I decided to shake my hand with his
And he did, while he quoted this to me calling my name "Real friends will always shake his friends hands, even if his friends hands are dirty ... no matter what".

Then I woke suddenly. This latter quote out of all of John's famous quotes will always be remembered by myself.

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Costa Rica will always be a faithful friend of John F. Kennedy. He was assassinated on November 22, 1963, only 8 months after his last trip to Costa Rica
And I still am able to remember all of my family and neighbors crying and saying he was a very good man, and they were very devastated.

Most of the Costa Ricans didn't work for 2 or 3 days while mourning for John F. Kennedy.
My Dad called Mr. Kennedy "Our Father".
I might have only been 3 years old, but I will always have a special place in my heart for John F. Kennedy, as well as will all of Costa Rica!!

Just a short sample on how things happen at those years.
Thanks to Youtube website these great past jewels are available for many that are learning about American and world history on much further than a political or ideology.

Rare, JFK footage, media videos below.
New pictures made by an American girl for the world
The videos list
1 - The visit in year March 18-20, 1963

A Long Speach, John F Kennedy Speech in Costa Rica in front of tousands of local listeners at the University.

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