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The Job Of Naming My Baby

If we are having a newborn tiny baby

pretty as can be for a gift

Then probably it is a great idea to start looking on what to name our most precious kid, who is arriving soon to our home to stay forever.
(Madonna's dress yellow with pink bows on the head).
She looks pretty as can be!
(photo for a gift of a spa party)

As in the other web page we already covered part of the beginning of the letters from the Latin Alphabet
Now we have to talk about these other letters to complete the entire sets from letter A to Z.
It is normal people to become interested on finding out details about names that start with A M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z and J for the cutest baby boy and girl.

If you haven't purchase a book with all descriptions and details on names meaning, history, importance by famous actors and actresses who carried it
Famous politicians, singers, writers, designers, religious leaders etc.
Then these reviews and rich content are for your personal or business use.

Never allow to happen to you as a mother, dad, that at the last moment you did not have it ready, because you forgotten it.
Take your time

But do it correctly, make sure to write it on a piece of paper ready to carry it into the maternity room, inside the bag.
And inside the wallet.

I heard about some parents that even went too far on the grace of becoming parents for first time.
These parents opened an account profile for their not jet born baby in Facebook website
Another in Twitter and the last at Bookoflike.

They thought to hereby a record for a gift to their decedents (kind of writing a will or so!)

Their excuse was, we are keeping everyone updated of this major event in our lives, me and my wife with lots of love and our top gift.
(Photo: Nicole as sleeping baby).

Nicole as sleeping baby

How come, they even uploaded the ultra sounds pictures to Facebook and Twitter profiles, how could that be? No problem as longer it happened in between friends.

People get born today and tomorrow they are getting married or going the college for a degree.

Time has changed 100 degrees and with a lot of flavor and colors.
Anyways, the Smartphone from Samsung, the iPhone from Apple

The Nokia phone from Microsoft, they all have video cameras and picture photo cameras with lots of pixels, Use it as longer you own it.
 following the last list on the previous page, as we said it, then the next is M.

M For a Girl:

Madonna, Madison, Mackenzie, Molly, Maya, Makayla, Mabel, Samantha, Mila, Mia, Madelyn, Madonna, Madeline, Madeira, Magan, Madison, Madge, Magnolia, Magdalene, Magara, Maeve, Maggie, Marlene, Maureen, Miriam, Moira, Maisie, Maiya, Majella, Mai, Malena, Makiko, Majesta, Mallory, Maryuri, Malvina, Mandara, Mandeep.

Mandy, Mallana, Manjusha, Manuelle, Manuella, Manon, Marcella, Mara, Mardi, Marcia, Maresa, Maria, Margot, Margarita, Margaret, Marisa, Marisela, Marinna, Marsha, Marny, Marmara, Marlene, Marvela, Matana, Mathilda, Matsu, Matangi, Maryvonne, Mattea, Marianella.

Just a short review of what we see so far: There are lots of these names with certain letters so popular that we could use the whole page to type them, but we just post a few for now and into the next reviews, we will say which means what or what it means?.

M For a Boy:

Muhammad, Miles, Matthew, Max, Mason, Macduff, Macdonald, Macey, Madison, Maitland, Mahendra, Mahomet, Michael, Maksim, Mateo, Macmorris, Mackenzie, Micah, Maddock, Mablevi, Magnus, Madron, Mahomet, Mahendra, Magne, Malin, Malcom, Makya, Manfield, Malvolio, Malone, Mallee, Manfield, Mamoru, Manley, Manning, Manfred, Manchu, Manavendra, Mansa, Mannix, Mansukh, Manuel, Manolo, Marama, Marcel, Marcelino.

Till now we have covered just part of the list for this letter EME.
Now, in between the remaining group we have also the: N for both males and females.

Names that begin with letter N for girls:

These are the ones among Us in the list: Nadya, Nalini, Namazzi, Nairne, Nafeeza, Nadie, Nadia, Nabila, Namrata, Nami, Nalani, Naimah, Nani, Nanette, Namrata, Nicole, Nandita, Narella, Narcissa, Nantale, Nanon, Narelle, Naretha, Narda, Narmada, Narkeasha, Natasha, Nataniella, Navdip, Nayoko, Nazaret, Nathania, Nataniella, Navina, Naysa, Natsuko, Nathania, Nazirah, Nickita, Nicole, Nicki, Nikita, Nike, Neala, Neda, Neena, Neeharika, Neerja, Neoma, Nerin, Nerys, Nerissa, Nettie, Netanya, Nicolette, Nicole, Nikki, Nidra, Niley, Nilima, Nima, Nidia, Nirguna, Niobe, Nimisha, Nimah, Nisha, Nissa, Nita, Nitzana.

And these stories are about to begin, the start up to most loved and wanted across nations.

N the boys, how to call them by their name?

The list: Nabil, Narayan, Narrah, Nathaniel, Neddie, Neale, Naum, Narendra, Narciso, Napoleon, Nantan, Nandor, Namir, Nalren, Naeem, Neddie, Ned, Nartana, Neel, Neil, Neddy, Neville, Nesim, Nero, Neo, Nemo, Nelson, Nehemiah, Nicholas, Newman, Neron, Neville, Nick, Niall, Newton, Nieodemus, Nico, Nuncio, Norton, Norbert, Norberto, Northclif, Nolan, Noble, Nixon, Nivens, Nishan, Norwood, Nye, North, Nurhan, Nyek, Nyle, Normand, Norm, Norman.

When the stuff starts running the paper becomes smaller and the text take space front he up top to bottom, nothing more satisfying than getting the trail right, each time i check and there aren't any mistakes, i feel the best.
The next letter will be O, the big OU.  Mama m.. Mia, what a job, when i will be done?

The O list for (ladies) female first:

Ophrah, Olayinka, Olalla, Oksana, Okalani, Ofrah, Opra, Ofra, Ofelia, Odile, Odette, Odetta, Odelia, Ofelia, Odili, Octavia, Oanez, Oda, Olva, Olivia, Oliana, Olympia, Olive, Onyx, Omega, Olesia, Olwen, Ondine, Opaline, Ophira, Oralee, Oralia, Ophrah, Ornella, Orseline, Ornella, Orea, Orchid, Ortensia, Orseline, Oriel, Ortense, Ortencia, Orvokki, Ottilie, Ottoline, Owena, Ozora, Ophira, Oola, Onenn, Omaka, Olva, Olono.

Continuing the listing for He O

The male names: Odell, Octavius, Obiajulu, Oberon, Obadiah, Oakes, Oleos, Oldrich, Okely, Oguz, Odysseus, Oliver, Olin, Oleos, Olcay, Olafo, Onur, Omarjeet, Oleg, Ora, Onslow, Omar, Olivier, Olier, Orlando, Ormond, Oroiti, Orran, Orpheus, Orren, Osborn, Orville, Orrin, Orren, Osbert, Oscar, Osmond, Otto, Ottavio, Oswin, Ossian, Otway, Ovid, Oxford, Ozias, Oz, Oxton, Ozias, Osgood, Oswald, Osbert, Osaze, Orville, Orsino, Ormos, Orlan.
The remaining Alphabet Letters will be named with a few just to make them import and relevant, with more popularity perhaps.

The Elegant P for New Born Girls:

Paloma, Paola, Pamela, Parnella, Paulomi, Parvani, Parthenia, Pantxike, Panthea, Pansy, Panna, Pankhudi, Pandora, Pamelia, Pamee, Palomi, Pallavi, Palila,Paige, Padma, Pacifica, Patricia, Patia, Papillon, Panna, Paolina, Panyin, Parul, Patsy, Paulette, Pascale, Parnita, Parveen, Pazia, Patience, Pearl, Payal, Peace, Pelagia, Peggi, Penelope, Penthea, Pepita, Pepa, Perdita, Peony, Pebbles, Pearlie, Petara, Petunia, Persia, Perla, Peridot, Persephone, Perry, Perri, Perouze, Philantha, Philadelphia, Petula, Petra, Persis, Philantha, Phuong, Phylicia, Philomela, Philomena, Phoenix, Phrynia, Piltti, Pilar, Pierette, Pia, Phyliss, Pippa, Placida, Pixie, Polona, Posy, Pramada, Pradeepta, Pragya, Prapti, Pratima, Prerana, Prima, Priyanka, Prunella, Psyche, Priscilla, Purnima, Pyrena, Pythia, Prudence, Prospera.

The Sweet P for He

Famous names:
Pablo, Packard, Patricio, Pacifico, Paco, Paddy, Padgett, Panyin, Paramartha, Parolles, Patroclus, Patton, Patrick, Parolles, Paras, Paris, Park, Panyin, Pancrazio, Pancho, Palti, Palani, Paige, Paine, Padraig, Paulo, Pax, Paul, Pasang, Parry, Parri, Parlan, Parolles, Patroclus, Patamon, Patric, Pedro, Pearce, Peace, Pazman, Pelin, Pell, Penrice, Pepper, Pentele, Pemba, Penrose, Pellegrin, Penley, Pembroke, Pepper, Percy, Perry, Philbert, Petruchio, Peril, Philip, Phelps, Pele, Philbert, Phillips, Phineas, Phoenix, Picerious, Phuong, Philbert, Philario, Phuoc, Pickford, Pierce, Piero, Pindari, Piet, Pierrot, Pierre, Pilan, Pindari, Piran, Pisanio, Pino, Piano, Pryor, Privrata, Prentice, Prassana, Prasad, Ptolemy, Pietro, Publius, Pundarik, Purvis, Putnam, Prescott, Prem, Prashant, Powys, Porter, Pontius, Pongor.

Top Names Beginning with Letter Q

These cute sounds are imitated all along the song of each sample we provide.
That is meaning all are cute and important, if you agree and decide to use one or all to you diary when the relevant moments arrive (the delivery a the hospital) assuming that it will be delivered on a hospital, other wise in a pool or something with water.

Let's start now with the female, the she:

Qadira, Quadrina, Quarentela, Quiterie, Quorra, Quintina, Quintessa, Quintessa, Querida, Quella, Quinta, Qamra, Queen, Quenby.

Top Q For Men or Small Babies Boys:

Qadir, Coco, Quintus, Quirce, Quirino, Quintin, Quinlan, Quince, Quimby, Quillan, Quennel.

R Stands For Strong Sound

Like the sound of a lion. the wind crying and the nigh surprises.

R Names for Baby Girls:

Rachael, Rebecca, Rafaella, Ruby, Rubina, Ragnhild, Raphaella, Raphaela, Raquelle, Raquel, Rakel, Raja, Rainbow, Raissa, Raisa, Randa, Ranjita, Randy, Randie, Rakel, Ramona, Rajani, Raizel, Ranjana, Rosa, Rosalba, Rosemary, Raeka, Radmilla, Rebel, Regina, Reena, Rayelle, Rasine, Rebecca, Reiko, Regan, Revelation, Renita, Renee, Rene, Revati, Rexana, Roxana, Roxanne, Rhiamon, Rhea, Rewa, Rhoda, Renny, Rianna, Riannon, Ricarda, Richelle, Riddhi, Rinzen, Rishbha, Rinako, Roberta, Robin, Robbin, Roanna, Rishbha, Rini, Ronan, Roma, Rochelle, Roderica, Ronni, Rosabelle, Rosaleen, Rosalinda, Rosalia, Rosalind, Rosaline, Ruby, Rula, Rozelle, Rudrani, Rozanne, Roza, Royale, Rowena, Rupali, Ryann, Ryesen, Ryoko, Rio, Rumiko, Rudrani, Rue, Ruchira, Ruperta, Ruri, Rupa, Rosenwyn, Roselyn.

Naming someone with a small R

My kid's name is beginning with an R! The group:
Boy love his name to be with R'us: Rafael, Rahul, Rafi, Ralston, Ramon, Roberto, Romario, Rambures, Ramiro, Ramsey, Ranald, Rance, Randal, Randall, Ransley, Rankin, Randolph, Rand, Rastus, Rashid, Rantidev, Raven, Ravid, Ravindra, Rawlins, Rowley, Rupesh, Rutger, Ruhinda, Rawly, Rothwell, Routledge, Raul, Rayburn, Ratri, Rishley, Rockwell, Rowland, Rongo, Romeo, Roldan, Routledge, Runako, Rutley, Rurik, Ryder, Rowley, Royston, Rubin, Rudyard, Ryoichi, Rylie, Ryle, Rycroft, Rosencrantz.
I'm sure the list could be extended, however continuation will be on the remaining pages as we get to complete the job later.
Many of those examples meanings are about local creatures mixes thoughts on traditions and cultural, others about animals they used to love and hopes.

La S, The Name beginning with S

Little women babies lists: Shakira, Saba, Sagara, Sachiko, Sabirah, Sabiha, Sabrina, Sadhana, Safiya, Sage, Safak, Sadira, Selina, Serendipity, Seraphina, Sadie, Serenity, Sheena, Senga, Septima, Serendipity, Searlait, Sebastiana, Sebastianne, Seema, Seonaid, Semin, Scota, Saxona, Shaina, Sexburth, Saxon, Savanna, Satoko, Sanrevelle, Saroja, Sancia, Sapphire, Sanako, Sanrevelle, Sangita, Sandra, Samularia, Salal, Sharseia, Shantina, Shawmbria, Shanata, Shannah, Shannelle, Shammara, Shanessa, Salvia, Sevilla, Samara, Sher, Shobhna, Shirlyn, Shikha, Shelton, Serendipity, Shavonne, Sheila, Sheetal, Sheba, Shawna, Shawnnessy, Shawn, Salimah, Shayla, Shayndel, Sonya, Sade, Shobhana, Shridevi, Sharseia, Shavonne, Shivaun, Shifra, Shirin, Shira, Sakura, Sherrie, Sheridan, Sherry, Shelley, Sudha, Shirley, Sagara, Sofie, Sraddha, Sophie, Sofia, Solosolo, Siobhan, Sondra, Sissey, Sitara, Sirena, Silvana, Silver, Sigrun, Sileas, Signy, Shylah, Suellen, Sumehra, Stormy, Suellen
Subhaga, Sorrel, Srishti, Sorilbran, Srishti, Stacey, Sidonie, Sierra, Sienna, Sophronia, Sorrel, Sraddha, Suvrata, Sibongile, Shylah, Stockard, Sonnenschein, Sondra, Sandra, Solana, Steffie, Starr, Sruti, Stefania, Stockard, Subhadra, Sparrow, Sylvie, Susi, Silvia, Susan, Suruchi, Susannah, Sraddha, Susie, Surotama, Susy, Suzanne, Suzanne, Shulamit, Suma, Sultana, Sheena, Sydnee, Svetlana, Saheli, Sweta, Sydney, Swanhild

A big man some day names with S for a male

The collections are many, but with an S just only a few:
Sandro, Safford, Sahadev, Sadurni, Sacheverell, Sachchit, Sabola, Sabir, Sahale, Sanders, Samuel, Sage, Sagiv, Salton, Salter, Salomon, Samudra, Sampath, Sancho, Sandie, Sandon, Sandler, Santos, Santiago, Sanford, Sanjay, Sankara, Sarngin, Sarosh, Sargent, Sarngin, Sarojin, Sarosh, Sarkis, Sandie, Sanborn, Sampson, Sandie.

Totus Betsy T Nomus

Calling the letter "T " for jewels as the babies girls:
Totus Tuus nomus louss: Tallulah, Tatiana, Tortola, Tamara, Tamah, Talulla, Talon, Tallara, Talitha, Taleen, Tale, Takiyah, Takara, Takako, Tainn, Tahnia, Tahira, Tamasine, Tamera, Tamora, Tanu, Tao, Tansy, Tani, Tarra, Tara, Tarsha, Tasmine, Tashi, Tayce, Taylor, Taylar, Tayen, Tawnie, Tatyana, Tatya, Tatum, Tathra, Tavia, Tira, Tina, Taylar, Tejal, Tegwen, Tegan, Teal, Telma, Tema, Teji, Tessa, Theano, Thais, Terentia, Terra, Terri, Teresa, Thaisa, Thalia, Tesia , Tenzin, Tertia, Terrylyn, Tehya, Tenzing, Teofilia, Terena, Temperance, Thalassa, Tempest, Theano, Thecla, Tricia, Thelma, Theodora.

Naming a boy with T name

The male loves the T as Trevor and Thomas, these feelings encounter themselves, parenting families where men said their names with Tees, is very common they still repeat the tradition over and over thru grandfathers.

The small little and tiny T: Taavi, Talman, Taksony, Tomas, Tajo, Thomas, Tallis, Tapan, Tanner, Tamas, Takoda, Tailor, Thatcher, Takai, Taliesin, Tait, Tailer, Tailor, Tapesh, Tarasios, Tardos, Tano, Tarjan, Tanner, Tamir, Talon, Tathal, Taro, Teddie, Tarkan, Thijs, Tarun, Terro, Terrie, Templar, Tenenan, Teodor, Tewdwr, Tetony, Teman, Tathal, Tej, Teal, Taurus, Taurinus, Telford, Tean, Tatum, Thorstein, Thorbjorn, Thorulffr, Thaddeaus, Thoralf , Thane, Thibaud, Theron, Thidias, Templar, Thor, Thomas, Thorald, Travis, Tiberius, Tinh, Tip, ene, Tihamar, Tito, Tierney, Tierno, Titus, Thurso, Thrandr, Thorstein, Thorvald, Thornley, Thorpe, Tavish, Tony, Thurstan Tinh, Thimoty, Tor, Tore, Tong, tomkin, Tommy, Torin,  Toby, Tobias, Toker, Toby, Timoteo, Tivon, Tivadar, Thurston, Tomasz, Topaz, Torr, Torrance, Trelawney, Tranio, Torvald, Townley, Toussaint, Touchstone, Torsten, Torvald, Trent, Tremeur, Trevelyan, Trenus, Trevor, Tyrol, Tybalt, Tycho, Tzuriel, Tuathal, Tryggvi, Trigve, Thruman, Tucker, Trystan, Troy, Trowbridge, Troilus, Tristram.

The names that start with a U, V, W, X, Y and a Z

Next names that start with a U:
You got twins, well for twins there are several options, you can mix these names or combining first and last names, or getting two or more for twins completely apart one from the other, example (UV) or ( A-Z).
Unity, Urmila, Urania, Ursula, Unice, Undine, Unaiza, Uma, Uva, Ulva, Ulrike, Unaiza, Ujjwala, Uganda, Unni, Uriana, Ursanne, Ultreia, Ulrika

Boy Again beginning with a letter U: Ulysses, Udell, Udeh, Ulrich, Urjavaha, Upendra, Ultan, Ursel, Uriel, Urien, Uwain, Uwe, Utt, Usman, Utah, Uttanka, Uriah, Umar, Uyeda, Umberto, Uri
Unni, Unwin, Upravda, Upwood, Ushnisha, Urban, Urjavaha, Uria, Usman.

V For She's Call Sounds

Valeska, Vaisakhi, Varanese, Vasanta, Vanora, Vanni, Vanka, Vanja, Vandana, Vanda, Valora, Valletta, Valisa, Valimai, Vilma, Varvara, Veronica, Ventura, Vedette, Vega, Vasanta, Venus, Vera, Verity, Verla, Verran, Verrin, Vevay, Vevette, Vespera, Vespa, Vicki, Vicky, Victoria, Victory, Virginia, Vevila, Vibhuti, Vidonia, Vienna, Viera, Vigilia, Virgilia, Vikriti, Violet, Violeta, Viola, Violenta, Virida, Viridis, Viveka, Viviana, Voletta, Vivien, Vivienne, Volante, Volumnia, Vonni, Vonny, Vera, Volumnia, Vonnie, Vyvyan

V for boys, naming them with a V: Vaclav, Vahe, Vaibhav, Vairaja, Valdemar, Valentin, Valentino, Vanya, Varick, Varkony, Varocher, Varsony, Vartan, Varuna, Vasilios, Vasily, Vasuman, Vaughan, Vavrinec, Vazsony, Valente, Vedmundr, Vavrinec, Vayk, Vazsony, Vedmundr, Veit, Vekoslav, Vencel, Vencentio,  Venec, Venn, Vere, Ventidius, Verrell, Verrel, Vid, Vidya, Vidor, Vidal, Voteporix, Vittorio, Vittore, Vitoz, Visvayu, Vivatma, Virasana, Vinson, Vinnie, Vince, Voteporix, Vishnu, Vladilen, Volf, Volker, Vladimir, Vittore, Victor, Victoriano, Vincentio, Vincent, Vicente, Vilmos.

W fits well also for a female, the she: Waltraud, Wanetta, Wanetta, Wateka, Wendi, Weema, Wenonah, Wenona, Whoopi, Whitney, Wihtburth, Wilga, Wilhelmina, Wilma, Willow, Walda, Wendy, Winifred, Wyanet, Wylie, Winema, Wynona, Wylie.

W in a boy baby, how it sounds? As Wyatt, Wilber, Wilmer, Wilson, Wilton,
Wagner, Wane, Wardell, Webster, Walden, Washington, Wassily, Ward, Walwyn, Walpole, Wallace, Walford, Webb, Webster, Walenty, Walden, Waldemar, Walchelim, Walby, Wakefield, Wainwright, Wahnond, Wassily, Wen, Werner, Welsh, Welcome, Warrun, Warrigal, Wesley, Wheatley, Whit, Whitby, West, Westwood, Weston, Wells, Wellington, Wentworth, Wenlock, Wendron, Wenceslas, Wheaton, Whetu, Wheaton, Whit, Wheeler, Wiley, Whitmore, Whitcombe, Whitfield, Wyndam, Whitford, Whitney, Wilford, Wilbur, Wickham , Wid, William, Willis, Willoughb, Wilmot, Wilmer, Wilson, Wilton, Wirrin, Wolf, Woodward, Wilfred, Wolfgang, Wolfram, Wolter, Woodburn, Woodley, Woody, Woodrow, Wulfhere, Worcester, Worin, Woorak, Wulfhere, Wright, Wulfhere, Wyburn, Wynston, Wyatt, Wye, Wyber, Wyndam, Wynn, Wynford, Wyome, Wykeham, Wystan .

Usually all words that are started with an are created equal the words that couldn't be done otherwise, well I think as an opinion.
Know what? Names when beginning with X are stream cute, very unique names:
The ladies first: Xandy, Xaquelina, Xaviera, Xiomara, Xylona, Xylia, Xuxa, Xiomara, Ximena, Xinia, Xenobia, Xanthe, Xandy.

After the Ladies, then the gentleman:
Letter X for cute new born baby boys: Xerxes, Xan, Xanthus, Xanti, Xavier, Xenophon, Xenos, Xerxes, Xiao, Ximen, Ximenes, Ximens, Ximun, Xurxo, Xoxo, Xylon, Xomar, XulFuro, Xanadu.

Y for small newborn cutest girls:

Elle: Yachi, Yaffa, Yaffah, Yangchen, Yanira, Yani, Yasmin, Yedda, Yavonna, Yasmeen, Yarmilla, Yamilet, Yamilette, Yaravi, Yaralla, Yadira, Yanira, Yamuna, Yamuri, Yodini, Yodita, Yolanda, Yasu, Yarmilla, Yaravi, Yehudit, Judith, Yemena, Yenene, Ynes, Ynez, Yavonna, Yejide, Ydel, Yayoi, Yetta, Yeliz, Yindi, Ylwa, Yelena, Yevon, Yona, Yoko, Yoninah , Yooralla, Yoshi, Yoshiko, Yori, Yootha, Ysabel, Yovela, Ysobel, Yrsa, Ysolda, Ysolde, Ytha, Yukako, Yukiko, Yumako, Yumi, Yumiko, Yungara, Yuri, Yuriko, Yusra, Yutsuko, Yvette, Yvonne.

Do you want to know where these names were from?:

The answer to that secret is, nowhere else than your own mind. Yes, the mind and the imagination, the creativity.

The secret continues, just grab one of the ones you have written on apiece of paper and search at Wikipedia, at history pages and so all the government sites, all official information only. Then gets what, all you have to do to make it it unique is to add one or more letters and that's different now. Searching at Wiki will solve any doubts people might have on their brains. Even on the regular search internet engines, at their boxes, try to type the first letters and watch how all these names pup out like rice.

And Goodness, for the newer born boys also the Y stands a lot:
Yadon, Yael, Yves, Yahto, Yakecan, Yakov, Yale, Yan, Yancy, Yanis, Yannick, Yannis, Yaphet, Yardley, Yarin , Yarn, Yuriel, Yoel, Yusuf, Yarran, Yuri, Yule, Yban, Yuka, Yukon, Yasar, Yash, Yashodhar, Yashovarman, Yashpal, Yasir, Yasuo, Yates, Yazid, Yefrem, Yves, Yehuda, Yehudi, Yener, Yered, Yerik, Yervant, Yeshaya, Yeshe, Yestin, Yevgeni, Yigael, Yigit, Yileen, Yitzaak, Yitzak, Yngvar, Ynyr, Yobachi, Yoel, Yutaka, Yogendra, Yogesh, Yogi, Yukio, Yul, Yona,Yudhajit, Yong, Yoram, Yorick, York, Yosef, Yoshifumi, Yoshimitsu, Yoshiyuki, Ysgarran, Yuan.

To be sure we covered all the necessary stuff and gave the most important tips about each one of these. the next publishing will be done on the specific word, the composition of each sample. Staying tune on these website pages will benefit all visitors who for any reason did find what they looking for and now returning to get much more befits. Great features, Congratulations to all.

The last one is always the fist one.
For beautiful baby girls:

Letter Z as Zebra

Zabrina, Zinnia, Zagros, Zelpha, Zehava, Zanita, Zelena, Zankhana , Zakia, Zaida, Zaira, Zahra, Zahara, Zaria, Zara, Zagir, Zaltana, Zana, Zandra, Zalika, Zuzana, Zavanna, Zuzanna, Zoleen, Zita, Zillah, Zelah, Zeitia, Zaza, Zayit, Zea, Zebina, Zelenka, Zenith, Zenaide, Zelma , Zalinda, Zethel, Zelpha, Zenobia, Zofeya, Zuleika, Zulema, Zauken, Ziggy, Zennor, Zanobia, Zephyrine, Zosia, Zosima, Zuzana, Zsa-Zsa, Ziva, Zoe, Zoey, Zizi, Zoila, Zoleen, Zippora, Zophia, Zofia, Zita, Zisel, Zippora, Ziona, Zinaida, Zilli, Zillah, Zilia, Ziahon, Ziazan, Zia, Zhalore.

To understand how powerful could be the right name for a man already grownup, how it can impact into their personality, we have to check our own thoughts and experiences and gather all facts to put together. This is the message, give your boy the best name, the cutest and smart one, think it many times, more than several, he will have to live with it in front of his friends at school, college and in the real life.

The Big Z for my Son:
Your son will have one of these names:
Zahneny, Zahur, Zahir, Zahin, Zagger, Zagon, Zafer, Zafar, Zador, Zabulon, Zaccheo, Zachariah, Zacharias, Zachary, Zadok, Zamor, Zander, Zani, Zared, Zero, Zanebono, Zarend, Zayden, Zazu, Zbigniew, Zechariah, Zaniel, Zale, Zanobi, Zakai, Zanipolo, Zalen, Zamir, Zann, Zeeman, Zeko, Zeki, Zerind, Zephaniah, Zefirino, Zechariah, Zedekiah, Zelipe, Zenobio, Zeke, Zelig, ZephanZoello, iah, Zenas, Zelipe, Zelotes, Zelman, Zenoa, Zsolt, Zenior, Zennor, Zeroun, Zephan, Zircon, Zubin, Ziff, Ziggy, Zetany, Ziff, Zeus, Zev, Zeux, Zia, Zoland, Zoilo, Zobor, Zoard, Zsigmond, Zion, Zowie, Zosimo, Zorro, Zoilo, Ziven, Zobor, Zombor, Ziven, Ziv.

For sure, this is true, it taken a whole lot from me to doing this work, and I hope it will fit your needs and likes.