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Top and Popular Baby Names

The baby name list was made on a courtesy of an online source that probably you already know who.

Right now we are almost recieving the year 2020 because already it is the end of October, and then we'll enter the year 2021, but the truth is that these names and their meanings are o top of the line, "big popularity", so use them, put the name to your kids, feel free.

alice in the wonderland

However it is always nice to know that there are all kinds of options to go and look for the next new born preferred name
The one you chosen with the assistance of your own intuition as a mother
Or as the baby's daddy.
The babies boy and girls names meaning was an idea that came to the mind of our ancestors many centuries ago.

The civilizations from Oriental nations like Israel, China, Japan, Egypt, Iran and Iraq or even Syria.

Also European nations like England, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France, and many others.

The Americas have a large tradition, and because it is a new continent in compare with the three oldest Europe, Asia and Africa
The Americans always are on the quest for answers on how to place the best and healthy name to their new born kid. On these cases
The family relatives who are related to the new baby want to make sure that that particular name did not get used by someone people have a rejection for what ever reason in history.

No wonder, can we image one of us with the name of someone who darken history because their behavior was against humanity existence.

So, once again lets talk positive and lets make sure we never call those who people never want to hear from.

The Americas countries are like a mirror on traditions from Europe, mainly Spaniards, English, French, Portuguese descendents or prominent from ancestors who came by times of colonies right after the discovery of America.

Catholics are one of the main source for making their member name
Probable parents want their kids to be protected by the creator of the Universe and then Angels, Archangels or even the names from the Holly Bible are important to use.

Nature plays a big role when considering the next family member name, garden flowers roses, colorful plants, lady bug
The sunshine, lights on the night, fresh water waterfalls
Green fields and flat lands, blue mountains, star on the sky, the power of love and so on.

Barnard Antony

Becoming creative is one of the advantages women tend to have, inspirational moments to reach the top name for your baby.

Again, we will provide a large list for your to have a close idea how this works. But, the last decision is yours and of course, the new born when growing will have to live that particular name.
The language used for these purposes will be English, as the text is written on this language.

If you are visiting our information online from a country like Australia, Mexico, Canada, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, Nicaragua, Republica Dominicana / Dominican Republic
Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brasil / Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Uruguay, Bahamas, United States Florida US, Texas, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, New York City
South North Carolina, Chicago Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, Hawaii, Alaska, Ohio, New Jersey, Montana, Nevada Las Vegas

An advanced referral for the respective alphabet letters that will appear next, the most important and relevant (popular names for babies all ages), the ones everybody is looking for, unique name and popular name just chosen because those have being resulted over all others.

Again, it doesn't mean you won't prefer another and will probable disagree with the majority, and in that case, stay with your believes
It will be OK.
if interested on a specific year, then Popular Baby Names by year will get you closer to that result, with the procedure to visit the Wiki pages as soon as possible.
Wiki has most accurate results produced by country population, specially name meanings for the United States and Canada or the UK citizens interested.
Eva Maria.

eva maria

The year 2020 (two thousand twenty| 2021 two thousand and twenty one | born on 2002 two thousand and two | born on 2003 two thousand and three | children born on 2004 two thousand and four | children born on 2005 and five| 2006 and six | 2007 and seven | and eight 2008 | and nine 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 and the next 2015 year by popularity, the top names.

Newborns with one week 1, weeks 2, weeks 3, week 4 or 1 month old, 2 months old etc
The Top List Begins:

Most Popular Names Beginning with the Letter A:

During Your pregnancy guide search you can located further more details for each name:

For a boy:  Adam, Aiden, Alexander, Alvaro, Alexis, Anthony, Alex, Aaron, Austin, Adrian, Antonio, Alfredo, Alfred,

For a girl:  Adalyn, Ellie, Anna, Aria, Adrianna, Arianna, Addison, Alaina, Alyssa, Eva, Antoinette, Alicia
Alice, Eliana, Allison, Avery, Aliyah,
Annabelle, Abigail, Amelia, Eva, Ava, Amelia, Alexandra, Allison, Adeline, Amber

Letter B Popular Baby Names

B doesn't have a seriously amount and it still can be a fully loaded source to search and get yours, what don't you try to see what happens?

A Girl:
Brookly, Bailey, Bella, Bethany, Bricia.

A Boy:
Benjamin, Brandon, Brody, Blake, Braden, Bentley, Brayden.

Unique Top Names Beginning with the Letter C

The C suddenly reminds us that children and adults must have their daily portion of orange juice and vitamin C every day for the rest of their lives to prevent flu and other health issues.

Ok, in this case it is not about drinking juices from yellow and green oranges, it is about finding new born or still on moms belly getting ready to be born anytime now because the ninth month of pregnancy, the last month is almost complete over.

For girls: Chloe, Cristina, Christine, Clara, Charlotte, Claire, Charlie, Callie, Camilla, Caroline, Clarissa.
Assign for boys: Caden, Caleb, Connor, Carter, Christian, Charlie, Colton, Cameron, Cooper, Chase, Colin, Camden, Carson, Cole.

Special Names Beginning with letter D:

Those kids who carry one of these famous people's names, the most chosen by actress mothers, or simple, by you and me as parents who want to start parenting our kids.
The D listing:

Delia, Domenica, Dolores, Denmark, Daphne, Darra, Davida, Deena, Deiondre, Delicia, Delphine, Demetria, Destinee, Dieuwertje, Diva

Daniel, Dylan, David, Dominic, Declan, Damodar, Darryl, Dattatreya, Deacon, Dhatri, Dempsey, Delmar, Derby, Derrell, Devante, Devitri, Dolan, Donovan, Dorjee, Dover, Dudley, Dunstan, Durham, Dutch, Dustin, Dwennon, Dylan, Durand, Duglas, Dumaine, Duarte.

New baby born quotes and whishes.
The new baby born quotes and whishes kind of saying that it is time to read some important stuff to save on your remember book and that some day taking it out to read it, a book for quotes and whishes.

On the E List, This is The Main Group

A few to deliver such a message on accomplishing the total later round.

"Quote" kids it is time for the vitamin E to grow healthy, remember, those are mom's words calling everyone to the table with a glass full of milk too.
And no, these tips children won't learn at school or kindergarten, pre-school or training daycare center
They get it from their mother's love.
Male: Ethan, Elijah, Esmond, Ettore, Euridice, Ezekiel, Everet, Eli, Evan, Elliot, Eric, Ewing, Edric, Erik, Ehnore, Esteban, Elan, Elbert, Elias, Ewan, Elmar, Elmer, Emmanuel, Emir.,
Female: Edalene, Emma, Emily, Ella, Evelyn, Ellie, Elizabeth, Elena, Eva, Eliana, Eleanor, Elise, Elenna, Eirwen, Ekta, Eryn, Eudocie, Eternity, Esperanza, Erzsebet, Esmeralda, Enda, Engracia, Enrica, Emmylou, Emmanuelle, Emerald, Elvina, Elzira
Eireen, Elberta, Elephteria, Elisha, Eyota, Everilda, Evangelia, Eternity, Eurwen Welsh, Eliora, Elissa, Evonne.

Letters Like F Usually Carry A Lot Of Weight

Quotes: if you own one of these business places to provide services as Childcare Basics, Babysitters, Daycare Centers, Home Daycare
Nanny Care, Relative Caregivers and others, then make sure to contact the administration for more details on how to engage with business providers online or by telephone numbers".

The best names all-time most searched since 2008 till now 2015 and 2016.
For a male: Franklin, Flint, Franco, Favio, Ford, Forest, Freeman Floyd, Fleming, Francis, Francisco are just some strong and impact names ever made in the harmony and eternity collection.
To collect information from this group: Favian, Francisco, Flavius, Forest, Felipe, Ferdinand, Figaro
Francis, Franklin, Franco, Fernley, Ferris, Fitzgerald, Forman, Fermin, Fleming, Flint, Fortunato, Fraser, Franz, Freeman, Fyodor, Frith, Ford, Floyd, Fortinbras, Floritze.

Lets Check How Many with G

If that's the case and we got too many, then lets call some for me and you to read and start the plan
planning for the new arrival.
If it is a She: Gabrielle, Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabriel, Gabby, Galena, Gebriele, Gelasia, Genesia, Genesis, Genevieve, Genista, Genji, Gennifer, Gayle, Galina, Galena, Gabrielle, Gabriela, Gala, Garland, Gaynor, Gayleen, Gebriele.

Surprise, it is a He: Gaurav, Gallardo, Germain, Garrison, Gerard, Galvin, Garmond, Gardner, Galip, Gandolf, Garrett, Garry, Gagan, Gary, Gaston, Galvin, Garrick, Garrison, Gary, Gaspar, Gaurav, Gautier, Gavrie, Galliano, Gedeon, Geoffrey, Gerald, Germain, Gervase, Gibson.

Letter H is Probable Related with a Fortune
Can't tell why, intuition and exercises brings the healthy life style, health issues are taken care, longer lives and healthy eating. (no, it isn't a diet).
Anyways, lets recall those cute names right now that begin with the big H.
If per fortune is a She:
Hannah, Harshita, Havana, Hayley, Hazel, Hasina, Halona, Haleigha, Hallie, Harriet
Hadassah, Hala, Hallie, Ha-Neul, Haidee, Haleigha, Hafwen, Hadil, Happy, Hanne, Hathor, Harmony, Haya, Haylee, Heba, Heather, Heidi, Hedia, Heledd, Helena, Helene.

Or a He, the options are on the table, it can be buying accessories for a male:
Ha-Neul, Hagen, Harold, Hadrian, Haddon, Harrison, Hadwin, Haines, Halbert, Halsten, Hamilton, Hampton
Hanford, Hank, Hannibal, Hannu, Hans, Hallam, Halifax, Haldor, Hakim, Haig, Hagen, Hadwin, Hadley, Halstead, Halil, Hamlin, Hargreave, Harrison, Harleigh, Harold.

To be or not to be, this is the I

The people who choose the sounds of I need to follow directions below.
For Her: Ivory, Isabella, Iris, Ianna, Ileana, Imperia, Inari, Ines, Ingrid, Indaliai, Ileana, Imogen, Iman, Ilsa, Illona, Ildiko, Iku, Idylla, Idra, Ideh, Inari, Immacolata, Indaliai, India, Innocentia, Indiana, Irihapeti, Iris, Irma, Isabella, Ishita, Ishita, Isadora
Isaura, Ishi, Isla, Isola, Isra, Ivory, Ivana, Izanami, Ivory, Isleta, Iseult, Isabel.

In Consideration to my grand father John the J

Written John as a joke, my grandfather did not have that one.
Everybody interested on the listings beginning with J, proudly, my humble collection:
When searching for letter J for a She:
Jessica, Jadwiga , Jackie, Jacinda, Jaimica, Jala, Janthine, Jacqueline
Janette, Janelle, Jane, Jamaica, Jancis, Jamari, Jaconet, Jasmine, Jaffa, Jadwiga, Jamee, Jarah, Janisa, Janthina, Jarita, Jardena, Jannali, Jamesina, Jahnavi, Jenny, Jennifer, Jeraldine, Jerusha, Jerarda, Jessica, Jigisha, Jezebel, Jewell, Jewel, Jiera, Jillian, Jilly, Jocosa, Joanna, Joann, Jocunda, Jodi, Jolanda, Jolie.

In the other hand, when we got a He: Jerald, James, Jack, Jabari, Jarlath, Jackson, Jamison, Jarrod, Jaroslav, Jarratt, Jakub, Janardan, Jaques, Juan, Janus, Jordan, Japhet, James, Jakob, Jarlath, Jarek,  Jackson, Jean, Javier, Jedediah, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jerald, Jenkins, Jehosophat, Jesus, Jesse, Joseph, Jerold, Jinesh, Jibril
Jirra, Jiri, Jim, Jitender, Joachim, Johnson, Jolyon, Jordan, Johannes, Joey, Joachim, Joaquin, Joo-Chan, Joost, Jorgen, Jorge, Jory, Jourdain, Jordano, Jourdan, Juan, Junior, Julius, Julian, Jowan, Joss, Joseph, Justin, Jurgen, Jozsef, Jose.

Trying to figure it out
The name meanings finishing with K

That's is a little bit harder, the names meanings finishing with K and all the other letters categories is a matter of time, takes some data collecting over time and like a quarter of a year or so.

For now let's worry about how to solve some issues like:
Nursing Problems & Solutions, Pumping & Bottle Feeding Weaning, Bath Steps and Basic Tips, Life as a Preemie Parent, Preemie Care & Feeding, Your Baby's Naps and Routines Everyday, Feeding Problems & Solutions, Teething Tooth & Mouth Care, Weight Loss, Exercise & Diet After A Success Delivery, Sleep Chart Development & Behavior Activities & Play.

Lets start: K for girl names: Karee, Katrina, Karoline, Kyla, Kajsa, Kaitlyn, Kalama, Kajsa, Kaitlyn, Karen, Katie, Katia, Kalliope, Kalyani, Kalonice, Kanchana, Kamala, Kanika, Kantha, Kamila
Kalypso, Karena, Karel, Kamilah, Karensa, Karishma, Kapera, Kenya, Karissa, Karolina, Karoline, Karyan, Katarina, Kate, Karlotte, Karenza, Kathleen, Kaleen, Kathryn, Katina, Katrina, Katrine, Katya, Kaya, Keeley, Kehinde.

The K for Boy Names: Casey, Kennard, Kada, Kaleo, Kalman, Kalil, Kapolcs, Kapil, Kanaye, Kulan, Kishore, Kanak, Kamlesh
Kalani, Kasch, Kartal, Karsten, Kauri, Kasey, Kasimir, Kasen,  Kush, Kuldeep, Kaushik, Kavi, Kenton, Kellen, Keled, Keegan, Keiran, Keary, Kendra, Kendrick, Kyran, Kynan, Kristen
Kristoffer, Krischnan, Kolos, Konan, Kolya, Klemens, Kirkwood, Kirby, Keverne, Kerr, Kimball, Krist, Kerecsen, Kennard, Kennedy, Kenn, Kent.

Followed by letter L

The L is in the sense of source a rich system producing gorgeous sounds when parents call their kids. What is it?
For a Girl: Lindsey, Lanaya, Leanne, Lourdes, Lasca, Laura, Lauren, Laurinda, Lavani, Lawrencia, Laraine
Lorene, Lanelle, Lareyne, Lanikai, Lana, Lalasa, Lainey, Lizbeth, Lawrence, Leandra, Laverne, Latoya, Lola, Leticia, Layna, Leanna, Leewana, Lysandra, Louise, Leola, Lenore, Lehana, Lenis, Leona, Leonarda, Leopolda, Levina, Leyna, Liselotte, Lhamu, Liadan, Liana, Liani, Lillian, Luvena, Lotte, Lujuana, Lidia, Liesl
Liannaka, Liadan, Lissa, Lila, Limber, Lindsey, Lindy, Lilith, Lisette, Linley, Lindon, Liora, Litsa, Linzi, Livia, Lucille, Lucianna, Lucretia, Lokelani, Lottie, Lizbeth, Louisa, Lokelani, Loveday, Lonikie, Lorinda, Lorraine, Lorretta
Lorna, Lurnea, Lulu, Lyndel, Lyndal, Lydia, Lori, Lourdes, Lychorinda, Lira, Lynn, Lysa, Lysander, Lysa, Lysette, Lystra, Lynna, Lima, Luna, Lunamar, Luznmilda.

Continuing with the boy names listings: LeBeau, Lamar, Laborc, Laertes, Lakshman, Laidley, Laibrook, Lafeu, Laertes, Lucio, Leo, Leonard, Leonardo, Luis, Lincoln, Lionel, Ladislav, Lai, Leonardo, Ladomar, Ladd, Lachlan, Landon, Lorenz, Lorenzo, Ludvig, Luzio, Lytton
Loyal, Lance, Lowell, Lockwood, Lamberto, Lambert, Lucas, Lowell, Laman, Lindan, Lamar, Leon, Lester, Leslie, Lani, Larrie, Laoghaire, Lyonel, Lyndell, Langston, Langley, Leopold, Leron, Leith, Landers, Logan, Lance, Leander, Leo, Lazarus, Lindberg
Lewis, Lawrance, Lyle, Lincoln, Leverton, Levente, Lucas, Lucian, Ludovic, Lawrence, Layland, Lionel, Layton, Leander, Lon, Longaville, Lymoges, Lyn, Lokesh, Leon, Leighton, Lipet, Livingston, Leif, LeBeau, Lorand, Lorenzo.

The remaining Alphabet letters will appear in another page much later. We still have to figure it out how to call it, lets have some real patience as it takes lots of typing to reach a good result when posting information online. It is called content
Pure and original content.

By the way, your job doesn't finish when you get the name you like and want, think, make sure to find also a good insurance for school and college, insurance for life, health insurance and more to protect your assets.