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It does makes some little or a lot, depending what use you can give this free travel tool.
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The trip plan for vacations in Costa Rica at Manuel Antonio National Park resort, hotel five star nearby the beach and wild animals

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(Photo: It's a free Costa Rica map)

Take in consideration that this item doesn't compare with a pirate's map, But it is good and close enough to provide sense of direction and take anyone out of address confusion like any other world maps
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The real Costa Rican honeymoon map that makes better sense, honeymoon or the wedding at beaches, hotels, churches, green and blue mountains, airports and local parks.
Welcome, we expect you have a lot of fun
This is nothing difficult because everything in this country is always right there, at your finger tips, try to stay cool and relax you are in south America and these are the places to visit & enjoy.

Sweet in full color, clear and well designed.
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Who knows if there is more.
We never duplicate content, our information always will be unique and singular, simple as that.

Do you know there are many maps from America? Yes there are, but like this one only one!.

It was made with love for those country lovers and visitors of today and future. Just think why to complicate your life with a map full of names, streets, and other elements.

 When all they do is to confuse you and at the end you decide still visit Costa Rica, maybe you decided to make business, have your honey moon, buy real estate, practice sport fishing, college study, school courses and classes, funtime vacations, and many other things you can do in South America.

So we asked to many people if they could do share their Costa Rican maps with solid America, they answer " I can't ", then we went to the real Costa Ricans and they said yes almost immediately and very positive.

There he was, he is just a very young man. He picked up the pencil, designed and with the computer from a local Internet Cafe, he did it.

When we asked this boy about his job, he replied, if the map is for the world to know our country.

It is free of charge for sure.

The best maps with senses.
An outstanding fun adventure begins with these information, late around there will Be more as the reading Increases on our website.
An American pure and simple way and style of designing the trip

Mi patria querida El mas exacto y sinple mapa con sentidos
Puedes Tomarlo E Imprimir, Printer.

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Be Our Guest Today Welcome Onboard, Number One C.R Map.
For Spanish:

Seas Bienvenido Hoy a bordo de mapa numero uno de las Americas C.R Hoy es su dia, para su promocion.
Sabes que se encuentran muchos mapas en Las Americas?
Si los hay, Pero como este solo hay uno, este! fue hecho con mucho amor para esos visitantes y amantes de hoy y el futuro.
Piense, para que complicarse tu vida con un mapa lleno de nombres y calles y otros elementos, cuando en realidad eso le confunde y al final usted siempre decide venir a visitar nuestra patria.
Hemos preguntado a muchas personas acerca de compartir sus mapas de Costa Rica con nuestra website, pero sus respuestas fueron, " no podemos" y entoces nos fuimos al pueblo costarricense ycuya reacion fue de inmediato y positiva, y ahi estaba la persona que nos ayudaria, un nino tico, un verdadero Tico.
Tomo su lapiz y diseno este mapa
Luego en un cafe internet con el computador lo termino y nos lo dio diciendo, depues de que le preguntamos si deseaba recibir paga por su trabajo, " Si mapa es para que el mundo entero conosca nuestro pais, es gratis con amor, y para solidamerica, claro que si.

Talves usted decidio hacer un negocio entre nosotros, llevar a cabo su luna de miel o el matrimonio, la boda, comprar bienes y raices, practicar pesca deportiva, venir a estudiar, sus vacaciones y muchas otras razones para venir.
Unico, Una Idea De Como Es Este Pais, Fue Hecho Por Un Nino Con Amor
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