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the site database

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Note, Important Quotes:
Only a dummy spends long time trying to figure it out about restores and restoring their website to the original statement before!

If people have a script installed on their server hosting account, and they already have their database going ok, if they installed Elgg open source social networks
A clone software like facebook or exactly like facebook, Dolphin, Drupal, Socialengine, Diaspora, Buddy Press, Wordpress Software, Drupal, a clone for Pinterest, twitter, Joma, phpFox Social Networking Script, Osclass classified, Open Classified, social networking platform java.

Family Connections, ATutor (Learning Management System) Standards Compliant Learning Management System, JGraphT is a free Java class library, PHP Address Book, ClipBucket, eXo Platform - Social Collaboration
pH7 Social Dating CMS (pH7CMS) Professional PHP, Jcow Social Networking Script, Admidio, Beehive Forum
Mass Planner
Use Mass Planner to schedule, Dolphin, Drupal, Socialengine, Diaspora, Buddy Press, Wordpress Software, Pligg, PhpFox, Posh portal (ex Portaneo) Your social Netvibes!
And never a problem by losing your done work, your precious data, photos, crowds of text, publishing jobs, the important installed themes
The pay attention!
Backup every day religiously your database. The administrators at your hosting company will probable backup the files

But never your DATABASE!

backup sql database

This is how to make your real positive backups: Log into the control panel of your hosting account

Then go to the upper menu and choose "Databases" Then, for each script or site there is a name, you must remember who is who, as you probable made them. If not, as your administrator. After login in the SQL databases, the choose what you see on the image provided by US.

Database Export and make it and download it to your PC, place it on a folder to remember, because you will need it as soon installing plug-ins and making changes to your sites, things go wrong all the times, the the website will never work again and you could find yourself starting from the very beginning and losing your users from years of posts etc.
Make The Export at Least Once a Week!.

Sincerely, check the zip file, open it up as soon it makes the download, it is very important that this file to have some size, if it shows 0 size or it is putting out an error from the zip program

That it doesn't want to open because of corruption, then soon tell the server admin. This is critical, that's is why making a back up every day can save you and your company a million troubles and pain to the time and money.

Quotes How To Fix

Pay attention to this one: Consider this flash as "Important issue" Your got an error, your script put out an error and it claims that the system can&'t find the images "photos", and that it has not a clue how to fix it!.

Well, it is simple, make sure to review your pass jobs, probable you installed and update, updates of plugin, and what we never guess it could be the cure. How to fix it?
Something is preventing the system for getting to read the images data, this is caused by " A security software that the server admin has installed on the root of the Apache and Linux, and it is Called " Jail", yes Jail this site, so hackers will not steal it.
Tell them or yourself go to disable that option on the domain or subdomain options edit.

Has tu trabajo interesante, Quitar, retirar, sacar el contenido innecesario para una mejor oportunidad de aparecer en las busquedas, son la llave de una Buena pagina en la Internet. Los sitios y las paginas de web, internet en el mundo.

From some best US Server, we got the only one better hosting services. convinced that it will be a Full Time Jobs, Work Networking Online. The expression of free websites world wide Info, became worthless when we put hands on the job.

Hosting in the USA servers, Not matter what never make a huge website, instead make a small one at the time
For the bots it is more easy to spider a small website and well organized than a confused big one, choose a good and searchable name, that will secure some natural free traffic in advance, remember the name

What a surprise when I was just spending some time in the internet looking at the Seo information on how to make our website advice for a more reachable out there in the various search engines tricks
And after a free wile I was tired of finding out that some tools just fool you around and some really tell you the truth. Date And Dating.

In some ways you finish paying the sooner or later.

So I found a tool that kept me for a wile playing with it and the results were very impressing, look at them
The internet visitor usually mistypes at the search engine what they looking for our custom free website, this is what they normally do search engines tricks & tracks ins tricks outs.

Place commercial info with messages about new services, products offered time to time from your factory, a company or distribution system you might represent.
The digital Costa Rican in the web

The Website Working For The People

Why repeating so much Full Time Jobs
Work Networking Online With Others? It takes 16 hours a day to make nothing, pocket change and still people take your pages and videos, images for free

Plus they never come back to thank you.

Where do they go after getting away with all of the above? Well maybe Facebook or twitter to sniff around other individuals private lives.

Trust me even like that, life still nice and it is fun to build your niche in the wide world web.
The flavor for your discover the tico open directory WebPages, the NYC best task to your eyes.

You really need to see this video, and also check all more of this at their channel
They are the authority in the market of websites
Pleasing the future visitors

What search engines really understand or what they is their real point of been a webmaster that cares to good converted visitor to customers, spend some of your precious time to learn how to give the valuable information.
Learning to make money in the net in Canada, in USA, Au, in the Uk.
The very importance and best benefits of optimization to website's design and content.

He providing the detailed introduction to website optimizer e-commerce systems, open directory programs
The reviews from product core and the features.
Mr. Matt Cutts (retired, went away 2014) to answer answers in a smart way the first question given to him by confused Webmasters around the earth.

The geographic targeting in webmaster tools.

Location and Country Location Matters

He replies saying that it could be possible to consider the option of two 2 or three countries to target

But before that he came up with some excuses about that it takes too much effort and resources for the engineering dept. Adding more he talked something about spammers saying o yes put me up for these options and that one too
So it could be not a good idea.

It seems that now on hell be answering several more questions using the method mostly by the collection free to watch:
English, French, Japanese, Chinese language, Italian, Deutsch German, Portuguese, Spanish language etc.
Free Watch Video Youtube Channel

There is nothing better than learning and listening from the real main people on charge of the web crawling business.

A haccess document makes magic online

( How to make on? " use notepad to block none likable ip's and users, be careful because you can be blocking entire countries or networks ip's
When you might thing they are bad or non welcome to your website" when uploading it you must name your document as " .htaccess " Name it like that inclusive the quotes, the File is not a windows format and that's why note pad name must be all files selection while saving it.

Some others might save it with any name and then renaming it at the server root section of the websites.

Remember check before if you have one or if the server is ab apache , because it is necessary to be an apache server.

Above Mr. Matt explains that the html site map is so important that if it was an obligation for choosing from xml and that one, it is better for the spider crawler the htm-sitemap, but that is very important to have both for the user and the spider too.

So if you are one of those confused webmasters and kind of having trouble with the most important searching engines in the world, better say America, there is the best video ever we have seen

And it is easy to digest choose good and with best sense names from the main office of the one that really can answer questions, takes a bit but its great how he explains the facts
American ways to misspell it

Solid American Right way is e-commerce

Wrong way is i-comerce, right ways are e-commerce or e=commerce searches.

It doesn't matter what you type, still it is going forward to them, this is because they pay, so this key words for better reach, are just for fun, and they might not work if you don pay that price.
Who cares about content of your site
Or if it is not appropriate for minors in age, they still will get the internet traffic.

For free searching like this ( www ) name of domain and then all are com, net, org, TV, and others.

So the names are almost everything for a good success, the names will bring a considerable amount of natural free traffic and also business online. dear friend, we want you to know that we are constantly working on our site in many ways to improve the text and images content

However, if you reach about something that concerns your feelings or moral
Please let us know using our contact form.

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We also want to let everybody know that we work about 16 hours every day trying to keep up with the major crawling bots updates and we do it totally for free.
Our information applies to the following countries:
United Stets States and Cities:

City of New York US, Los Angeles Chicago Houston Phoenix Philadelphia San Antonio San Diego Dallas San Jose

Now in Detroit San Francisco Jacksonville Indianapolis Austin Columbus Fort Worth Charlotte Memphis Boston Baltimore El Paso Seattle Denver Nashville Milwaukee Washington Las Vegas Louisville Portland.

Oklahoma City Tucson, Georgia Atlanta, in Albuquerque in Kansas City area, Fresno Mesa Sacramento Long Beach Omaha Virginia Beach Miami

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Desafortunadamente no esta la version en espanol, asi­ que se debe comprender el ingles, pero por seguro ese esfuerzo vale la pena, el aprender a condicionar tu web en la forma correcta y asi conseguir los mejores resultados positivos.

Si no tienes suficiente tiempo porque tu web es muy grande, entonces puedes hacer el html sitemap con los vinculos mas importantes. Pues a la pregunta de que si cual es mas importante " El Site Map .xml o El Site Map .html, Matt respondio que ambos lo son, manzanas de aperitivo para el crwler de Google
Pero que si se tubiese que escoger lo seria el .html porque en el .xml solo se usa para descubrir mas vinculos, pero que con facilidad el .html es mas importante para ambos, los visitantes y el crawler.

Con una revista rapida El Sr. Matt Cutts Responde satisfactoriamente a una de las preguntas hechas por los Disenadores de website o mas conocidos como Administradores y matenimiento de paginas de web.

En esta el dice que probablemente no es una buena idea presentar todas las webs del mundo en varios paices porque eso podria ser una puerta abierta para los "spammers" o sea que es mejor seguir con un solo pais de relevancia, para eso es importante usar los titulos o conocidos como " Meta Tags" en la parte de arriba del codigo en la pagina, para decir al "bot crawler" Arana cual es la localizacion del sitio. Sin embargo al final dijo que escribira esa pregunta para ver si es posible considerarla por otras opciones mas de varios paises.

El robot.txt tambien es recomedado pero un poco menos cuando se trata de privacidad total. Posiblemente quieras traducir y leer estas guias de Guide to .htaccess en la direccion.
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