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Paint For Working On Cars And Trucks

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(Another photo: It is about the New Acrylic Enamel Wet Look, a type hardener auto car paint, a painting professionally system.)

New Acrylic Enamel Wet Look Hardener Auto Car Paint

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(Photo right: Product hand power tool Wilmar W50053 6-Inch Random Orbital Buffer (the user must learn to use it, important.
A Polisher for polishing surfaces till getting a shiny shape and colors
Random orbital action reduces risk of paint burn through
Te shape is an oval palm grip for better control

Features are: Very lightweight, a real compact design and look
The small power tool machine is used for to polish cars, water boats, walls and surfaces with granite counter tops and more)

The high quality polyurethane acrylic enamel hardener enhances the surface received coatings durability

It enables you to achieve a deep glossy wet-look (shapes) shine that will last for more than ten years.
Mix at 8:1 ratio or 1 pint of hardener per gallon of specific brand name paint color topcoat.

That right, every single tone counts when painting a your home, a wall or even objects that we have for daily use or decorations and see them often (like the bedroom and kitchen.

A can of paint is enough to know if that's the one we want or it is necessary to find an expert to tell us how to choose for better decor.

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6 Inch Random Orbital Buffer Polisher

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3M 39053 Paint Restoration System

ATD Tools 6861 Gravity Feed Spray Gun Holder

( The Pictures are talking about: 3M 39053 Paint Restoration System

In the package kit: It comes with 3M scratch remover Plus, 3M shine restorer, and 3M( TM) synthetic wax Protecting (waxing)
This kit includes a patented 3M scratch eraser pad plus all of the necessary foam pads (to do the perfect job on cars).

Includes simple step-by-step instructions booklet, listing booklet directions teach) and the (Right image: ATD Tools 6861 gravity feed spray gun holder).

The shaker mixes all paints and make different tones and colors for customer needs),

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