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Filet Fish White Meat

how to fillet a fish> ask the meat cuter at the fish stores sales, by the kilo or pound, by unite.
all kinds of fish on filets, tuna, dolphin, red snapper, sea food in general, at the fish market.

Sale the fish, easy recipes and instructions on How to Fillet Fish, Red Snapper Salmon Trout.
Fish stores, store for meats, white meats, sea foods, fillet fish seafood, Fishing for business. business, accessories, parts and and maintenance, repairs, negotiations, exportation, imports, export, factories, industries.
Millions of species found in the deep seas with salted waters or sweet waters in rivers

Not all of these species can be eaten or consume for regular people

That is because the meat contains not digestible elements or even small sharpen bones, as usual people prefer to deep fried using hot oil in the cooking pans or for business export processing manufacturers companies use heavy equipment or pressure machines to soft those bones and sell to public national or internationals USA, Canada, UK, Spain or many of the European nations

Locally the most processed in a metal commercial can is the tuna fish, then some with red color meat or white are acceptable, especially the meats free of bones with more value and medium prices.

Pescaderias del puerto puntarenas, compre y consuma pescado.
Pescado fresco, calidad, acabado de pescar, todabia en el barco o bote.

Ventas del pescadito, pescaderias del puntarenas, peces. Existen millones de especies en el fondo marino y not todas esas especies son comestibles o dijeribles por rasones unas u otras, pero en su gran mayoria por los huesos finos que en algunos peces marinos no se encuentran y cuya carne es casi 100% fina y pura de color rogizo o blanca.

En los otros que tienen demasiados huesos tipo aguja, es mejor tostados en aceite o a presion en maquinas empacadoras y productoras, como la atuneras o procesadoras de atun y sardinas para exportar o vender localmente en supermercados, tiendas de mariscos u sitios privados para ese tipo de venta.

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