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About this sport of the ocean platforms?
(Photo: Camilo is the fisherman who loves to fish special fish in his fishing chapters)

special fish, fisherman

Be with us, hang around and learn to catch plenty of sea food for the kings.

People get to see this images and perhaps it is incomprehensible for them to digest each small detail of them.

I tell you what are those small details:
1-The two big fished holding from his right and left arms are ocean fishes from the fishing chapters, and the one in his mouth is a smaller one also from the ocean somewhere near the island "coconut".

Of course the cord in his ankle is to attach the boat and further up his leg, the steel knife.

Again, this man went fishing with friends and he does it for fun and eating the meat that he caught

Surfing at the local beaches, camping at mountains, making short and long trips to volcanoes, amazing sites like the rain forest, cloud forest and rivers or water falls, are some of the amusements a lot of people like to do.

How ever some others just stay in Jaco beach, some beaches in Guanacaste coasts

Downtown san Jose and getting evolved in other activities as they can be for example museums, bar or pubs, art galleries or even for sports and yacht fishing international countess or tournament, finding sentimental or fun company, after going for the most loved activity.

The sport of the sea, the ocean, the fishing for the big fish and the searching for fun, sports for all.  The ocean pacific and the Atlantic are waiting for fisherman.

Costa Rican coasts sportfishing.
My fishing is my greatest sport (Said Mr. Camilo from city Esparza, Pacific Puntarenas) A retire ex-fireman chief
I live it day after day and nothing or nobody will take it away from me.
I love it because it gives me plenty to have fun.

Reviews, comments only.
For the majority of the ticos the sport fishing only means money made at expenses of customers that come and purchase a tour, trip package of the glorious sport.

But for the sport millions of fans that career is all they have to have some fun some times and a relaxing thing to do with their friends, while they are off from their daily duties at their homes and jobs

It is just like the soccer sport fans think about their preferred sport too, and it represents for them all about getting there to the stadium to see the next game.

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A lot of fish in Costa Rice plenty of fish to go fishing and come back with full hands, sportfishing a lot as a ocean sport.
This picture, images for free to look.

The photo was taken so many years ago, when i was in my younger 30's thirties (The ocean sport man said).
We just want to make the point about an affliction with the sports
and it is not about earning money because our star was getting his job paid from the fire station department in one of our country cities as a fireman or firefighter.

To him the fish of the left weights the same of the right and the one in his mouth is the one that he did not want to let outside of the picture.

So you as a fisherman, think, will you let those fishes before taking for yourself a shot with the closest camera
It might never come back again as your opportunity of a very good fishing day in Costa Rica?.

The hotel room, travel tickets, food, car rental, special sportfishing trip or tours and general travel packages are the most profitable business about these sports at these times for the Caribbean.
It is a pleasure that not everyone can buy and if they do, the price is always over one thousand dollars and more.
Plenty of fish mi amigo, plenty of ocean sport!.
The world is about full of sports in the water, mostly know as excitement on the seas, rivers, lakes on so on

But fishing does exit for thousands years, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia plus our continent have now tones of fishermen male or female doing the job, even thousands boats can be seen at the costs in Northern Americas everyday, the coast of California, La Florida Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Meyers
in front of Daytona Beach, Galveston Texas, sportfishing trip in Los Angeles California, New Hampshire, New England states or many other places

In cnidarians territory Vancouver has the most affluence for these sailors going fishing at sea all times.
Maybe the best will be Alaska islands surroundings too.
In the Southern Continent Colombia, Argentina, Brazil.
In European nations Uk, sportfishing trip in France, Italian Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, The Scandinavian countries Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Russia.

In Asia Japan, China, Taiwan & the African lands.
So we are not alone with this, it is a fact all of us love our sportfishing trip.
La pesca deportiva.

Un Deporte del mar, un bote o barco y al mar, a pescar peces de los grandes en el pacifico y el atlantico de este gran pais.
Que pescar por diversion puede resultar en ganar mucho dinero si aprendes bien la profesion.
La Pesca recreativa por la naturaleza en a tierra de los volcanes de America. Y cuando estas con nuestra guia de las ciudades de nuestra bella tica, tomate tu tiempo, un rato y disfruta de Las bellezas ticas.

Al igual que los miles de establecimientos en los estados de USA estados Unidos de America, su vecino Canadiense, El Canada
Para los Mexicanos en Mexico, la Argentina, en Panama, las Islas Caribenas o Archipielago del Caribe.

En este Lugar tambien Hay agencias, negocios personales, individuos y hasta grandes companias empresas, operadores de tour viaje, con revistas y paginas de Interne involucrados en el negocio de vender los paquetes turisticos, tours
Trips que en muchos casos esos grandes negocios por mas de mil dolares, incluyen hospedamiento en hoteles, cabinas, rent a car, reservations in resorts, habitaciones especiales para esos huespedes y barcos o botes de motor o vela para una experincia en nuestro pais inolvidable

Imagi­nate, hace varios tiempos atras, los pescadores solo lo hacian para ir ganandose el sustento diario.

Hoy dia ese mismo trabajo se convirtio en un lujo de altura y solo lo tienen los que viajan de un pais a otro y pagan el valioso tour con precios por las nubes.
Imaginar la pesca recreativa es increiblemente sabrosa, pues despues de ir scuba diving y pescar, se llega a la cocina y a comer delicioso pescado friito o asado, a la parrillada.

Mirando se aprende, aprenda a pescar y nunca tendras hambre, usted y tu familia.
el pescador lo toma como un deporte, el practica scuba diving
Y en el proceso pesco muchos peces, pescados, equipado para el scuba diving fue al fondo del mar en un lugar llamado La Isla Del Coco y pesco lo que quiso, muchos peces.