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Un directorio comercial de empresas com la letra pe.
Para usuarios de Las Americas.

A new, totally commercial directory with letter public shopping P stores shops.

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Practicing some of translation for English from Spanish products offered in these WebPages.

Payasos ( clown pictures ), paños ( towels ), papeles ( papers ), paneles ( panels ), panaderias ( bread shops), pararroyos ( lighting rods protection ), pasteles. Queques.

A store shopping online, women's clothing, shoes and jewelry discounts.
( Bakery, cakes, pies ), parlantes ( speakers ), pasamenerias novedades (

Novelty shopping items ), parabrizas ( windshields ), placas y activos ( tags, actives ), platinas ( metal blades ), plantas ( plants )

Plasticos ( plastics ), planos ( Blueprints), placas metalicas ( metal tags, blades ), pensiones ( boarding places ), peluquerias ( hair cuts ), pegamentos ( glues ),
Perforadores ( hole makers, ground ), perifoneo ( announcers, loud speakers ), pescaderias ( seafood stores ), pelucas ( wigs, hair extensions ), perfumes | cosmeticos para mujeres ( perfumes, lotions, cosmetics )

Pesca deportiva ( Sportfishing ), persianas ( blinds ), periodicos ( newspapers ), Perfilados en hierro ( metal jobs, welding )

Prestamos ( money lenders, loans ), Pisos ( floors ). business for many products to be sold, on sale, online all times.

Companies Empresas, industrias, negocios, fabricas, distribuidores, comerciantes, talleres, agencias, y todo en lo comercialmente hablando del territorio.

Los Coloridos Payasos | Clown Man Or Woman For Kids Fun

Panos, Toallas de Baño | Cheap Quality Towels
Papel | Types Of Paper

Panels | Industrial Paneles

Hair Cuts Beauty Salon | Cortes Del Cabello, Peluquerias

Pasamanerias | Items Selling At Near Onlien Store
Baby Item

Panaderia | Bread Stores Work

Pararrayos | Metal lightning rods, lightning protection systems Bakery Cookies Makers, Deco | Pasteleria

Parlantes, Altavoces | Speakers, Loud Speaker Plantas Electricas, De Agua, Arboles | Plants, Electrical Plant, Suction Plants

Parabrisas | Car, Boat Windshield, windshields
Placas y activos | Tags and actives.

Platinas de metal, plasticos | Metal blades La Fabrica De Plasticos | Manufacturer Plastic

Planos | Blue prints, land records printing
Placas | Tags Pensiones y motel |Pension, motels

Peluqueria | Hair Salas, hair cuts.
Pegamentos | Glue for industrial or personal use, shoes and projects.

Perforadores, maquinaria pesada | Hole Diggers, heavy machinery.

Perifoneos, perifoneo | Announcing speakers, public announcers.

Pescaderia | Fish Market

Sea food.

Pelucas, extensiones de cabello, protesis | Wigs, hair extensions, hair care products.
Perfora tierra, maquinarias | Land removers.

Perfumes o perfumerias, desodorantes | Perfumes store, manufacture of perfume odorant, lotions and beauty.

La Pesca o pescar por deporte | Sport Fishing
Sportfishing sports at sea Persianas para ventana | Persians, window curtains, blinds for windows

Periodicos noticias nuevas novedades | News cast offices, news update co. news cast stations  Perfilados de hierro, trabajos en metal | Iron jobs

Prestamos de prestamista, el banco para abrir una cuenta de ahorros, cheques Con prestamos | Bank Loans

lLan agency pisos para casa o Edificio, Piso | The Floor

For homes or building, floors
Pizza Pizzerias | Rest Pizza

Delivery pianos de musica.
Los pianos para musicos | Piano lessons, intuition classes sales, manufactories
Se Vende Pintura | Paint Job

Seller wholesale prices
Piscinas y los quimicos, clases de nadar, albercas Piscinas Para Nadar | Accessory For Pools
Accessory Swimming pool, swimming lessons, chemicals and care

Pintores Contratista Pintar | Paints Painters

Pinturas para carros, automoviles, autos | Car paints, car or truck painting, Portones, puertas, barandas o defensas de propiedad | Fences

Vidrios polarizados, vidrio oscurecidos, proteccion del sol | Window darken, window films protection shop | Portones electricos | Electrical or electronically gates

Plotteo Productos Varios | Products Selection

Pollos, crecimiento de alimentos de pollo en granja, derivados De Carne | Chicken Meat, Poultry

Poultry seasoning recipe, foods and applying products.
Producciones de television, emisoras de tv | Television stations, tv shows and news.

Puentes Proyectos | Build Making Bridges
Negocios Locales Pulperias | Convenient Store For Groceries

Parques de diversiones, diversion para niños, adultos | Fun places, children or adults parks.

Pulidores o Pulidoras
De pisos, para el piso de mosaico, madera o pulir materiales | Material floors polishing, machine polishers for floors

Bolsas de dinero, puestos borsatiles
Acciones y los Accionistas | Stock Market

Money investments stocks.
Puros | Cuban-Cigars-Habana

Piedras laboradas, trabajada | Store for sculpture, artistic stones
Papeleras Ventas Papeleria | Manufacturers Paper Factories

Paper suppliers.
These Directories were designed for USA States, Canada and Canadian Consumers travelers, Mexico or Mexican Corporations, Italy, Spain, Germany, Uk.

Cities in Canada of were we are visible, city information: BC, Victoria Ontario, Abbotsford, BC, Edmonton
Calgary Vancouver. Alberta, Oakville city

St Thomas, Sudbury, Canadian town Belleville, Quebec QC,
Windsor, province Barrie, Ottawa,  Toronto, Winnipeg, Charlottetown, PEI, Halifax, NS. For the United States North American States names: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia Virginia, New York New York, North Carolina

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Vermont, Kentucky

Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi

Illinois Springfield capital, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan Mi, Miami Florida, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale Florida, Coral Springs Fl

Hollywood Florida, Texas Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Oregon Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada Las Vegas Nevada, Nebraska

Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii Volcanic Islands Hawaii

Chicago city and Saint Louis "San Luis " of course.

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