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Wiki says "Nanotechnology ("nanotech") is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale".

What is or what it means supramolecular scale? anyways.
A molecule and an Atom!

(It could be the lowest the robots can go to discover issues of upcoming deformations on your body.)
And you can also find this statement on your main web search engine results, right at the top of their first page

(Photo: Could be the DNA chain gold color simulation for display purposes only).
The Nanotechnology images

the dna chain simulation gold color

The scientific sends the army of these particles on a pill or another small form into the body as a test and to find out what is happening or going to happen

Then they can be collected near any part of your body and asked
Of course with the right magnetic tool, what is happening
Give me your estimates results with accuracy.
That tool could be a digital watch, a smartphone or another digital device already selling out there on the market

When a scientific professional spends ten years or more using the resources from a powerful company like Google at their science and technical laboratories

It is because this findings and invents or scientific discoveries carry their health business to a new high level.

Don't have to worry anymore and concentrate your energy on making money and deals!.

As far of the medical care, all will be on Nano hands.
They will cure the cells, even below that level, the Dna and chemical particles, pure and clear, purification 100%

Think about, "little and microscopic, the robots crawling your body like a spaceship on the universe".
What is the benefit of this inventions and investments,
as far of profits for the inventor and for the rest of us
Who could still be alive when in seven more years from now this projects will be a reality

And people can buy those innovations and services to remain healthy and protected from killer diseases on their bodies.

The pancreatic organs are the first on come out the consumer market, then all other human body organs will be available for replacement if it is necessary too.

Again, a pill that can be swollen (dink with water) by me or you or anyone else who want to be safe because these tiny robots called "nano robot" will take care about learning

And telling us about coming dangerous diseases even before they appear and deteriorate our psychical health if we don't take are of the problem on time.

(Photo: could be a microcontroller, memory semiconductors and spy device)

robots microcontroller, memory semiconductors

If someone has a heart that is failing
these nano particles will repair it or if not, then just take a brand new healthy heart and tell your doctor to replace it for your
And your body will adjust the repairing process with the help of the nanotechnology.

Cells schemes and chains of Dna of our bodies will be able to repair from dangerous family deformations and purification process begin with these nano devices working for us 24/7 and 365days a year.

What could be the impact of earth population id no one wants to be thick and died ever?
Too many people will fill the planet because many get born and none is dieing, so probable another set of laws will take place to control natality and mortality on earth.

People safe on their cars because the new driverless vehicles are out and car accidents aren't happening anymore, and people 100% healthy having lots of babies.

What could be the price that people will be willing to pay for eternal life possibility? Probable not everybody can afford these innovations for the first 20 to 50 years (2065) to close to the time.

However, like i said before, we are now in the year 2019 and by 2022 many of these human health innovations will be available for those that can pay for products and medical services they need and want.

What will be the business impact in United States and Europe as far of health insurance, hospitalization and clinics services
The doctors and nurses careers?

Terrific, probable many of them will lose their job positions like it is now on their jobs
But also it is true that new job positions could be created to supply the empty positions and

College new careers will appear available, Universities will turn to be laboratories of inventions and technologies or they could disappear too if not.

bones ultraviolet light

Will people lose interest on making exercise and buying exercising equipments, diet pills treatments, prevention health programs and going out to walk to keep themselves on shape?

Probable not, people will still enjoy sports and making diets, exercising and ordering sport uniforms, eating vitamins and diet foods to keep themselves pretty and healthy still.

How perfect will be the man and the woman on the future as far of physical and spiritual? Man always will be the leader and woman will follow at least on a 75% occasions on the planet,

however because these human beings are smart, they won't ever quit about taking care of their health and shapes.
Probable the matching for marriage and coupling will be done at the laboratories too,

but it will be normal for the rest of us, "the poor who can&'t pay highest prices for advice and services to perfectionate the race".

It will take more than a hundred years before none can die before the age of a thousand years living happily ever after, but also the planet can take that much aggravation neither.
So something will be different probable by that time.

Anyways, when all dangerous diseases have being cured and people is safe from having cancer or heart attacks, hypertension, anxiety attack as a result from an anxiety disorder
Nervous attacks and fear to die or lose their money
When people lived being connected to Nanotechnology and are ok, then who can tell what will be the next step, other than taking a long vacations on another planet, star
or even universe by buying your tickets and travel on a spaceship for a thousand years and still alive and don't worry about life insurance or losing your investments and retirement plans.

microchip technology robot

What if everybody goes crazy and none one is happy anymore? Then ask yourselves, do you believe in God
Do you respect his creation and his mysteries left on this planet to be discovered by humans?

Probable nobody cares as their cell phones smartphone or else will keep their attention and they will look somewhere else rather than believe in love and spiritual thoughts.

Or even the temptation to stay alive and enjoying fun on this life is major than anything else.

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Everybody cares and everybody is interested on finding further details because they want to be living for ever.
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What is the deal?, how can i benefit from it?, who is this nano guys? etc.

The image below belongs to ways how vegetarians eat, their daily food portions for a great health.

grains food seeds

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