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The Cure For Bad Breath

Deadly bacteria and bad breath causes, the stomach cure in adults kids toddlers, liver hurt symptoms causes cancer.

teeth tongue mouth

The majority of doctors will affirm that it is coming from a very poor oral hygiene in the mouth and teeth
That probable it's a sinus infections, medications, postnasal drip, tonsillitis, caused by sweet and sour certain foods, the habit of smoking, and other medical disorders that are straight forward related with deadly diseases.

97 individuals out of the group of 100 will have these bacteria into their digestive systems, "the stomach and abdomen upper side
The colon " Patients with severe inflammatory bowel disease ( called IBD ) have a higher risk, increased risks of developing colon cancer"

What is the overview that doctors who discovery the best practices are recommending to prevent what it could be a terminal disease.

It is just a mystery, to be sure how to stop 100%, eliminate it, a dangerous bacterial human body invasion, " is h- pylori bacteria deadly".

I just worry about suffering the pain, maybe a little of dieing, or perhaps if I educate people strangers, myself, my kids and family
These little giants monsters can be under control.

Eradicating a bacteria is not a problem when it is done on time by doctors and experts specialist, how ever, if the body damage is done deep and profound

Then it doesn't matter about eradicate.
What is happening, which kind of bacteria, how to prevent it?

The way people can be contagious and inhering it is always the same.
The bacteria contamination is been for thousands of years on earth

It attacks the stomach walls sticky protection glucose and it leaves the sticking unprotected from digestive acids and the main bacteria, caused cells erosion ( gastric intestinal ulcers "result could be a terminal disease"), which in a short time causes cancer, specially when patients have a family history of it before.

These micro organisms are present of places people can't imagine, in gyms towels that other men and women exercising used already
So never use anyone else towels or drying pieces of clothing

On doors knobs and handles at fast-food restaurants, bars bathrooms knobs knockers, bathroom sinks, sink faucets vanities, cruise ship swimming pools handles, from your girlfriend mouth kiss or your boyfriend
the home refrigerator opener handle, by defrosting meats on the dishwasher water sink and open area, ( Preferred to defrost it in the microwave or in the bottom shelve inside the refrigerator).

To make sure you don't have it already and make prevention of the most dangerous life attack, malignant ulcers.

Cleaning your hurt and scratches in legs or arms per accident, wounds gotten when the kids were playing in the playground and the backyard
New or wounds that won't heal and never swim on pots of water, rivers and suspicious waters (Caribbean and tropical lakes), as these enemies are always ready to take over your life.

For test diagnostic and a physical examination, visit your gastro doctor's clinic for Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) stomach bacteria.
Perfuming a gastroscopy vs endoscopy (endoscopies clinics or hospital medical center) to check a stomach and duodenum areas.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease, if you already is having symptoms like leak backwards from the stomach into the esophagus, feeling a burning sensation.
As a normal prevention, use common sense and hygiene for your entire family.

Wash your hands with antibacterial liquid or solid bar of soap each time touching surfaces, working with meats or going to public places like supermarkets and using the shopping car handle or shaking others hands.

Clean deeply the fruits and vegetables with pure cleanest water, apply bleach to lettuce and tomatoes and apples or bananas fruits. Cook pork, beef and chicken thoroughly to avoid contaminations, cleaning everything after with antibacterial liquid and bleach (tips: just 15 drops per on a gallon).

How to Get Rid of Bad Odor on Feet?

On the case of bad breath on the mouth and bad odors, really, how to get rid of bad odour - odors on feet, it is easy and fast, very secure adequate process.

Place a gallon of water in a bucket and apply a bottle of vinegar, introduce the feet for fifteen minutes or less for a few times a week, avoid closed end shoes or boots, good tips
Wear 100% cotton socks and clothing, as the entire human body have several places where it must sweat or process of sweating (perspiration, transpiration human body)
The under arms, the head and private parts hair and bad smells from sweating.
The women also might have an extra place where the sweat is present, under both or one, women breast "known as boobs".

Apply wear a deodorant, fragrances perfumes in the secretion areas, carefully. The best and expensive, high quality
So it works better.
Procedures like cleaning the mouth with mouthwash and brushing it with bets toothpaste and scrubbing the tongue at least ones a day.

Sometimes what is appropriate to prevent the bad breath is to drink a natural reedy like green chlorophyll (tree plants chlorophyll food processing)
A compound liquid sold on stores for natural supplements and cure
That could take care of the entire body system after a while on the treatment. Plus the price is a small portion "cheap".