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People suffering from insomnia. The information how to prevention and cure it.
IFF Disease Reality and Facts Of Development Family Tree Genes

Insomnia Health

As we are entering in a deep subject like it can be the cause of patients in the clinic, their homes or in the hospital for an unknown disease that many individuals suffer all times.

Rise awareness records, rise end game percentage 80%.
The population in the world, in UK, Australia Mexico, Canada, the first suggestion we can give is please call 911 and ask for assistance in the case that you are feeling strong pain or need attention immediately.

As you might notice there is no cures on the worldwide web and instead just information that in some points it can't be accurate until a doctor makes a physical or psychological check up to his patient.
In other words, these website is not a doctor to cure your suffering.

A parenchyma disease ( Generations DNA ) that attacks the membrane of the human brain, diagnosis of hemoptysis PI Eff, trouble breathing.
A Large degeneration over time period of life.
Unilateral catastrophic results that transmits from reproduction of new born baby and appears late around in a form of insomnia or the lack sleep.

While not all patients are suffering this disease in their normal lives, it does exists and a number of 40 persons have been detected to have the symptoms and genes already discovered until 1990.
Unfortunately, Scientists have not found the cure and still are working hard to define the way out to eliminate it soon day.

How detect the symptoms is quite of simple, at early age during a medical blood test the doctor determines if the individual has the family genes that later years will start in a form of not sleeping.

The EFF "IFF " disease consist in a lack of brain cells healing and nervous system responses to manage real-time decisions, a disease kind of like to crazy cow disease.
The proteins known as priols, Protein precipitation, Due to the complexity of brain tissue and

Protein precipitation makes it impossible for them to repair the cells that were damaged during daytime or time that the individual was spending energy thinking and living his or hers life.
Once the protein becomes damaged instead to reproduce in two good ones, it reproduces in two extra bad ones and so on until it causes polarization and then death.

This process of short life will not happen if the person or animal sleeps a minimum of seven hours a day.

Another symptom is the aging that increases in a way that it shortening the period of life.

It is like the person is in a limbo inside the brain mass, where something is missing and it will ever never get to sleep again.
(The trouble getting some sleep and rest is because of the brain not functioning correctly, health care advice " have insurance coverage" )

Cures Home Remedies
The pharmaceutical companies today have wake up already and realized that they were missing the ball when to medications business talking.

A huge amount of patients do not want to become dependent from pills and treatments and they turn to the homeopathic cure that offers the alternative natural herbs and natural vegetarian foods to avoid complications.

How ever the home made treatments with drops and fluids, natural herbs and so on aren't effective immediately and the suffering person still trying hard to survive.

Perhaps yoga concentration techniques should work better than others making a profit from us when we are the ones who suffer the most.

Several studies accomplished demonstrate that some animals actually do sleep the half of their brains when flying and switches the cycle to put the other part to do their job and so on

But on earth ground appears that terrestrial animals inclusive the men must have rest and sleeping full brain time to get repaired correctly for the body to function correctly.
Like it obvious now the members that belong to a family tree
Where there're proven facts off suffering and dyeing for that disease.

Sometimes prefer never to find out if they carry the genes, that way perhaps they will still keep their goals and normal life until it might appear at the age over twenty or 30 thirties.

Making it clear that when a living been do not coincide the minimum sleeping Daly time the brain rapidly deteriorates to the point that the body lays in the bed or in a wheel chair till it dies.

The well unknown for many
It is called tech "sleep paralysis" which consists of a short or long period of inability " incapacity" to perform voluntary movements " orders from the brain" and less either at sleep onset.

Some possibilities can be the causes cataplexy, narcolepsy and hypnologic, related diseases.

electronics brain

The next is the insomnia that most of the world population is suffering, a 80% had the experience at lest ones in their time of living.
People want to know two things.

What causes it? and What or where is the cure?.
Well because of the encephalic mass "the brain" is so complex and it has several steps to conciliate with sleeping.

It goes over a few steps before arrives to the pint of dreaming or normal stages.
The person trying to get in deep sleeping can get it done because of feeling irritable and tired and finding it difficult to concentrate.
Possible causes for insomnia, such as anxiety

A deathdisrupted sleeping environment, or an underlying physical condition or mental health problem, disturbed from sleep by pain or noise, fear and entrust to the bed, on going regular life events worries, or night bugs, fear to ghost etc.

It is like a play game everyday, the person feels tired and goes to bed, but it is almost impossible to concentrate and have some rest.

A real philological torture not to achieve the minimum goal of dreaming and having normal activity of dreaming in the subconscious, like anyone else does.
There where several side effects and worries come to play.
The lack sleep causes that the individual changes with others interaction, unable to listen and act correct or normally, can't drive and lack of driving focus on the road.
The symptoms of the insomnia are very bad. The side effects can be in some cases the weight gain and lost also, depending of immune system capacity.

In addition to all of that, the slow down and lack of euclasite defenses in the immune system, causing headaches and infections to increase, headache, nauseas and feeling depression because nothing looks right, we feel tired and can't rest ever or for a few nights.

the electrodes move between brain cells and coordinate thoughts and dreams).
(Photos: keep giving commands to the body extremities, sleep activity is the most important).

Button line, if you eat or drink, have a worry and can't relax, have fear about something or someone, then it will happen. the human brain has many activities and apart of keep giving commands to the body extremities, sleep activity is the most important

The Chinese foods and the Mexican spices have properties that seem to cause insomnia if people take it late at night.
The MSG from chicken rice added from some Chinese cooks at their working restaurants is proven that causes it.
The pizzas and all the ingredients also do the same.

Quotes Cure For Insomnia
The Lack Of Sleep with finding difficulty to concentrate, light or heavy drowsiness? This is not the cure for aids, weight watching for pounds loss calculator or for diabetes, cure for baldness.

Instead it is about the try avoid eating late at night or over eating during the day.

In the cases of women pregnancy, having headache and nauseas are very common in the beginning of pregnancy, if it persist then professional advice is necessary, consult a clinic doctor specialist.

Practice as a hobby some easy sports and yoga, meditation and even reading before trying to sleep on the bed.

The best book to read is the book of life " The Bible, because it has amazing stories and it relaxes the mind and body for better and free.
Anything can be better than having nauseas, (feeling unsafe ) un-secure synonyms and anxious or anxiety.

Feeling irritable and tired and finding it difficult to concentrate, light or heavy drowsiness.
If you are pregnant ready to have a baby, do not drink, eat or swallow pills, other than what your doctor prescribed to your health.

What are the steps to stop or to prevent it from happening, the prevention.
A honest indicial step in treating insomnia is to recognize that you have o mental or physical distortion and you must see a doctor physician, then after that in the clinic or hospital.

This professional will order a blood test and decide if you need reconstitution nutritious medicine to treat the condition or referring to an psychologist doctor.

Remember that reading positive books at night for a bit over a short
Time will make you fall in sleep or praying while holding the book of life.
Try to digest good your food and if you have the symptoms reputably of not coinciding normal sleep at least 5 nights or 40 hrs at week, then consult a physician immediately as a best tip.