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Lithograph lithography
Serigraphs services and reproductions for documents images.
Solutions companies, commerce and distribution, product sales, advice from printer technicians.

It can be made on paper, photos, t-shirts or linen, cotton materials
Either ways the process of making this kind of job corresponds to a professional that works on a shop with special lithography equipments, equipment, computers and cameras for photography, lithography's shops

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The thereby transferring the ink is done on the printers shops only. And, by the way, the Printing Press is an invention that was done by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440.

The business is usually a shop but in many cases it can be a school, where there is a teacher and at the meantime they make sales and purchases.

A great year 1450, when finally Johannes Gutenberg made his first printing press to show the world it was possible to deliver written information on paper

Then from that invent, the worldwide community of press information started to create many newspapers, brochures, flyers, books and booklets

Litografias, establecimientos con servicos de la litografia. procedimientos, procesos de impresiones, impresion en documentos del papel

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Fin ‎Custom bes vinyl banners, sSigns & posters in a bBulk, incredible art job for posters
The colors combinations available for metallic ink applications, the spot UV or pantone spot color inks to make the embossing, famous die cutting or foiling stamping process
The best custom solutions for brochures, training manuals and project presentations. Time to start promoting new and existing brand’s event, happy birthdates, invitations for special occasions, creating publicity ideas and projects printed on paper, plastic or anyotehr materials.
Productos Litograficos de Mexico DF Guadalajara Acapulco, Panama Balboa Colombia Bogota San Andres, Buenos Aires Agerntina, Barcelona Madrid Espana
Graphics and reproductions, printing alternatives, Paper artists, jobs for customers with older photos or images as movie posters and so on.

A realizacion de impresos con tintas especiales o o a ano y con tinteros, lapices, lapiceros u otros.

Algunos negocios en el campo itografico se encargan de imprimir posters para peliculas, pedidos especiales, contratos y una gran cantidad de trabajos como fotografias y arreglos de imagenes.

Serigrafia en camisetas, impresas a colores y estilos, sergraficas.

Parte del comercio y las libertades de hacer negocios sanos, con combinaciones que requieren experiencia y conocimientos d equipos de fotografia, impresion y maquinarias modernas, computadores, proyectores y mas acerca de impresos e impresiones comerciales publicitarias.

Trabajos publicitarios en impresoras
Tecnica de estampación y agil manejo del arte para imagenes impresas.