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How Energy Forms, What's It It

What's Energy? it is an invisible form of universal force present in the universe and it projects light, heat and power of movement.

How it gets materialize?
A positive and negative poles are necessary and they must be present for both powers to collapse and cause friction, sound and power of move or fire.

Humans live out of certain amount of energy and it is called "life" which it is the transformation of food that they eat everyday.

The light from the sun is a form of solar emery that can be utilized to power plants and lighting, heating for factories, homes, cars, motorcycles and many things more.
The universe has a group of energies, electrical, atomic, mechanical, electronically, mines or miners, mining or digital from engineers in the continent of America.

The experts and professional in the energy projects and developments, inclusive the careers at college or universities.
Consulting & the Advice from Developers, a builder energies engineer.

An energy Engineer is the professional person with products and services with the relation with the objects that use energies to operate, a group of batteries For Example, Petroleum Is Also, And Electrical power.

Infrastructures for the brightest future and development of nations, these American countries will live in complete harmony with the nature.

These days are critical for companies going green and friendly with nature, by using the most out of natural recourses without hutting the environment and pleasing consumers with their nature's preserving campaigns.

How long before they realized that many of them will simple disappeared, simple because they just can't operate by not being allowed to utilized the nature's elements by country's laws.

Manufacturer of cars for example is one of these, they talk about solar energized motors and diesel friendly, electrical chargeable re-chargeable batteries etc, but they still utilize steel, aluminum and other metals that are part of contamination for the earth.

Their motors and cars, vehicles are just garbage that goes to the dirt of the land and will kill all forms of life.

So the job of Universities and investigational centers, places where teachers make students professionals engineering career

And new ways on how to survive the global warming by lowering chemical on the atmosphere for the next five ten twenty years to come.

They must use common sense and intelligence to put on practice plan that all together must follow like a universal law of nature.

Learn to use magnetism without chemicals and chocking the environment, the most powerful pure energy source, the earth magnetism positive and negative effects to produce light and machine movement for power.

Sometimes wind and solar sunshine light, thermal transforming systems, the thermos (hot steam water out the grounds) and petroleum is necessary, but never for ever.

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Ingenieria en energia estructuras del continente

Oficinas de ingenieros, servicios y productos.

Los consejos y las direcciones, Consejeria de ingeniero en Minas y la energia de varios tipos, electrica y las minas o mineria.

Inclusive los consejos para estudiar una carrera en la u, la universidad, nacional o extrangera.

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Con energia se mueve la industria, la pequena, mediana, y grande empresas

Se descubren mas fuentes de energia para echar a andar la industria sin deteriorar el verde de la tierra

Se explotan los recursos Energeticos y se coopera en producir mas oxigeno, grandes Ingenieros cooperan para desarrollar proyectos de valiosisima importancia en los desarrollos de ciudades, estados.

Ellos son las llaves de un futuro brillante y la Armonia y paz con la natura.

las companias hacen mejores productos, brindan valiosos servicios al consumidor de America, el mundo, la ingenieria de energia es ultimamente la mas cotizada en Los mercados mundiales, en ingenieros con vistas al desarrollo y potencial ganacias para las naciones.

Las energias pueden ser para servir a una fabrica, una empresa del estrangero, o sea extrangera

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