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Brands List and Ratings. We rated them by asking users who happened to already tried one brand after another in different countries of the world, just for you to know, people love innovations and light to carry electronics, they don't mind to pay more for something new that just came out to the consumer market selling, but they want to receive best support and warranty products that will not fail during the first month of regular use.

Again when asked about what the rating for a Dell laptop model in particular and they had it, their answer was "very good" which means from 0 to 10, being ten the top ratings, it came out to be 100% satisfaction on 1000 customers and that goes for desktops too.

When we asked for Toshiba, their answer was " so, so" which means from 1 to 10 equal 50% compare to Dell.

The same of Toshiba laptops is for an Acer and Sony and others trade marks already registered and competing for physical store or digital online storefronts with shopping cart.

Results are that most models from Dell Computers are excellent 100% durability and they do what they meant to be by specifications and prices list number one, even over IBM's.

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When of the computers we talk, buyers consumer know a lot about what they buy these days.

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