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Una Revista Universal Encineracion

De Cuerpos En Costa Rica
Se inceniran cualquier clase de cuerpos, otros objetos necesarios.

Nuestros ancestros de Italia

| Our ancestors that came from Italy. S. K. H.& vollständiger Name Reviews August Wilhelm Viktor Karl Heinrich Sigismund von Preußen.

Body incineration America cremation or cremated service.

italian ancesters

The ancestors were from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Holland, and many from the Scandinavian countries, of course so many are or were born inside this country too.

We have prepared from our ancestors the most qualified pictures at the very real place were they are resting their last days, the greatest cemetery of America

The Esparzas's cemetery ( known in those years as " Spartan's cemetery ) in history for first time worldwide historical.
Complete name August Wilhelm Viktor Karl Heinrich Sigismund of Prussia

Pictures: Prinz von Preussen Eckernförde Charlotte Agnes princess von Sachsen-Altenburg, Prinzessin Sigismund von preussen, Prinzessin fon sachsen | Alterburg.

27 November 1896 in Kiel, 14 November 1978 at head State Puntarenas.

The princess And the prince From Prussia ( Germany before world war 1.
They are some of our most highlighted visitors to Costa Rica and that they decided to stay for ever with us, now this is world news, however we respect the privacy and the right to rest in peace.

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So our information is solely for educational purposes, pictures are not commercial or cheerful to any media around the world.

These images are property of the disease people remains.

Their names located in the spots stones with their respective credentials. Read stories in Spanish or German and Italian languages.

Prinz von Preussen

Prinz Charlotte


El principe de Alemania, | Prusia La princesa. | Esparza city | la Fama e historia

The Prince And The Princess From Germany | Prinzessin fon Preusessen Esparza CR | Fame & History
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Obtain funeral services, Breast-adjuster for preparation of dead bodies (Funeral Director professional career or funeral caretaker mortician), cremation or cremated basic services. Finally adjustments, incinerated pets bodies

The recovery and management of bodies, Ceremonial Funeral Service Establishment, by embalming, Preparation and Embalming Rooms, companies, business, Mortuary service and handling of the dead, preparation of funeral or memorial services.
Services, Products in America.

Psychological help and advice after the lost of a love one.
collection of older stones

old antiques stone

Cemetery stones in history for the world | las lapidas de nuestros antepasados

El uso de la Incineración en Costa Rica, Preparacion de Cuerpos.
Mortuarios, Cementerios Privados, Atudes, Ventas y Servicios.

Negocios Y Clinicas, estusios, Preparaciones y profesionales.

Las Preparaciones de cuerpos, familiares muertos. Servicios Funebres, Funerarias y ventas de ataudes, estilos y colores.
Ayudas psicologicas despues de la perdida de un ser querido, por profesionales, un profesional.

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