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The secret on how to quit a bad habit like smoking
Photo: The great sweet Blue Berries

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Fruit blue berries | Frutas Azules
If it does exist in your life
How to, which is the best method? Simple, spend no money ever buying quitting methods packs

Save yourself lots of money and aggravations.
" Wait for the next flu or body ache"
Just when you experience no taste for the food or drinks, and quit smoking there or never, throw away the remaining.

The withdrawal symptoms are not present
So the feeling is positive and perfect to quit it.
Congratulations you are free!.".
It Works.

Improving Women's Health, Men's medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Share me if you like me!
By breaking possible bad habits in our way of living
We can increase living up to 75% longer and healthier.

We think that the saying "
It is my life" really means this is my body

So if that's true, then keep it clean and free of alien substances that your body doesn't need and as apposite way, it rejects it
Pay attention to physical reactions to survive longer.
Blocking the free radicals is the reason of these miracle chemicals antioxidant vitamins, and when we put them into our bodies they work wonders enlarging our possibilities for living happy

Make sure to order the natural antioxidant vitamins supplements (food of the Gods) to block your free radicals

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Sorry for the inconvenient, this is a two way page
It contains two languages in one content.
The discover age.
The best diets on drinks, foods and sports practices.

First English Version: We want you to pay closer attention, the fact on "cure" from any world dictionary means to defend from the possible disease, and when your body has the defenses, then chances for survival are greater.

So if for any instances, you may suffer of any " known as incurable disease, then, please consult immediately with your personal medical doctor".

Costa Rica antioxidants supplements tips for improving women's health care and a longer lasting life:

It is Possible that Costa Rican Indians ( Local Aboriginals ) did discover a very long time ago, the way antioxidants worked in the human body, and they did employ it as soon as possible.
Therefore, their lives were more satisfed and with the great possibility of living longer they made sure that their families were also very healthy.
When we see the variety of natural resources available in OUR Costa Rican forests
It becomes more clear to us, " lets become natural " and lets enjoy our lives better.

People of the world, are you blind or what? We don't need an only an Indian's example
It has already been scientifically proven for us to go natural.
It is very clear now that if we follow the right steps , we will be happier and healthier, physically and mentally.

When was the last time we received a nice welcome party loaded with antioxidants, all flavors and colors and nice wonderful smells

Other than a pharmacy or a medication show in a hospital or clinic at our visited locations?
Ok, lets start for the way the nature treated our Aborigines and their forest loaded with natural fruits and plants, now we are going to hospitals and clinics.
Yes, that is where we are going to, if we don't go natural today in our own homes.
A review of the Tea:

A tasty tea is a healthy antioxidant as a drink every moment we are thirsty and it will protect your immune system.
Tea contains antioxidants that protect your body from aging and the effects of pollution that cause cancers.

Although studies in humans have been inconsistent, researchers at the National Cancer Institute are investigating the antioxidant properties of tea in general and green tea in particular, Some research suggests that catechism

The antioxidant elements in any tea may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
Studies have suggested that green tea has higher levels of a compound called phenol or ( antioxidants property ) than the very well known black tea

It has been less processed, Black tea has many antioxidant
some studies have talked about both green and black tea could be in our healthy diet as a choice.
An additional researching are suggesting on the regular tea consumptions could help us in losing weight by preventing the accumulations of the fats around lower stomach parts and hips.

Drinking tea also reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke, protects and produces stronger bones, increases your metabolism
Helps control blood pressure, strengthens your immune defenses, and many more benefits.

Dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, kale, pumpkin, beets, delicious fruit juices ( lemons, limes, red grapes, cranberries ), red wine, avocados, cantaloupe, raisins, figs, tomatoes, seafood such as crab, salmon, and shellfish like clams and mussels, wheat germ, artichokes, ginger, olive oil, garlic, squash, peanuts and lentils, and other everyday foods and drinks provide these and other major health benefits as well. Just not many people know how healthy they really are !

There is a different in between giving information for free and providing suggestions on special diet business programs, evolving doctors names and dietary follow up regimens, customers buying products, etc.

In this particular case, our information is nothing about that
It is repecting people eating green vegetables and less meat and drinking healthy natural drinks or not.

Like any doctor in the world, people will hear their recommendations with solid basis about " colon cleanser supplements " and liver detoxifications ". staying away from brand name products or certain known diet programs, and making more exercise properly.
The person dieting does not need necessarily to eat or inherit horrible flavors of foods or drinks ever.

Any food can be made in a delicious tasting dish.
Also staying away from weight management plans is a good idea, it will in many cases, save your life from deadly diseases such as cancer.
That usually attacks the kidney or liver in the human body from excess o chemicals or alien body elements.
English Second See:
Products to buy at lowest price online, try these famous store At least get the quote and then make the right decision today or tomorrow.

Note, eating a lot of blueberries seriously protects our body oxidation and for real eventually protection from cancers diseases
No discussion (arguments) about that statement.
Anything that contains blue berry will be great to digest always.
Imitation and unnatural products are just a joke, they don't do the job

Don't waste time and money for nothing.
Blueberries are one of the most nutritious foods in the world.
It is never is too late to begin with a natural antioxidant diet
cleansing the body from toxins ( living cells or living organisms in the body ) and changing the way we eat is the key for longer life.

All blue or purple fruits, eatable by recommendation, fresh and safe, are better to digestible systems for the humans.
They are blue grapes, blue sherries, blue cranberries, tomatoes, even purple are too, and so on.
When millions are looking for a way to lose weight, 1000's thousands already are loosing it easily
Very interesting
keeping the colon clean may be one of the best ways to weight and it is a cheaper system.
In medical terms " just caring about what we put inside our bodies when foods or drinks are an obsession is what makes the difference
And it is called food abuse.

Our bodies might tolerate this abuse for a little while, but when it builds up
The consequences are almost irreversible.
the secret recipe for eternal happiness and life has been revealed, now we all know it, lets do it, let's live forever!

Spanish Version |

Salud y deporte con las mejores dietas en bebidas y alimentos.
Americas Consejos de consumo en antioxidantes y vivir una vida larga y con buena salud, o sea Saludable y feliz.

Es posible que los aborigenas de nuestro pais descubrieron hace mucho tiempo atras, la forma mas eficiente de como los antioxidantes funcionaba en el cuerpo humano
Y lo emplearon lo mas pronto posible.

Por eso ellos disfrutaban de sus vidas personales de conyugue satisfactoriamente, y con una gran posibilidad de sobrevivencia mas larga

Asi se aseguraron de que sus familias tambien estuviesen con buena salud.
Cuando observamos las muchas variedades de recursos naturales disponibles en los bosques costarricenses, comprendemos mas claramente, hagamonos naturalistas y disfrutemos la vida mejor.

Gente del mundo, estan ciegos o que les ocurre? no necesitamos ser aborigenas indios para que nosotros seamos naturales o naturalistas, esto esta tan claro ahora de que si seguimos los pasos, seremos as felices y con muy buenas salud psiquica y mentalmente.

Cuando fue la ultima vez que nos invitaron a una fiesta llena de antioxidantes, de todos los sabores, colores con deliciosos olores, a no ser que fuese una farmacia
Un show de medicamentos ( medicinas ) en un hospital o clinica medica que vistemos?

Ok digamos que empesamos con el como nuestros indigenas se trataron con los productos de la naturaleza (plantas naturales) y el bosque lleno de frutas frescas y plantas naturales antioxidante.
Ahora estamos hablando de clinicas y hospitales.

Si, eso s lo que nos espera si no nos hacemos a lo natural hoy.
Una revision del te frio o caliente y de color negro.

Un sabroso te tiene antioxidante saludable como una bebida para cada momento que tenemos sed y el protegera nuestro sistema inmunologico.

Mm, no estoy seguro si eso es de verdad, porque eso te ensucia los sistemas de mis dientes, y mi estomago!.

Que tan malo puede ser esto con mis arterias o en las relaciones fisicas y la vida larga, vida saludable?
Talvez los vendedores de te lo quieren introducir al mercado con mas ganancias y estan tratando de convencer a todos de que deben tomar mucho el te y nada de cafe, o talvez convenciendo a sus clientes de eso, esas gentes no comeran brocoli

Otros vegetales verdes y el delicioso jugo de frutas frescas, vino rojo con sus alimentos ( comidas). Debemos darnos cuenta de que algunas companias solo piensan en sus ganancias nada mas, o mejor dicho piensan en sus eternos jugosos negocios y nunca en el nuestro.

Aun cuando grandes estudios cientificos tienen inconsistencia, busquedas y descubimientos de la sociedad de cancer local ha estado estudiando las propiedades de estos antioxidantes encontrados en el te en general verde y maduro, algunos sugieren que el el catequismo, que es un elemento antioxido en el te, podria prevenir el crecimiento de las celulas cancerosas.

La limpieza del colon puede hacer la diferencia entre vivir o morir, vivir una vida sana y sin toxinas en el cuerpo o vivir intoxicado siempre.
Las frambuesas moradas o conocidas como frutas frescas de color negro o morado, todas, tales como ceresas, las uvas de color oscuro morado, tomates morados, la frambuesa ect
Comerlos en tempoada de produccion es siempre mejor porque los elementos antocianinas estan en su mayor poder.
Esos dichos elementos o sustancias protejen el cuerpo humano de casi todas las enfermedades, prolongando una mejor vida, mas sana y resistente.
Prevenirnos de nunca abusar de las comidas y bebidas que nuestros curpos naturalmente nos suele avisar que son toxicos
Como reacciones en nuestro estado de animo y la diferencias en la piel, parar imediatamente y tratar de limpiar el colon es mejor.
Mantener el valance dietetico en lo que consumimos y nuestras familias consumen tambien.
Todo debe ser derivado de los alimentos naturales
Ahora el secreto de la vida eterna se ha revelado, ahora todos lo sabemos.
Hagasmolo, vivamos comiendo alimentos naturales para siempre.
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