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Read books about it, watch Howard in CNN news specials and learn more.

These days no body want to risk their savings on the NYC stock market companies, stocks trading below book value is what everybody want to purchase, a complete bargain to win profits some how.

The reproduction value must be below cost in comparison with the existing book value.

When people who is holding the money under the pillow or mattress at their homes or at the local trust and solid bank
They decide to to watch the behavior of their preferred stocks and they notice that there is an unstable result very remarkable just each day, causing the rating charts to go up and down by big differences
Then these peoples will not buy for the lack of trust.

The European countries Greece, Portugal Spain Germany France and others are also causing in this year 2011 and beginning 2012 the inconsistence in the local European stocks and the USA American NY stocks

People are afraid to lose their only sources of income
Their jobs and with all of that
Probable under finance homes real estate properties, and their transportation, a car vehicle.

They are smart and on many cases they prefer to wait until the signs are present and the recession is complete over.

Just a few are enough money hungry and they take their risks or losing is equal winning all.

The stocks trading below book value San Jose the city, the downtown is the capital, see some pictures.

Meantime when Europe UK Portugal France Germany Italy Greece are struggling with their economies at risk and the United States with a Trillion overhead and owning to China

The Latin American Markets are emerging positively, slow but secured.

These countries are or have been poor for a long time and now they know how to save, invest and develop companies, developing new jobs and commercializing between them by joining forces and backing up themselves from Brazil Argentina Chile Colombia Panama Mexico Costa Rica Guatemala and the Caribbean island.

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