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Tour Of France

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The man from Quebec Canadian is a racing excellent person when he let us take his best shut.

Americans also where competing for the 2009 race at the six different runs inside the central American country

Teams from Europe like Holland, Russia, and some others were Guatemalans, and locals too.

An incredible sport practice that children and adults love to do.

The season for best events is on summer time

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Just at the beginning of the year when the ground is firm and easy to roll on with a power vehicle powered by a human body.

Since we were a baby, riding one of these is a dream and finally time arrives when the kid 2, 3 o4 years old gets to balance the body and take off riding smoothly on the road.

Kids today already know how to get on top of the lower seat of the tricycle or a small two 2 wheeler with support for holding their corporal balances, until the feel is right.
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The local competition is a great way to teach new combers how to get on the run some day and max, when international runners.

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Lowrider Axle Kickstand 26 wheel bicycle bike black, Competitors all are present doing their best to get applauses
It is really an inspiration and a serious sport practice. Blue uniforms
The blue pants with stripes, red t-shirts

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La vuelta a Costa Rica con las ultimas fotos de Holandeses, Canadienses, Guatemaltecos y ticos en la quinta etapa Liberia Guanacaste a la ciudad de Esparza.

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