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Shopping is a god thing when a cat is a member of our family
Because he, the feline requires special care and special love too.
Even if our cat believes he is the boss, we know that we are in charge and spending some time with him or her is kind of relaxing.
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Excuse us when we say our thinking straight forward
But sometimes it is better to deliver the truth in a manner that everyone understands and wile keeping respect within the line.

We don't say names, because this will be personalization and that is not right.

If with our content in this page we in some part may hurt someone feelings, we apologize immediately
But it is crucial and important that this country stands for the cause of what this Excellent country was made " free speech and freedom for all with peace ".

The citizens population has grown and the personal pets also.

dog richie

The good news is that so many animals are getting fed by Costa Ricans, since1900's.
Today we find several animal foods processing companies inside our provinces, and this includes veterinarians, housing, cloth makers for animals and so on

So many products from USA can be found in the local veterinarians stores all over the country, so why say, we don't care about animals.

These is are a way or purpose to destroy the reputation of this great land, no dough, and if some one don't believe in our words, we invite them to spend some time and watch how we care for animals.

Despite all that have been said by some US, Europeans citizens in news papers and, some websites, or blogs about these people have been killing animals by abusing or not feeding them, which is a complete boycott or lies?.

So many of this websites or blogs even have women posing naked with cats and dogs, wile their are asking their visitors to buy their calendars and picture.

This only means something " money making and Latin women exploitation ".

We care well for our pets, so good that we have names for them and when they die for a natural reason, we make for them a special place not only in our hearts, but also their pet cemeteries.

It has been a fact that some people in USA, Europe, Africa, Asia. And why not in all America too, inclusive some people from C R have abused animals, this is not a secret
It does happen unfortunate
But because some people are not animal friendly

It makes them worth than a wild animal at the meantime.  we should not blame a whole country
Just for a couple of people that on line, we did not check their nationality sometimes, to name are blame a complete country behavior.

We have a gift for you, the most heart touching video ever seen about animal and men friendship with real love.
Video Christian the Lion's Reunion, from youtube videos.

Christian The Leon Wild Pet Videos Channel

We apply to those that make their living making remarks against Costa Rican people in general about abusing animals, to go to check the behavior of their own people and their animal, develop friendship with all our respect.

I have seen many Costa Ricans in their meat stores, at their cities markets, feeding huge amounts of running away dogs and cats, this only means something clear, this animal get more meat by running away from their owners.

Also there were many ties that I have seen paper signs at the cities pools, about owners looking for their lost pets, and with photographs of that particular animal.

So why if someone in Nicaragua found an artist with a dog in a room, wile he was making his painting, is going to bee a reason for blaming at all Costa Ricans for this particular man's mistake.

It is just like saying that all US citizens or British or maybe Canadians citizens are guilty for some of their people killing black cats at Halloween times or for some people in Miami practicing Santeria ( voodoo or some like that) with animal sacrificing.

This is not about blaming a complete country for a couple of their peoples mistakes
It is about delivering a general message to the whole world about enjoying and sharing with animals for our own survival in this earth

Pets Foods, Animals Foods for dogs and Other Animals Foods
Sadly our star dog Ritchie is not longer in this world, for whatever reason she went away and now just the cat remains very healthy.

In life our love pets come and go as they live in most of time less than the human
But their memories always will stay in our minds.
( Photos: a dog female nursing a small kitty cat pet, a kitty cat being lazy and spoiled, life a pet cats fun toys)

spoiled cats

The kitty's mother abandoned her, the mom dog took over with her delicious milk and fed the kitten, Ritchie and Squeaky. what a great example  mama's love.

Doggy Richie, unique dog, mama of a kitty.
Kitten Game, Spoiled Katz, Spoiled Kitty, Playground pet Kitties.

They have a good time in our homes, don't they
See it by yourself, pretty comfortable uh?.

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Dog female's milk is magic and full of nutrients
It is capable to grow other living creatures to full development and love care.

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There are people loving their pet as a child in their homes, they feed them every day and provide those pets with medical care and attendance
Take them for a walk, in the case of a dog / doggy or why not even a lion or a tiger too.

Definir como cuidadar una Macota prefrida, Las tiendas en linea Miami New York Chicago con todo para comprar un millon de cosas.
Quien puede culpar a un leon por estar habriento, con hambre? El video esta mas abajo

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Para su gatito, su perrito los mejores juguetes, y accesorios, necesarios para hacerlos felices, nuestras mascotas lo merecen, gatos y perros mimados y porque no tambien los animalitos que comparten nuestras vidas, las mascotitas.
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