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The Agro Production, Agriculture

Smart country adn smart trained farmers develp the famous sustainable agriculture these days
Agricultures envolve an entire process to achieve top results and leave the past harmanship away.
Those days in the past when man spent all their little savings in one guessing plantation is practically over now

The bank office finance 100% the country farmer and this way he or she won't spend their money and effords, becausde the insurance policy will also cover the entire plantation
These hard worker men with their financed machinary are back and front covered by such an insurance polcy and chances for losing their investments are practically zero (0).
The administrative functions relaying on the bank office, the training and investment process is control by a loan professional and central government grants agency
The best government grants as an incentive for making this world better, producing what people love to consume," the daily portion of food and green vegetables".
The cience of Agricultural education for the youth

Sector Agricola Y Empresas, cooperativas con insumos para vender fertilizantes naturales y quimicos.

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Agricultura Productos Agricolas

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Chemical composition of grains knowledge.