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We are a company to the mortgages service of other companies, corporations, and general public in America, our main target is located in Chicago Illinois, Atlanta Ga, New York New Jersey, rentals in South Florida.

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Sometimes or most of the times, we can go any further without a whole punch of thousands to buy ahead by an opportunity a property with our dreamed home.
Ignoring the reality that when we were young and crazy, we probable screw-up the personal or commercial credit with local banks, the student loan from the government etc.
When money assistance is manly needed is when most obstacles we find on the way to freedom, financial freedom.

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The people, families get tired of being from place to place locations renting an apartment, a duplex, or a room inside a family home somewhere else.
People just don't want to keep paying for a lot and a house that never will be theirs, the rentals are expensive and everyday there are more requirements to qualify for a house rental

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Especificamente nosotros somos un directorio de oportunidades para empresas, individuos debidamente registrados legalmente y con aporte de impuestos al gobierno local.

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