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Seamstress Tailor Sewing, Alterations & Repairs

Making Jobs Sewing, Alterations & Repairs.

thread kit for sewing machines

Epic and sacred threads 4 thoughts.
Threads for clothing in NYC New York, New Jersey Ohio Idaho, Tennessee, Vermont, Atlanta Ga Chicago IL

Texas Dallas Huston San Antonio Laredo, Miami Florida FL Orlando, Key West, Tallahassee FT Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood city.

The clothing industry dresses, pieces for dressing purposes, store sales, factories, distributors in Mexico Tegucigalpa Honduras Guatemala Panama Balboa
In Nicaragua Managua Venezuela Caracas Bogota Colombia, Dominican Republic Peru Bolivia Chile Santiago, Buenos Aires Argentina Puerto Rico San Juan

There are several colors available: blue, white, red, green, brown, black, yellow and others more.
If you have a store offering threads
for cloth building, fixing pieces broken for machinery, the industry or distribution across the continent, locally and you want to be seen by millions of visitors, potential customers with great orders, cash or credit, then consider contacting us.

Get to find a store with the whole selection for choosing what we need, it is always nice.
Classic children store
Textiles and Threads for sale, for many users and dressers in the American markets as children store, women's accessories and fashion clothes, and for the men.

The wholesale availability, stores and suppliers or manufactures.
Mend It Clear and Flexible Clothing Glue.

embroidery thread vibrant colors

Handy for Emergency Repairs or Permanent Fixes
Lord & Hodge 1100 Snap Fastener Kit, bobbins Kit for all Sewing Machines
RV Camper Awning Canvas Cloth Tent Hole Repair Patch - Tear Aid 6" x 12" Patch A
Vintage Clothing Care and Repair, Most Beloved Embroidery Stitches, Padded Satin Stitch by Machine
Polyester Embroidery Thread Set, 40 Spools (500 meter spools/40 wt.) Set A Vibrant Colors

Embroidery Bobbin Thread by Threadart.

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Gino Valentino Made in Italy Wool / Silk Valentino Made in Italy.
Gino Valentino Made in Italy Mens Suit, Vested Mens Suit Made in Italy Wool or Silk

Hilos, materiales para coser y hacer ropa casula, fashion del momento o vestidos, piezas de vestir de ropa modelo, disenada por disenadores modernos.
Hileras o fabricas de hilo, Los hay de colores blanco, azul, hacer ropa de color negro, verde, hacer ropa de color amarillo, negro y otros.
Ventas y distribucion para toda America.

Hilos para llevar a cabo trabajos en las mejores telas Costa Rica del mercado tico, las tiendas y fabricas de textiles con telas para ropa, las ropas de mujeres hecha de telas Costa Rica, para los hombres y ninos.

Variados tamanos de material para industrias de ramo de la construccion de trajes, las bodegas con productos, accesorios y telas para ropa de ninos ninas, partes para maquinas de hacer ropa, distribucion nacional de telas para ropa en Costa Rica, de los paises en las Americas del norte, centro y sur.
Ventas para maquinas de hilo en las Fabricas de textiles y las tiendas del pais.