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How To Fly An Helicopter

Engine Driven rotors Bell 407, Sikorsky, Eurocopter, Robinson, aviation MD Focke-Wulf Fw 61 civil and the tiltrotor craft military helicopters

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There are a million ways how to describe the history of these great machines that fly with a man operating it, science Michel Angelo hundreds of years ago, when he made the first design as a one of his greatest projects for the future.

till now some of the mentioned flying and traveling in the air machines offer great uses for humanity, some are used for saving peoples that have got lost in the mountains, natural disasters and arising to pool peoples out of troubles places, save them, their live.

Sad when they are used for war and dropping horrible explosives, combats and so on. For now we know that these vehicles are important to make peoples lives easy, but also make their live difficult too.

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The engine produces power which is later controls by throttle and then in connection with rotor blades.
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The most important utilities for the industry in year 2012 will be the fliers helicopters by moving heavy construction parts to build buildings in the big cities and rescue operations worldwide as the bad weather beats the worldwide countries costs.
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