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Hamburger Sandwich, A Burger

A cooked patty of ground meat ( it can be dome with grounded chicken, turkey or pork sometimes and it has a great taste for a fast small dish)

cheese hamburgers

Hamburgers, fast foods.

Choose if you want to eat large amounts or just a simple one, the sandwich can become heavy for stomach digestion if people add to much spices and mayonnaise or other artificial flavors selling in the local market. Next time you visit the restaurant on a Friday, a Saturday or a Sunday, check for deals on burgers offered on the menu, plus their preparation steps

The main protagonist and first star for an easy going fast foods and hamburger recipes in the world will always be a hamburger. The after following famous old hot dogs recipes and fried potatoes or " French friends ".

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What do you put in your burger meat? Questions for Home Cooking?

You make sure that you have two slices of hamburger breads with the round shape and get to buy with priority soft beef grounded, fresh of course.

Then cook it slow fire outside (outdoors BBQ) or inside the regular kitchen cooker oven and when meat changes color to red, place couple slices of yellow cheese on top for melting slow, then place it in between the 2 slices of the bread and add lettuces and couple slices of tomato, some mayonnaise or cream cheese and start to calm the hungry, it's fun and delicious for everyone, adults and kids.

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Meat calories, How many free calorie and nutrition? The truth is that it has millions of calories and yes a lot of fat saturated too. But if someone likes it, who cares about the heart. Just like pizza, same story.
How ever avoid teaching the small kids eating too much these delicious foods, as they have a tendency to overweight for life and faster.

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