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What a surprise was for all video game players around the planet when the corporation revealed the name and showing details about the brand new video game console 5-inch touch screen that will compete against portable Apple electronics and others like Microsoft consoles and joysticks.

(Playstations Vita, Xbox Consoles One 3DS + Xbox 360)

The New Video Console News

Nothing will stop this great giant corp vita .
From making a brand new video console.
A company that for many others is a huge example of perseverance in times when their reputation was in limbo itself about their network and rumors in the United States and other countries.

The Capital Tokyo in Japan and based electronics maker and Tokyo firms (like vita sony) of engineering designers for famous video games player consoles has made the announcement on day Monday 2011 that the NGP the personal name for their new product has the name as PlayStation Vita.
Also the multi-players and customers of their great product will acquire a portable entertainment experience unforgettable.

playstation vita

See it and feel it to believe about this.
New console images (left ) Better and special for playing videogames, the new console photo. A beautiful Innovative device with these characteristics features:

Terrific 5-inch touch screen, in the front and back-mounted nice cameras, touch pads in addition to a pair of mounted nice joysticks. The players are allowed to utilize all machine controls when playing their preferred games.

Now something important, this great videogame console will be only available by this year's holiday season, who said the company department consumer products Mr. Kazuo Hirai.
So great expectations and begin saving some money and then buy it for yourself or as a nice gift for children and growns-ups videogame players.

A totally of about 80 titles already in development has said the developer, On their words from the announcement Vita will allow terrific experience by cross-platform play Xbox 360 and vita Play Station games.

Lets get ready to rumba or maybe lets say, this is getting better, right kids?.
Some other companies might come up with something new later round and we just have to be in the look out for something equal or better, maybe.

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