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We advice that only the most relevant pictures or photography from our countries can be displayed on this webs, nature, people with kindness.
Extreme wild beauty and animals, excellent key point history proof.

We invite our visitors to take the trip across our website with a lot of much more pictures and video for every occasion, once again, thank you for your great time along with us.

For many reasons an opportunity to become exited comes around.

One of those times it is obviously getting the chance to know the magnificence of Latin American countries and wonders, with open hands the " Latin American Ticos " are always expecting many tourist to turn the the station to their side
No wonder, if by a little money and time you can see this great things alone the towns and provinces at all times.

el Puerto

On the picture we can observe the neat image of a little Costa Rican baton twirler on one of the many parades that happen on every fifteen of September, for the celebration of independence day from Madrid Spain.

Using a master card, visa card, or American Express making a reservation in a hotel with success is easy for hotels in the following cities like in Miramar, San Jose the capital, Liberia with the air port

Alajuela with first airport, Heredia with flowers and beautiful women, Jaco beach plus the beach at the ocean pacific, sport fishing, deep ocean waters to practice scuba diving, surfing with experts in Latin American destinations, plus renting surfboards.

Traveling to the islands when reserving trips and having fun at the open air.

Cartago while visiting the volcano and national Chirripo mountain reserve or monuments from the colony, night clubs and fun time in a restaurant five stars, fun centers, shopping or simple finding dates or getting out at night San Jose can be that place.

Encountering numerous beaches along the pacific and Atlantic coasts, private places usually or better know as member beach.

It seems to be a fantastic place for us to celebrate our appreciated weddings, and then possibly take a tour of the beautiful surrounding sands.
This popular peninsula town has many churches like the one located at El Carmen among many others.

In El Carmen you can find The Virgin, with the local name " virgin del mar " or in English language " virgin of the sea " El Carmen who is very loved by all of Costa Ricans.
See the resting place of Fray Casiano de Madrid.

Caldera, and the Tortugas Island, it doesn't take that much time from either airport.
A sea port or docking site in at this town,  another  will be Caldera dock, when people arrive by boat or cruise ship. for many reasons the pacific areas become one of the preferred places in our country for many unforgettable wedding events and honeymoon.

We try to talk with the romantic new marriage husband and wife couple, and they said it was their honey moon of never forgotten, in their lives

Image of the Romanticism, Love from the Paradise's Sunset wonders.
How romantic and mystic it can be, probable they had their romantic wedding events at this city, we thought ( le romantique in French ) El Puerto de Costa Rica, Romantico.

Bright Sunglasses Nice Sunset Ocean Pacific Pearl, Condo & Resort Rentals Puntarenas

Natural Treasures of the Caribbean area in central American.

Un Viaje Inolvidable

EN ESPAÑOL: Cosas Que Conocemos Por casualidad
Puntarenas es siempre un lugar fantástico para celebrar nuestra ceremonia de matrimonio y luego tomarse la Luna de miel en sus acreedores.

Posee Iglesias como del Carmen y la Capilla en el Centro que es muy atractiva.
Pero sin duda La Iglesia del Carmen es muy atractiva, debido a que en ella esta La Virgen del Carmen y El Sepulcro de Fray Casiano de Madrid también.

Playas como la de Caldera, isla Tortuga, el viaje de un día a Paquera por el ferry, que se encuentra en Bo. El Carmen, son algunas de las razones para escoger esta ciudad como lugar predilecto, la bella historia de Puntarenas.
Tu boda podría ser inolvidable

El romanticismo matrimonial del amor y la mejor fotografía de Puntarenas, puerto del pacifico y la perla pacifica, la foto de romanticismo moderno en la ciudad de amor eterno.
Foto tomada por esta dama.

Las fotos e historias de gentes que por Costa Rica dieron lo mejor de sus vidas con Amor.
Nosotros buscamos todas aquellas personalidades en lo profundo de un pueblo humilde y las mostramos con mucho respeto y admiración para ellos.
Nosotros consideramos que solo las fotografías de lugares, cosas y personas mas sobresalientes deben mostrarse en esta sección de nuestra web.

Es por esto que poco a poco vamos a ir seleccionándolas y por lo siguiente al lado de cada fotografía se encuentra un " Pase direccional " o " conocido como salto " a la pagina principal de la ciudad en donde las otras fotos en su mayoría se encuentran.
Esto porque no podemos mostrar todas las fotos relacionadas.
Por favor tengamos paciencia pues estamos trabajando en conseguir esas fotos

lovers toucans

This for the records, good things and peoples shouldn't be forgotten ever as he gave all from himself for the children love!
Great social communities are made by positive men and women who forged the past for us to have a better future based on the children love

Saint Cleric

Picture of his final home " gravesite " for the greatest from Spain. ( Photos: exotic birds toucan | Pajaros exoticos )

His children loved him so much that they painted for him their love and feelings for his Saint Achievements.
This Saint man, Fray Casiano, had much devoted love and divine dedications and served to all those children that needed so help.

He also earned admiration and respect from us, with understanding that a very small amount of man had ever done something like this,...suffered and prayed for a better tomorrow for all.

Not only for his children that they are more than one hundred already, but for those poor families in all of our country.

children stories

It is a tremendous honor for our website to show this to the world, that it is possible to make good today and forever.

Sus hijos le amaron tanto que decidieron pintarle su amor para el.
Y a su Obra Santa.
Este Santo Fraile, llamado Fray Casiano de Madrid con su gran amor dotado de dedicación divina y de servir a los mas necesitados de Costa Rica.

Se ha ganado también la admiración de nosotros los que comprendemos que muy pocos hacen lo que el ha hecho, sufrir y orar por un mañana mejor para todos, no solo por sus niños que ya sumaban mas cien, sino por todos los pobres de nuestra patria.

Es un honor para nuestra website el mostrar al mundo que si se puede hacer el bien al prójimo, por favor ver mas en la Historia del barrio Carmen.

Cell Phones Made Brands.
The optimism About The Costa-Ricans Wearing The Clothes With American Flag Colors is very common in this great land, this time it was a jacket With the Name USA And Blue, red and White, next time could be someone listening a the music in English language from there, and so on.

An immense respect for US people, it is imminent and admiral to objects that describe the costumes from United States Of America.

USA Jacket clothes

The USA jacket on a Costa Rican man | La chaqueta de Estados Unidos en las calles de CR.

In this American destination, a very nice place with a ranking worldwide of number one country to spend some of your breaking vacation time
The used and new cloth from the northern countries can be found everywhere at the local stores outlets
Somethign that it is known locally as the "Ropa Americana Usada"

El Optimismo Costarricense de usar las ropas provenientes desde los Estados Unidos de norte es muy común, para esta grandiosa tierra Americana.
Esta vez fue una persona usando los colores de la bandera Estadounidense en su chaqueta, con el nombre USA, y después la próxima vez puede ser otras personas escuchando las músicas o canciones en ingles.
En este numero uno país de Latinoamérica existe un inmenso respeto por los colores patrios de la hermana nación norteña, que claramente describen los colores y símbolos patrios de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica EU.
Las ropas nuevas y usadas en nuestra patria, se puede encontrar hoy día por todas las tiendas de la ropa Americana.

ocean pacific

Las bellezas de las costas guanacastecas se observan desde las partes mas altas de nuestras tierras.
El océano pacifico ha esculpido insuperable bellezas naturales que probablemente adornaran la fama de nuestra amado país.

The Guanacaste's coasts are beauties that can be observed from the higher landscapes at our lands.
The pacific ocean has designed unparallel natural beauty, they probable will decorate our loved and famous country