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The beach house for sale! An imagination statement is a small thing in compare with reality.

beach house

Expectations are always to little in compare with cheap property deals, they are the best offer online for a real estate cheap deal at south beaches in the Americas.

The highest investment returns over short time, unexpected highest profits at anytime. A Hotel Hilton neighbor, at just 1/2 of a mile distance from the beach house for sale.
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Why buy so far others expensive beach houses, when a nice exclusive properties are available right now for a small amount of money.
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Normally houses like one alike cost a tone of money, but as a owner has said " just sell it right now, take as much as you like"

We said like how much?.
His answer was ask only 150,000 US Dollars or Euro Equivalent exchange, Costa Rican exchange in " Colon Coin ".

Some as an exchange of around 75,ooo M.

I was surprised and I said that little, he said that's ok, I need some money soon.
So close to caldera's port in Esparza and at thirty minutes from downtown Puntarenas city.

swimming pool

It won't last, hurry and call now (check the contact form) with Gino 185 square meter, selling for less than others.
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2 bedrooms, a dining room, living room, laundry room and 2 pools, a small for children and a medium for adults, coco and palms.

Every thirty days there is a bargain out there in the streets, today this is it, no mistaken
The price is so low that with that little amount barely people use it for a down payment in a house at U.S.A.

One time offer a single house with maritime mile, back yard it is the beach of caldera and at couple of feet from the eagles nest ( place for throwing yourself in a parachute )
The other side the great hotel la Roca beach and both towns are so close, Esparza and Puntarenas.

The pictures are just for an idea of the property
The building and the side tropical paradise, the palm trees, pool and more, like going fishing or playing basketball, football or some other sports on the salt waters and sands. (ocean home)

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back side

Casa en la playa
House in the beach

White, red and blue, but the buyer can repaint or just paint it as soon he or she buys it.


Call it with the reference name:
A very cheap Costa Rica House, a real home for sale

palms trees

The ranch in the beach.

Cheap real estate really for an incredible low price for sale.
The pictures from this property are for the family and friends ranch, typical tropical ocean pacific Spanish style.
Palms trees everywhere |

En caldera y a solo unos minuyos del puerto, junto a la vuelta y muy cerca del nid de las aguilas y el hotel roca beach, increible precio, aproveche y comprela ahora.

Puntarenas queda como 30 minutos en automovile.
rapido no estara por mucho tiempo disponible.
llame ahora (506)8417-4376 Gino.

El dueno manfesto de cobrar solamente 45 millones de colones y nuestra sorpresa fue grande, porque normalmente las casas con milla maritima cuestan mucho dinero, mucho como 500 billones normalmente o sea un millon de dolares. Disfruta las muy valiosas fotos de propiedades de varias casas en otras paginas nuestras.

La piscina en la propiedad que esta cercana a la playa Pacifica.
El lado de atras de la casa.
1285 mts cuadrados, dos cuartos, sala y comedor, cuarto de pilas, dos piscinas
Una pequena y una mediana, rancho para fiestas de familia y con amistades. Carretera al frente, la costanera.
Un rancho en la playa.
Las palmas de la propiedad en la playa.

Palmeras medinas y pequenas y una playa para tu vida playera y la diversion con variados deportes en la arena y el agua salada del Pacifico, el mar y las olas, tambien la musica marina que se escucha siempre.