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Following our indications below for finding some of the available pages of solid America com
As a unique Costa Rican company, we offer part of the cities in our country, although it might not give you the total information on this page, it has enough for you to get along in the case you need to visit us, for selling and buying products produced.
Get to enjoy our job, we made it with dedication and love to this art of making WebPages and at the meantime taking pictures of the tourist attractions and asking questions to the tourists, the locals citizen inside of this amazing landing terrains.

Also for visitors with interest on having opinions and making friends our front index page is available with friends connect.
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We are 100% Tica and we want to share it with you!
We sorry if for instance the information found inside our web pages is not comparable to Twitter Instagram, Myspace, Youtube, Facebook G+ Profiles tweeter.

However to close ourselves to natural resources is extremely important, so a few minutes from your valuable time will not hurt your effort, go ahead and learn from Costa Rica, what this country has to offer to the world, the humanity and the planet earth.
English Language Versions:

With us you are in good hands, just keep scrolling and find information about this beautiful and full of nature country.


The Maranon fruit is an unusual exotic tropical fruit in central & northern south America (also in west Indies, India, east Africa, & southwestern Europe), and it's like having 2 fruits in 1!

The "real" fruit of the maranon is the cashew nut which is originally poisonous and must be cleaned, then roasted or boiled, to remove the toxins before they can be eaten (now you know where cashews are from, if you didn't already know!).

The pseudo-fruit (" false fruit ") or 'cashew Apple is the large pulpy and juicy part (yellow, orange, and/or red) that resembles a squishy apple, it is quite delicious by itself or made into a syrup or honey, fresh juice or wine, jelly, or in yummy shakes and desserts.

It is our pleasure to have you visiting our web pages.
We are a pure Locally company, and therefore, all of the information found on these WebPages
It is carefully filtered, so that way we can keep a neutral opinion about other countries and their beliefs with respect and consideration.
Take your time and find out how we live, what we do, and where we are.
All particular promotion on our pages are responsible for what they say in their commercial promos, their company, names, logos, etc, please read the legal user agreement to learn.

Use the translator tools supplied for you on some of our web pages to identify the text with your language
Go ahead and stay with us until you get a good feel of Costa Rica and the World.

With us you don't have to worry about your privacy, we will never ask you for any of that.
If you want to let us know about you or your opinion, time to shop and buy for less.
Do need to know about real estate pictures or anything related to shopping for a place to buy in our country?
Then you are in one time only place in South America world wide, see how owners are placing commercials by themselves and with real farms and home properties pictures
Their prices are very fair and it is easy to contact them too.
In a World when times are critical, with hundreds of places warming up in high temperatures and a lack of forest, a well know international treasure for humanly to try to preserve no matter what.
Come to visit, we would like to introduce you the nature treasures. Use the reference to the right and see on video to understand.

A book on paintings, a factory of artist, a colorful open book for walls.

Costa Rica is an amazing and exotic destination for weddings to take place, yours could be the next with your honey moon, best vacations, best off time to think and enjoy

To renew yourself from the big cities and getting married can be some of never forget, an unforgettable wedding !!!

Versions Spanish Schools:#1

Con el proposito de informar desde el principio para aquellos que no entienden, comprender por si acaso el espanol, se han realizado varias formas de llegar a la informacion de una manera eficiente y directa.
Como siempre los grandes directorios en este pais, porque existen varios y variados.
Nosotros hemos coleccionado dicha data para lograr uno que dirija el visitante de inetrnet a las paginas de turismo, a los visitantes que tratan de encontrar repuesta a sus negocios que se dirijan a las del comercio que con el tiempo colectaran los negocios costarricenses mas variados y asi llegar a una buena guia del negocio nacional

Con nosotros usted esta en muy buenas manos, solo mantengase recorriendo nuestras paginas y encuentre la informacion de este bello y natural, el pais.
Es un gran placer tener a usted visitando nuestro sitio de internet.

Somos una compania pura y completamente Costaricense y por eso, toda la informacion es filtrada cuidadosamente.
De manera que nosotros mantenemos una posicion neutral acerca de otros paises y sus creencias, con mucho respeto.

Tomate tu tiempo y encuntra como vivimos, que hacemos, y donde estamos.
En toda nuestra informacion basada en productos y servicos de otros u otras empresas, les hace a ellos responsables por la informacion que contienen sus promociones, sus nombres comerciales y sus logos y otros, por favor lea el contrato legal de uso para aprender.

Con nosotros usted no debe preocuparse, pues nunca le pediremos su informacion privada, todo lo contrario, si gusta llamarnos o escribirnos, hagalo a travez del telefono o e-mail.

Lea acerca del arte, artistas de la pintura tica.
Use por favor la herramienta que esta disponible en algunas de nuestras paginas para traducir para identificar su ideoma.
Adelante y quedate con nosotros, hasta que consigas toda la informacion necesaria.
Saludamos al mundo entero y nos regocijamos de felicidad el hecho de que usted nos visita.
Nos tomamos la oportunidad para hablar de bellezas anturaqles, ella es un territorio espectacular protegido para la humanidad.

Esta informacion no es completa, pero da en cierta parte la oportunidad a estos visitantes a nuestras paginas el navegar los directorios y conocer como se vive y piensa, costumbres y costumbrismos.

Como dato importante vale la pena recalcar que mas de un millon vendran a vivir entre nosotros en los siguientes dos anos y debemos estar preparados para convivir con ellos, quienes de la gran mayoria seran de habla inglesa y china.
Por eso aprendamos el ideoma Ingles, Chino.


A Monument At A Local Esparza Nursing Home.
Tropical fruits English Version

The toucans and woodpeckers absolutely love the maranon fruit, too!
A whole world of tourist attractions.


We are not a picture company, we don't sell them or advertise our pictures commercially, instead we display all traditions, landscapes, treasures and for our visitors to enjoy.

It is very important for you to understand that if you have any concern/comment about them, feel free to contact us and discuss any issue about these pictures or photographic materials inside our company's website.

If you are in the territorial, and you are interested in sharing and displaying your natural and earth related pictures in our website, let us know soon. The only requirement is a small story about the picture gallery events, so our viewers can enjoy by learning from your art.

Now you have a better understanding of our website.
Our company relies on advertisement, you also can buy or sell a business, a farm, a home, a car, or any other product.

But, you need a good advisor, and that service is probable on our service page " Products " ( look above for more) Remember that we ARE NOT a real estate pictures company or any other alike.

We are a place where visitors inform themselves and approve or disapprove the participants content, whether it is a review or a message for their offer.
The second way is the products, services.

Directory with letter A.
This describes each product or service commerce, and not by the cities. You just check on the the button of what you are looking for.
If you or your company are interested in applying as investor in our small business.
The technical and geographical info might not be completely accurate from us because it takes time and a lot of resources from us. We have placed for you to find that info from a trustworthy source, then you can check this Informing

We can also find more info.

We, as a pioneer company have initiated a revolutionary digital way of doing business. For now we are without any help from banks and slowly we are building the network and constructing our pages as the opportunity arrives.

Within the near future we will consider continuing with the next Central American country and so on, until we cover all American countries.
We are completely sure that business and history are held by 'holding hands.
Welcome home to learn, feel warm.


Sharing Colorful Nature For Free.
Watch Wild Birds Free On The Forest:
You now have the opportunity to learn about the Real Country.
Go ahead and check us out!!

Our pages were built not only to allow the Many Peoples to learn about their own people and history, but because we are part of the world and share our country with you, too...you are welcome to our land!!

We have chosen the Spanish schools language, which National language.
It is mainly a Catholic evocated Place, and it is officially described already.
But we live with a democratic constitution.

Therefore, all others religions are also allowed as long as they don't practice extremism or break the law in anyway.
We have Our own companies and they can be found in the directory of BY Products where you can find two ways to go.
Relax and enjoy our photos in history

In some cases, when someone come across some names in English and that's because we adopted those particular names from English as "business talking"
The bright pearl, the bright pearl.

birds nest

Nests Of The Oropendula Birds (Golden Pendent)
A peculiar group of bird nests | Nidos de las aves, el nido como casa
The Gulf of Nicoya and calderas Views
On our other pages that you can also check are the following among many others.


We are also accepting suggestions and photographs to places, people, animals, plants, etc.

To make our pages better.
If you visited before or you reside inside land, you can send them to us via e-mail along with the respective info about the pictures.
We will gladly place them our pages.

Giving away some good pics
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