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Retire Life In Costa Rica

If you ever heard about the wonders in Central Americas.

coco island Hammerhead Shark

Probable you decided to visit at least for fifteen days and see how tings are over there in CR.
For the elderly and retire from their US or Ca Germany UK jobs, individuals older than 65 years of age and from Europe or the Canada or United States the " Retirement Without Borders" means party all month:
(Photo: Coco island Hammerhead Shark)

If they are men, then they probable want companion females, if they are females, probable not and they stay much more quiet and decide to take pictures and typing on blogs all over the web

The question everybody stand for is How to Retire Abroad in Mexico city, Paris France, Rome Italy, Barcelona Madrid south Spain, Limon Escazu Santana Jaco beach Manuel Antonio Santa Teresa De Cobano Malpais etc Costa Rica, David balboa in Panama near the channel, and Other Sunny

Foreign Places like Kingston Ocho Rios Montebo Bay Jamaica Hawaii Maui Big Island, Bimini Freeport Bahamas, Cartagena Colombia, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, San Juan Puerto Rios.
( And the Secret to Making It Happen Without Stress )

For what ever you decide, remember, maintaining natural resources for near coming generations to find the big fish and wild land life
Takes lots of money

If you love marine life, Galapagos Islands Sharks hammer face, dolphins Wales, tortures birds and deer, then think in the kindness of the tropics

Coco island is in the territorial national country CR.
It has on land extension approximately | of 23,85 square km, and it is a national park.


( government protected territory ), in coco island we find the hammerhead sharks in big amounts. Dolphins and rays.

Deportes extremos | extreme sports video sports bungee jumping.

Approximately | of 23,85 square km of land at sea in a form of a spectacular island. Do you like video for learning about peoples, places and exotic sites to visit, you love nature and you are concern on making the way to others to do so also?
National territory for humanity, everyone's business to remain concerning about ocean and earth species.

How to make coco island the best place for Scuba diving sports, when to visit it and how to contact people with knowledge about those special tours or trips, people that know prices and time to stay, stay connected.
More wild animals than anywhere else in a very small and tiny piece of earth at the Atlantic. Sharks hammer head, shark, dolphins and a lot of baby or babies boomers.

ESPANOL: No queda dusda que para nuestra gente, nuestra patria y la humanidad entera ella es, seara una reserva unica en las Americas con naturaleza pura.
Se intento, pero no fue posible y asi otra vez sera en el futuro el como hacer la isla del coco una de las siete maravillas del mundo.

Coco island localizada en territorio Tico y con una extension aproximada de 23,85 km cuadrados, 51.100 km2 en North America

Disfruta de los videos que hemos traido de youtube por un tiempo corto, luego pondremos mas.
El Scuba diving es un deporte sano y cultibable, importa muchos turistas y obetiene reconocimiento mundial.

Casi todas las costas de este pais son buenas para practicar esos deportes maritimos en el agua salada, pero alla en dicha isla es muy expectacular.

Tiburon cabeza de martillo, defines, tortugas maritimas, muchas especies maritimas de colores y diferentes tamanos, y por supuesto muchos retonos o bebes. Ofreciendo propiedades a bajos precios y vendido por el mismo dueño.