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Hungry Blue Bird

By the time almost five years ago when our editor spend lots of hours working on this info to satisfy the online readers, he never thought that many key points described in these letters were to become true.

A day like today, it could be Sunday, Wednesday, Friday or a Thursday in the month of May
A 09, a 11, day 30 of January, March and the year could be any, not only the United States faces cost of life higher but also the Latin Americas have difficulties paying their bills

Higher prices for food, clothing stores items for kids juniors teens, home rentals, construction materials, baby birth and families sustainable cost
Even if the gasoline oil prices get the lowest price in history (save gas), it just doesn't matter, never will be the same

The commodities " grocery basic needs" and gold are sky high as a strait increasing cost of life and results for events that happens in the other parts of the world.

Know economical tips and reference.
We are in USA Florida and we like to share.

Visiting our front page you get the best, Thank You.
$ How to survive an economical crisis!$
American free worldwide important Reference.

The very best A to Z Financial advice of all time:
An Antenna for the roof will give profits to you a lot versus Using satellite or cable.

Buy used media such as used books, movies, video games For Home Entertainment and saving A bundle ( Unless you are needing the Cable To get internet access in your home )

Remember that most public libraries have free internet, and check out books, movies, and Cd's there too!
Always select the longest time period for magazine subscriptions (usually 3 yrs.) instead of renewing every year, then you will be paying for the 3rd year with Today's prices.

This really can profit for you a bunch of money if you have several subscriptions.
Or you might consider reading your magazines at your local library at no cost.
Beauty schools are cheaper for hair styling.

Or purchase hair clippers/scissors and have it done at your place for not cost at all. Consider coloring your own hair and doing your own nails ( acrylic ) at home instead of professionally
Brew your own coffee and tea.
Be active and take care of your health by paying less on medical care!.
Consider working for the food industry where you could get your feed or foods for half price or even possibly for Free (Depends on the company, of course).

For nobody it is a secret that people love to acquire their shopping deals for a half price in order to feel like winners
Cut paper towels in half to make them last longer.

Coupons and rebating are always an excellent idea.
Blue bird pictures from south to North America, finding food to survive everyday, wild life animals.
A light blue bird looking for food, my world now

Dry your clothes on the line instead of using a clothes dryer, it's FREE and your clothes will last much longer too!
Drink more water to keep your body young and healthy, and less soda and other processed drinks.
Never buy expensive bottled water because water is water ( Unless you know for sure that the area you are in has unsafe drinking water ).
Eggs from your own chickens instead of buying from the grocery store.

Also, Natural honey from bees for cooking or eating by itself straight from the honeycomb ( If Possible ).
Unprocessed honey is Good for you and helps allergies!

Emergency or savings fund of any amount ( but 3-6 months salary is recommended ) could really help you during a really rough time.

The rule of thumb is No Matter how much you earn, to Always save a little bit.
Furniture does not need to be new to be considered good and high-quality! As a matter of fact, new furniture is usually junk ( Mickey Mouse ) unless you pay an arm and a leg.
Instead, Look for quality used furniture at thrift stores, yard sales, in the classified ads, and so on.

Frugality is A Proper way to be In Our World today.

Grow Your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.

Not even a need to can anything if you have a large enough freezer, just freeze it all instead. Oh, in the Cold freezing winter, you could even put a cooler outside to freeze food! Also, when you harvest your produce, make low-cost casseroles and crock pot dishes in bulk and freeze them for future meals.
Gasoline was and will be soon a record high (save gas) So remember these important ways to save on fuel:

Remember that the air conditioning lowers the economy of your fuel by 10-20% (& always park in the shade); Buy a fuel-efficient vehicle
Always make sure your gas cap is on tight and snug because gas evaporates
Drive intelligently by lightening up on the accelerator ( Drive slower )and stop making fast starts and sudden stops
put car in neutral while going down steep hills
Buy gasoline with the lowest grade of octane that is appropriate for your vehicle
Use the correct grade of motor oil Carry only items you need in your vehicle because a weighed down car uses more fuel

keep your engine well tuned
Keep the tires inflated properly
Replace your air filter regularly
Always Combine trips into one trip to save on fuel, especially if you live far from town.

Hunters, hunt or go fishing (there is and will eb plenty of fish always at the lake ocean and rivers), fish for your meat by hunting during hunting season ( will need a hunting / fishing license and the appropriate hunting plenty of fishing gear ).

Local discount grocery stores and farmer markets are much cheaper for foods too. Buy generic foods and always remember that fruits and vegetables that are in season are cheaper.

Learn to cook extra for dinner and have leftovers for Future lunches and snacks. Bake your own baked goods like cakes, muffins, breads, and cookies.
Help others who are in need, you never know when you might need the favor returned someday
IF you are a light cell phone user then you could save money by using a prepaid cell phone instead of postpaid.

Or For larger families, then use a family plan with everybody using the same carrier and save on long distance, pool your minutes, get cell phone free calls, etc.

You might even consider no longer using a landline phone and save even more Cash.
credit cards IF "Ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, Wouldn't it be a Merry Christmas each and every day? Remember this saying as much as possible when tempted to make excuses not to get the most bang for your buck.
Join, by joining to a memorial society & choose cremation ( If Possible ), this could save your spouse and/or children a small fortune and the land of our earth is Not increasing.
So, why not consider the natural ashes to ashes and dust to dust method?

Know that if you pay extra money on your mortgage or car payment, you will knock off months of interest!

Know the difference between needs and wants...You Need food, you want a T-Bone Steak, is a good way to remember this important tip.
Learn to fish...an almost free hobby and free food ( excellent source of protein )

Leave the credit cards at home and use cash as much as possible.
Limit yourself to eating out to at least once a week because it is cheaper to cook your own food at home.

Make your own laundry and dishwashing detergents, soaps, shampoo. toothpaste, teeth whitener, etc. Go to websites such as e-how . com or recipezaar . com, and many others for the homemade recipes.
Newspaper reading can be done online for free ( if you already have internet access in your home, or use the library internet, etc.)
instead of buying newspapers everyday from the stand or having a newspaper subscription.

You could even share with a friend or neighbor.
Never co-sign someone else's loan and put your good credit into their hands, no matter what.
Owe money to several credit cards? Then pay of the cards you owe the least to first.

Never depend on credit cards for anything, but use them only to build your credit, which is their purpose.
Avoid high interest credit loans by all means.
Purchase items at the dollar stores for low-cost cleaning supplies, gardening supplies, etc.

Public Transit bus instead of driving an automobile. It will  fool your toilet floater in the tank by it thinking
that there is more water that there actually is and it will not fill up all the way, but the float will still rise.
Therefore, every time you flush, you will save on water.
Pre-Plan weekly menus by writing lists and never buy anything on impulse unless you find something exceptionally cheap.
Quitting or Quit running the water in the shower when you are not using it. Instead, just run it to get wet.
Turn off to wash your hair.
Then turn the water back on to rinse hair.
Turn off again, and lather up your body with soap.
Then turn back on to rinse body, and so on.
Quit Smoking ( or at least cut down ) and Stop Over-Consuming Alcoholic Drinks ( All Beverages cost A Lot more when you go out, Cheaper to buy it at the store and bring home, just like Food ).
Ride a bicycle, motorcycle / scooter, or public bus instead of driving an automobile ( when possible ). Group trips together with friends and coworkers to work, school, and stores ( carpooling ) and save a lot of gasoline, time, and money.
Recycle/Reuse!!! Recycle cans, metals, plastics, clothing, and so on. When older socks cannot be repaired anymore, then use them as cleaning rags or wash cloths ( or any old t-shirts or what not).

You can use Children's socks for the kids to use as washcloths by putting the bar of soap into the sock, so then they won't overuse the soap and it will hold the soap together after it gets soft. Turn pants with a hole in the knee into shorts.
Use rinse water from the washer to water your garden or to clean the floors. Save old used toothbrushes for cleaning things such as jewelry.
The List goes on, Just be creative!
Sell things that you do not need or use anymore.
br /> Start a compost pile instead of buying commercial fertilizers.
Stockpile whenever possible and only stock up on things on sale and use those coupons, especially the triple ones.
Do Not forget to rotate your stockpile so nothing goes bad, or you will actually be losing money.

Save your leftover packets of condiments ( ketchup, Mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ, etc.) and leftover napkins at restaurants to keep handy at home, in case you run out.
Toothpaste tubes may appear empty when they are not. If you cut the tube off about an inch from the top, you will find toothpaste left for several more brushings. This also goes for anything in a Tube such as ointments,
Use re-usable containers ( butter dishes, juice bottles, etc. ) instead of buying the new name-brand storage containers and make use of any plastic bags from stores to wrap your foods, store things, etc.
Use a rain barrel to collect water to water your garden ( free water! ).
Unplug appliances that are not being used, and save on Your monthly electric bills.
Various items can be bought used or 2nd hand, and be just as good as new! Always consider Goodwill & Salvation Army Stores, local thrift shops, flea markets, rummage sales, Craig's list, classified ads, etc. before buying brand new. Everything you want or need can be bought slightly used for a fraction of the cost!
Workout at home instead of paying for a gym or health club membership...or go jogging, cycling, walking, etc. for exercise when the weather permits.
Wash your clothes and dishes in cold or lukewarm water...they will be just as clean if you used hot water, and clothing will last longer and look newer too!
Expect to find designer jeans and shoes for much cheaper at used 2nd hand clothing stores, local thrift stores, etc. Sometimes they even still have the original price tags still on them! Also, shop For off-season clothing at clothing stores seller and other items that have huge markups (Such As clearance items).
You can buy energy efficient, low watt light bulbs and save on electricity. They might cost more at first, but you will save in the long run because they last about 5 years instead of 6 months, and use Much less power.
Yard work and minor repairs are usually much cheaper if you do them yourself.
Zip lock bags can be reused if they are not too dirty.
You can even wash them out if need be.
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