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The most metallic designs programs plans, an structures for sale made of wooden materials boards, plastic artificial or pre factory framing for most projects like homes or buildings, small or large on the cities.

Large, medium and small companies corp., the latest commercial structure sales.
Metal for sale, wood work structures for sale, concrete construction and building services in Panama Nicaragua Mexico Colombia Chile Peru Argentina Costa Rica, Jamaica Puerto Rico Canada, United States Florida Chicago NEW York NYC LA Los Angeles California Ohio Tennessee, Kentucky Washington |DC, Texas Cities and more.
Installations, maintenance, building services. Accessories and parts sales, engineering dealing with projects with structure.

Engineering service, equipment for offices, agencies.
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Todas las extructuras, formaciones mecanicas, metalicas artificiales, plasticas o de madera para edificar, construir un proyecto de casa o edificios en las ciudades con gran embergadura o de pequenas proporciones
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Industria, Estructuras Structures. Talleres, companias, empresas
Estructura de concreto, metal y alguno materiales combinados.
Estructurales, estructuraciones modernas, servicios y accesorios, instalaciones