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Las Vegas pubs fixtures Plus supplies in Philadelphia, concession stands.
Cooking and food service equipment

Equipments for bars, bar stool best features, quality restaurants, restaurant, cantina for sale, provisions, wholesales, stores.

Their advice, their references, specific directions, best reviews, available knowledge, and so on on the most relevant information on products for consumers interested in buying, purchasing several o a single piece for their own use or reselling it.

The repairing, repair service shops also are invited to participate on this business guide, parts sales, accessories and others.

Equipments for bars and cantinas on sale or rent.
Companies, stores with product offers, the maker factories, organizations and franchisers industries, all corporations, industrial business and commercial locations o the service and sales about equipments, equipment of bar and restaurants, cantina, kitchen equipment sales or rentals.

Opening a new pub business in the city or town close to you, close to your customers, then it is time to let them know about your investment, once they know and have enough information everything will go at ease for a long time, food and drink becomes an urge need for many new or normal customers.

What the new or old business must have to purchase, rent to be ok and serve better to customers? a full working equipment

Adequate and safe for the process, inclusive tables, color full screen television or TV, a sound system, chairs, cooking ovens, serving items, spoons, plates, forks, knives, wine holders, table clothing, freezers, baker items and materials other to function right for a long time. The Bartender's Black Book, 10th by Stephen.

The Little Black Book of Cocktails:
The Essentials.
Beginners and teaches the basics and techniques of the mixed drink

Oggi Pro Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cocktail Shaker and Bar.
Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots by Paul Knorr
The Craft of the Cocktail:
Guide Everything You Need to Know by Dale DeGroff

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Para anunciarse con su compania, la empresa o las empresas paricipantes con informacion detallada acerca de accesorios, partes, provison y inclusive serviendo de una manera u otra a sus clientes al llevar atravez de nosotros profesionalmente su mensaje de comercio nacional e internacional al mundor entero.

Equipos o equipamentos a la venta o alquiler
Todos los equipos, equipo de disponibles para que los clientes puedan comprar
Una necesidad de un accesorio, parte, repuestos o cualquier otra indole, referente a conseguir equipamento de trabajo, conservar alimentos, de uso para clientes, como sillas, mesas, y utensilios de comer.
Si vas a abrir un negocio de bebidas y comidas para servir con gusto a tus clientes
Primero debes pensar en hacer llegar informacion acerca de tu inversion para ese sentido de comercfio.Tambien talleres de reparar o reparaciones, ajustar todo ese equipo para de o para el bar, la cantina, el restaurante o la cocina del negocio. Costa Rica y porque no toda America.
Industrias, fabricas, tiendas, almacenes, distribuidores, reventas, compra y ventas, companias, y todos los que estan en ese nagocio particularmente de los equipos, esto incluye tambien la informacion repecto al mantenimiento.