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Some agencies just take over the whole job to reduce the family loss painful process, these agencies also provide latest music, better albums, special moment songs, music videos and more

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I asked to one business lady and her husband a question that people never should ask anyone, as the answer can be so rude that on fact, many people get their enemies this way.

My question was... Mr. and Mrs. Johns, how are preparing with your last investment, and when I mentioned last, I mean, the last.?
My big surprise was to hear the next sentences:

"The trick is to have all the tools ready when that moment so special arrives!" Said my customer while he was holding his wife's hands on his furniture business.

Shaky and a little confused, I confirm that we three were on the same channel and repeated the question a little bit more clear this time.

So, Mrs and Mr Johns, you understood correctly, Do you have a cemetery spot ready, as well a complete package with the coffin for when one of you, or both have to die! Sure, they replied loud.

For a moment i waited, and then I said, good, because I'm not and I think I must save money on a savings account at the bank for that day, hopefully it comes longtime from now!.

Leaving that place, I went directly to the bank and opened the Bank account with ten bucks that I had in my pockets, then thought, who knows when, for sure now I'm getting prepared and never leaving that worry to my wife or my kids.
Love to be responsible and independent in my life.

Sometimes people wonder who will be on their place when they leave, and who will enjoy their properties at the end of their road.

Probable those small things aren't a reason why people should live extra unnecessary years, as they are tired and old or just can't take it.
Material things despite if we think they are important, no they aren't and there always discover them with new eyes and minds.
Things material come and go as the wind and the air.

And what about our pets when we want something special for them, also?
Well, customers can go the big stores like Target and Wallmart and ask for pet accessories etc: Funeral, Caskets, Pet Urns, other type of Urns,

There are many world's largest retailer name brands ready to deliver one of those to your home, the moment you place your order online or personal with the credit card or check from bank checking account.

We know a large - but large retailer selling caskets and Pet Urns online
But were never allowed to say their name, sorry

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