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Time for party will be between November and March of every year. Some are privately and some just go public, inclusive the circus in some cases.

Festivals, Products sales and services for Costa Rica Fun time.
All Kind of Products Related with Festivals and the Celebrations in Costa Rica and America, Fiesta Tica.

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Rentals and sales by local companies, industries or just an agency on charge of the event.
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Fiesta and Pinatas.

Ferias y festivales en Puerto Rico, Mexico Jalisco, DF.
Acapulco, Vancouver Canada, Alberta British Columbia, Panama, Venezuela, Colombiana Colombia, Ipanema Rio Brasil, Chicago, Huston, north South Florida Miami

Cuba island, Costa Rica festivos, sus servicios y todo tipo de pinatas productos a la venta, tiendas de servicio, individuos, productos y servicios, alquiler de equipo, articulos necesarios para la fiesta, ventas y los alquileres.

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