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green snake pictures

white face monkey

The breathtaking nature with snake pictures, sporting goods, it comes in so many shapes, in all sizes, selection of flavors, bright colors, species, and origins!.
And that's what makes it extra special & stunning spots!

1 2- A flying snake with a very green color, comment, women fears from poison and no poisoned snakes, but this one is very kind, just a small bite, just a small comment.
a small animal that lives on the trees | Spanish language:

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For her excellent photography of Costa Rica and Jaco Beach!.
if you know English and want to read about interesting things about this country, then take a few minutes and visit the photographer lady from USA in our country and learn about her writing too.

Below the blog in the paradise.
Rather you want to say? I finally found the best images in the web from the country I want to visit and possible stay for a month or so!
The timing is right, the weather conditions.

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Hacer un foto no es fácil, los objetos se mueven constantemente y la cámara fotográfica se queda fuera de focus, sin embarga nuestra estrella Americana ha sido capaz de enfocar su cámara y con lujos y detalles obtuvo grandiosas fotografías que el mundo entero disfruta hoy, gracias a su dedicación por C R.

Gracias a nuestra amiga por compartir fotografias de esta envergadura, indudablemente ella es una fotógrafo con arte, o sea profesional.
El mono tico cariblanco, Serpientes de color verde como la natura, la naturaleza y sus camuflajes le dieron el poder del confundirse con el color de las hojas verdes en los árboles.
Mas conocida con nombre vulgar la culebra o serpiente lora.

ginger flowers

manuel antonio

slowest animal

2-Ginger Flower, Female fruit |
3- White-Faced Monkey At Manuel Antonio National Park |

La flor del Ginger ale o simplemente Ginger. Un mono en una rama, cariblanco por supuesto en el parque nacional Manuel Antonio.
4- Perico Ligero, Con Su Bebe, perico ligero

An animal living on the tree and eating leaves from them, the slow, mama Sloth and Her Precious Baby!

small bird

water trees

squirrel rodent

5- Mother Hummingbird in Her Nest, the humming birds with eggs, they are small babies birds |

6- Three swimming pools named by local Citizens |
7- Sloth smiling for the camera? 3 |

Tres Piscinas, Las crías del gorrión, gorrioncillo tico. Mas rápido que ligero, que animal mas despacio.

man street selling

bright oriental

red macaws

8-Street salesman offering hand made baskets Tico typical baskets in Jaco Beach | Pintura el vendedor ambulante típico de centro América.

9- Golden spectacular sunset America, dream. A little dream!.
More than a million tourist arrive to the international airport Santa Maria looking for a place to rent a reliable sports board and join to the adventure at the fresh beaches of this land

Meantime, people on trips and expeditions to discover the real colors that he wild life freedom has to offer. The business representatives offer at hotel's front desk as usual have paperwork and catalogs with specific info related to those aspects that might be interesting to you, your kids and family in general

10 -Tropics wild birds wild colorful macaws |

Puestas del sol en el Pacifico de playa Hermosa. Atardeceres espectaculares de América, atardecer romántico. Las Guacamayas Rojas, lapas roja del típico paisaje Costarricense. Es importante recalcar que existen grupos de negocios dedicados a la renta y venta de tours con equipos disponibles para la aventura.

Asegurarse de hacer la pregunta en el hotel o resort acerca de estas oportunidades para ir de safari y conseguir una grandiosa experiencia cerca del lugar en donde has decidido hospedarse, o tomar albergue hospedamiento.

Este país tiene todos los doce elementos de una maravilla universal, el mundo debería de seguir el ejemplo y vivir en armonía con la natura, respetar los limites entre la gran ciudad y el verde que nos mantiene vivos.
Por esto y mas, el aire es puro, la vida es abundante y las aguas fluyen liberes como personas animales en una sociedad con valiosos recursos abundante.

Sunny sets

beach sand castle

11- ! Wow! phenomenal picks! | Las palmeras costeras, costeras o de las costas
12 - Sands and art at the beach, hand made sand arts, a small cattle making for amusement and call visitors attention. |

Cuna de artes en el arena. Arte en la playa es muy divertido.

surfing boards boys

surfing styles

14- Surfing on top of a board from rental, ocean life styles, ocean refreshing times, ocean or the blue sea, sun, waves high professional Surf-Sport with the board.
A man practicing surfing in Jaco, sporting goods.
El Deporte del Surfing, Surfear En Las Olas.

la playa


14- New beginning a construction | Americas Jaco, el sol y la playa, el desarrollo en construccion.


after surfing

15- After a good time surfers go back to their homes and wait for more big waves to arrive again, that's their sport. Evening sunsets after surfing (the professional surfer black shade, the dark side of a man holding a surfing-board)| Despues de surfear.

exotic birds


Colorful Exotic Parrots, Caribbean Parrots, wild fly, slow motion and smoothly | Tricolor nature's paint, macaw birds from paradise, tricolor from their Nature. Red Macaws on the Pacific coasts

|Los pájaros exóticos, aves del paraíso, vuelo de las guacamayas.
Guacamayas, aves del paraiso, ticas tricolor.
| Las guacamayas roja.

splash boad

two men frends

High Waves, water and sports, the perfect splash for refreshing, Games sport of surfing can be done almost anywhere. It's a fabulous country to catch the best waves all day long, that's for sure !!! the wet sports.
Sharing friends sports on surf

El deportista mojado, la tabla de surfear, Compartiendo los deportes en la playa.

high waves


Sportsman | Hombres juegos deportivos y practica.

surfing time

girls surfing

For some young people challenge begins doing what boys do, or just say both like, challenge at sea.

Onboard big waves they play surfs. Surfing in the afternoon.

Sunshine & Sunshine and fitness nature beach, full package, "Pura Vida Relaxing"

Del sol y del mar, toman el color del sol ardiente en el Pacifico playa hermosa

people in the beach

las olas seas

La playa Manuel Antonio con arenas blancas, las arenas blancas limpias | People romantic white sands beach in Jaco San Jose Costa Rica, White sands Manuel Antonio beach.

Remember you can stay at a local resort near the long side beach and enjoy also your honeymoon with your bride after or before wedding, these places are wonderful for gateway and romantic destinations with an international fame settlement.

Vacations and white beaches for all, people. | Las vacaciones con arenas blancas para todos.
Las olas del mar, Oceano Pacifico.

sunset costa rica

caws for milk

Caws have fun time at the beach |
The sunsets are Also enjoyed by a Cow Family. " the tropics goodies" Tropical Two caws and the sun

Las vacas tambien se divirten.
Vacas en las arenas.Ellas tambien aman el sol y el mar en el Pacifico |
| Dos vacas y el sol.



| Exotic bird toucans, We have much love for the toucans exotic birds !!! look closer.
Los Tucanes. Las bellas Aves, pajaros exoticos del paraiso.
Los tucanes con sus largos y coloridos picos descansan.

granadilla fruits

la tarde

fishing sports

Granadilla Fruit, it makes a delicious juice! | Typical way of fishing on a Rock with only a fishing line, no rod.
La granadilla para el fresco o bebida acida. Cuando el sol muere, Saben como pescar al pulso y los hacen sobre las rocas.



We call this place, pet Cemetery | Style baroque buildings. Catholic church of Alajuela
Campo Santo. Cementerios de mismos ticos, o queridos y amigos cementerios. La Iglesia local.

mono cariblanco

vaquero cawboy

El Mono Cara Blanca, El Griton y el Mico de las leyendas Costarricenses, mono o mona loca, primate de la selva.|

Taken on the main road to Manuel Antonio National Park near Hermosa Beach, The Road cowboys.
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