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(Sold Vehicle) 506 -8- 8837-2147 with Luz Marina, Please, you must have a translator to Spanish before calling.
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Watch this new video 2013 and 2017 or 2018, a guy from Florida built this model: Your opinions are really important, about this video with an automobile who's owner claims it is an extraterrestrial car style build to satisfy the future demands on earth

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While some viewers who couldn't keep their thoughts for themselves, they said that the auto looks like a giant computer mouse and he got many likes of people who agreed with his opinion or small review about this Youtube video.
By the way
The models is a copy of the body part from a 2006 / 2014 / 2016/ 2017 etc.
Chevy chassis, Extra Terrestrial Vehicle in motion.
Manufactured Car built on a 2006 Chevy chassis and body.

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Un Mitsubishi Para siete pasajeros, completamente equipado, asientos de cuero, doble tracción, maquinaria diesel, aire acondicionado, entrada a control remoto y mas juguetes para el conductor, debes verlo.

(sold vehicle)Luz Marina Cellular # 506- 88390-2147, llama antes de las 8:00 pm.
| just send us your vehicle pictures or call us so we can take make the picture.